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Lindsay Lohan

Judd For Yourself

11/21/2012 12:20 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

1116_lindsay_judd_spl_fameHere's gorgeous "Liz & Dick" star Lindsay Lohan in NYC the other day -- and country diva Wynonna Judd back in 2009.

One has a really famous half-sister.

We're just sayin'.


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Please do not make comparisons between Lindsay and Wynonna. These two are on different journeys and Wynonna is a truly gifted person. Every one has an unflattering picture out there so stop judging Wynonna for hers!!!

668 days ago


A dope and a blimp.

668 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

OMG. Wynonna is huge. It looks like she vomited up Lindsey Lohann and maybe a couple others, too.

668 days ago


well her make up was half decent 10 times better than her make up normally looks. Did she get her lips done again I saw one picture of her blowing a kiss does she know how gross and unsexy she looks trying to mimic again Marilyn? Kids drugs are bad Mkay...

668 days ago


HAHAHA TMZ you just made me love you a little bit more today!!

668 days ago


I watched Leno last night and wow she seemed so uncomfortable. I mean really she seemed very anxious and nervous. Also she let out these awful shreaks of fake laughter (you know when you attempt to replace akward silence with laughter because you have no clue what to say) I mean they were deafning shreaks.. No wonder she couldnt do a real interview. Also the clip that was shown of Liz and Dick, yikes!

668 days ago


Dead on! Thought the same thing, especially the close up of her face you had on the other day. She looked bloated, tired and drunk as hell. Can't help but feel Lindsay is about to take some tragic turn.

668 days ago


Oh and Jay Leno lied in the start of the interview saying Liz and Dick is getting excellent reviews? Really? By who? I watch Jay everynight so it was disapointing to see him flat out lie to his audience on behalf of this trash.

668 days ago


Barbara Walters should call her out again on the View about this timing wasn't right bull. She knows it was because it wasn't some fluff interview, Lohan knows it, and so does the public. Walters should say she'll never give her time time of day. She flew to LA twice, once to do the first half and she flew out to do the rest and Lohan screwed her. Just like she did Matt Lauer. At least have the courtesy to tell them before they do cross country flights. But she's so selfish she'd never do it. NEVER trust a Lohan. Words to live by.

668 days ago


I just hope the next story about her is "warrant issued" or "probation revoked". TMZ and others said this week yet tomorrow is a holiday, friday nothing will happen then its the weekend. If nothing happens by the end of next week I think its safe to say that well nothing is going to happen.

668 days ago


I noticed every enabler is M.I.A. But what can they say on here? I'm sure they'll think of something.

668 days ago


Gorgeous? You couls shave a monkeys A$$ and it would be better looking than LI HO,
Is Harvey on teh Lohan payroll and off the Kartrashian train?

668 days ago


she has also been mistaken for debra Harry and Iggy pop...

668 days ago


No "Who'd You Rather... ?"

668 days ago


Lainey is saying she was 2 hours late to the "premire"
Here’s your future Oscar winner

November 21, 2012Posted at 11:25 AM
Posted by Lainey

Lindsay Lohan
Wenn, FameFlynet

Lindsay Lohan was only two hours late last night to the Liz & Dick premiere. Response from the assembled media in attendance: well at least she showed up. All of her. All the cheapness, all the injections, all those lips. So much lip. Lips so large Nicole Kidman’s seem regular-sized in comparison.

There was also an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno during which she insisted that the time isn’t “right” yet for her to be interviewed by Barbara Walters and, well, Jay being Jay, he didn’t push, and that’s why they send him all the ones who can’t be pushed.

So is Liz & Dick the beginning of a comeback? Will we look back one day, when she’s holding her Oscar, and point to Liz & Dick as the turning point?


According to The Hollywood Reporter “drinking games were made for movies like this”.

According to ABC News, “great actors disappear into roles. Lohan photo-bombs this one”.

According to Entertainment Weekly, she didn’t even bother speaking like Elizabeth Taylor; she didn’t bother changing her voice to resemble the person she was playing, in spite of the fact that she would have had a house-full of research material to draw from.

Remember, the press has been under no obligation to kiss Lohan’s ass, not for some time now, the way it’s expected of them for other celebrities. She has f-cked her own career so hard that the media can report on her candidly without fear of repercussion. And on top of that, with this joke of a “movie”, many of them now feel insulted. There was not even the pretense of a story. There was no effort. Liz & Dick is simply a series of costume changes and shots of Lindsay Lohan either smoking or throwing glassware, more like a reality show than anything else.

So, you know, that Oscar is within reach now.

668 days ago
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