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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Right in the Kisser

11/22/2012 1:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

What better way to spend the night before Thanksgiving ... than planting a big wet kiss on your man in front of an army of leering photogs -- and that's exactly what Kim Kardashian did last night with BF Kanye West.

Kim and Kanye joined Kim's sisters Kendall, Kylie, and Khloe for dinner at the Crustacean in Beverly Hills -- and on their way out, Kim showed off some shameless PDA in her sheer top and upholstered red skirt.

The reality star really knows how to pay lip service.


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Kim is starting to look like Kourtney from behind.

701 days ago


God You suck kmz. No one cares! This whore does this for attention on a regular basis. How in the sh*t is this news???? Stupid f*cks...

701 days ago


i find it hilarious! all you ppl calling her a whire n whatnot. how many boyfrienss have you alk had? but because your not famous you try to be all high n mighty. come off it.

701 days ago


and yes i have a lot of spelling errors in my last post..that what happens when you do it from a phone

701 days ago


last night on dancing with the stars, the camera panned the audience and caught them... it was really the first time i've seen kanye without him being aware of the cameras... i must say, without prejudice, he looks a bit, um, retarded... i swear i just noticed it, but he looks like the slow kid who amuses himself watching paint dry, mouth hung open and all.... lmao

701 days ago


I just vomited in my mouth.

701 days ago


Seriously now, tell me HOW the hell the paps know they were at this particular restaurant?!?!!
That just confirms that THEY call the paps to follow them! There is NO WAY the paps follow them everywhere, if so, I'm embarrassed by my fellow american, fire their azzz!

These two are perfect for each other - he has no respect for himself and she is the most disrespected woman in the world, , , , YES, world!

701 days ago


They are in love and don't care who sees, I don't blame em' but by the way...doesn't Kanye have an album out soon??... Or is it the next Kardashian season????

701 days ago

kim is a publicity whore    

this chick is in love with the fact that it's KANYE WEST the rapper, not the PERSON that is kanye west.

701 days ago


damn that a$$ is huge and ugly

701 days ago


Kanye and Kim did this for the cameras. They are as fake as two left shoes.

What they are doing is "leaning into each other and getting close but not really kissing". The man's hands are down by his side for goodness sake.......why aren't they around Kim?

They both need to disappear somewhere.....anywhere. All they do is have the paps follow them around and take posed pics of their phony romance.

701 days ago


Has anyone else noticed how Bruce Jenner's eyebrows looked tweezed, arched and very feminine? I am more than sure this isn't a result of plastic surgery because those brows are ARCHED. That OJ defending "wonderful" father of the K kids had a wife who claims khloe called the oj defender up one day and was very upset because she had came home and caught bruce jenner in all female clothes and makeup. Now I look at those eyebrows of his and wonder. Hmmm.

Ugh, kanye west the drunken slob who had the unmitigated GALL to actually interrupt the then 18-year old Taylor Swift's acceptance of her much deserved grammy. The President of THE United States of America actually referred to kw as a "Jackass" for what he did that poor little girl. You KNOW if THE President of the most powerful country on the planet knows about someone's bad behavior and calls them a "jackass," that person truly IS a jackass. He's beyond that in my opinion. So this is that nasty nasty girl's love of her life, you know what? Ah HA HA HA, that is exactly what she deserves, a jackass. And she has THE head jackass sticking his face right in hers, oh well, guess its better than what she got stuck with in her movie and it has to be better than getting peed on. She can have more money than the Queen of England but that shower of pee she took won't ever go away. Ugh, they make my skin crawl.

701 days ago

paul a.    


what the **** does she see in him?

701 days ago


Bet it smelled great under that sweat-inducing leather skirt without underwear.

701 days ago

big chief    

The pic of her fat azz represents TMZ perfectly.

701 days ago
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