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Oprah's Favorite Things


Body Odor Pandemic

11/23/2012 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1121-oprah-winfrey-tmz-lafcoOprah's "Favorite Things" is slowly putting an end to America's body stink problem -- because ever since the Big O announced her preference for a certain kind of soap ... the company's soap sales have exploded.

Oprah publicly endorsed the Lafco soap set on her new list -- which she releases every year -- and according to a rep for Lafco, invoices have nearly quadrupled since the list came out.

We called to ask if sales have increased dramatically since Oprah's endorsement, and the rep tells us, "Holy hell, yes it has. It is our third time being chosen. We're busy as hell."

The rep adds, "We usually invoice 80-100 a day, and yesterday we had 431 invoices."

As for the other products on the list -- they're also experiencing sales booms.

The makers of Corkcicle -- a wine-chilling cork -- tell us they've experienced a 350% sales increase ... and the people behind the Tusk Capri Checkbook Clutch say they're getting TEN TIMES the normal order amount.

Sales for Oprah's favorite elliptical trainer have also gone up 300% -- according to the company, Octane Fitness.

Soap, ellipticals ... what exactly are you trying to say, Oprah?


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I just went to the website and the soap costs $17 per bar OR for the set of 14 -- it is $238... Even if I won the powerball and was worth $300 million -- I would not pay that much for soap.. I bet it costs them a nickle to make each bar, but they sell it at $17/bar.. Talk about fleecing the hell out of idiots who have more money than sense...

706 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Oprah has her charm but, really, I think the face lift is starting to slip.

706 days ago

Peter Popoff    

I'd tap that old ugly billionaire Azz

706 days ago


Why would I want to smell like a fat woman.

706 days ago

Posting Whore    

Shows you how of of touch Oprah really is with the rest of us. I checked out her list and it's ridiculous! Tom Ford lipstick set for $192.00??? Give me a break!!! Almost everything is $200.000 dollars or more, who the hell can afford that??? I'm sorry, I have children to feed and bills to pay. You know what you can do with your "Corkcicle" Oprah.

706 days ago


You know, with her influence and the way the cost of living is, not just in the U.S. but everywhere, I would wish for her to actually endorse a product that comes from a small struggling company that could use the business. Also, as others have mentioned on here, most of her target audience is single women or housewives. The sheeples are still out there and recommending a product that costs outrageous amounts is just not too smart. I guess she's been a billionaire for so long she forgets what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck.

706 days ago

Celebrity Tampon    

I bet her box smells like flounder.

706 days ago


are they saying orpah just smells god offal and this is the only thing that will help

706 days ago


Yes I'm about to put my order in

706 days ago


She has a stink problem....say it isn't

706 days ago


i want to be OPRAH'S child...

706 days ago


Oprah's favorite things apparently aren't eating right and exercising..
"Oprah's favorite elliptical trainer"...that's rich. When has she been on one lately?? What does she use it for, hanging Stedman's b**s on it?

706 days ago


I find your favorite things show offensive. Im grandmother of 6 wonderful grand children ,I cry when just trying to get something for birthdays and holidays.I was crushed several times at work as certified nurse aide when my children were 11,13,15. so ,I watch your show and see people who have or need for nothing get all .I wonder what disabled person like me that lives on a minimal amout of nothing get ,reconived .When i went disabled i couldnt even get full ssd benefits because ,my son was1 of twins born 26 weeks 1 died 4 days later on thanksgiving.when iwas disabled from work my rate of pay was 6.45 so my rate of SSI is barely enough to live .I thought living my life honestly and being grateful would bring me ggod things ,,According to what I see on your shows it only comes to money find that to be horoable. on that note I have no interest in ever watching something like this it hurts us little people ...But Ill wish you agreat Holiday for my will be with tears in hopes to figure out how my grandchildren will get X-MAS....from me.

706 days ago


A very powerful woman.

706 days ago


You could even go so far as to say... the Big O is eliminating B.O.

706 days ago
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