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Gabriel Aubry's Face

Bruised & Beaten


11/24/2012 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry's Face Bruised and Beat Up
It's pretty clear who got the worst of the brutal Thanksgiving Day fight outside Halle Berry's house -- Gabriel Aubry is a swollen, bruised mess after Halle's fiance Olivier Martinez rocked him in the face.

Gabriel was photographed Friday in L.A., a day after his violent showdown with Olivier put him in the hospital with a broken rib and serious face contusions -- including one NASTY swollen shiner.

Olivier clearly got the better of the fight, but still screwed up his hand and his neck.

TMZ broke the story ... Gabriel was arrested for battery after allegedly attacking Olivier at Halle's house.

After Gabriel allegedly pushed and struck Olivier in the shoulder, Halle's fiance cold-cocked her baby daddy in the face. There are conflicting accounts as to whether Gabriel was rendered unconscious.

As we reported, a judge issued an emergency protective order against Gabriel, requiring him to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier, and Nahla.


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Straight Talkin Texan    

I can't believe all the stupid comments on here. For example, one poster says what "the law" is because her father was a cop. Uh, laws regarding these kinds of incidents are not the same in every state. And as for the people saying this was a "set up," you weren't there, so you don't really KNOW what happened.

I'm more concerned that Halle seems to continue picking losers. I truly hope Olivier isn't another loser. I'd like to see Halle have a happy life.

659 days ago


As a single mom, dad like this is just harmful to kids. 1) violent: if he can hit Martinez he can hit his kids and wife, child endangerment 2) uncompromising: parents should compromise in time share with kid care, fact is Gabriel wouldn't even let his kid and ex Gf be happy and have a better life education is just plain selfish and is not for the kid. Honestly, if he paid child support to Halle he wouldn't be so ****y.

659 days ago

JR Jake    

It looks like Oliver has a metacarpal injury which we used to commonly refer to as a 'boxers fracture. Only by the picture and the way he is holding the hand up (minimizing the throbbing and pain) he should get it x-rayed. Boys, boys, boys ....

659 days ago


To add also: even working Halle spends time with her daughter. Money is the see of all evil for all this.

659 days ago


Gabriel is not working and needs to get a job soon and issue him a job work order, and he will stop acting out.

659 days ago


Why does everyone think he is in the wrong, he is fighting for his daughter...most men try to get out of taking care of there children or even wanting to see them...

659 days ago

colin bloe    

Stay tuned for Face-Jockey Face Off 2 only on pay for view.

659 days ago


I actually want a start a campaign, something like 'free Gabriel' like 'free willy'.. all jokes aside, I guess celebrity or not celebrity we all -as human beings- love to live in drama.. I wish that Halle Berry would be less selfish and more thankful that her kid's biological father is alive. It's her father for God's Sake!

659 days ago


Wow people....Halle pays this man child support.....he is going to do whatever it takes to keep his daughter in his life... She is his cash cow.....the way i see it is the only one making out in this deal is Aubry.....he never has to work again.....

659 days ago


I am so extremely tired of Halle's stunts and attempts to separate her child from her father. Unlike Halle's relationships with men, that seem to come and go, she has to understand that her child's relationship with her father is a permanent one that she needs to grow up and deal with and can't just run away from when it gets uncomfortable. I hope the father gets a fair shake here.

659 days ago


I was amazed how quickly Oliver and Halle went to work on plan j.I thought they would wait a little longer. You know not make it look so obvious and all.
The day she was denied striping Gabriel from his daughters life and had to stay in the USA was the day naive Gabriel should have had a reverse plan in order to catch Halle doing him and his daughter wrong.This man should by now have an expert in personality disorders on his payroll.
Halle is a very sick malignant Narciisitic personality disorderd nut.
He should be bringing his daughter to a therapist.
And therapist should have Halle tested and the courts notified of said mental disorder.
Along with some ground rules for Halle.
This is classic behavior of narcissistic rage.
He needs to supernatural ex husbands and let them explain what she did with them
Her sister also.
She lies simple to expose.
Discredit her.
Now Oliver is mad his sugar momma cannot go to France and buy a nice house for them all to live in.
Wonder if this was his daughter and some man was acting like him? Oh that's right hhe was to busy chasing tail to have a kid.He just gets all the benefits with no expense.
Even if Aubrey shoved him. He has no right to go to level he did.He will find out.
What little girl would love a man who hurt her daddy. none

659 days ago


Halle Berry is a Bitch.

659 days ago

Etha Ayatey    

What about the child? To keep this man away from his child because of what? For a Judge to put such orders in affect with should of harm to that child is truly, without just cause? This Judge is an elected Official and most look at the fame but, fame does elect you to office. It the PEOPLE and we look at ethics, evidence, along with how the law is applied. Judge please apply your law fairly!

659 days ago


Bien fait pour sa gueule

659 days ago


Ugh I really can't stand halle! Yes, she will stop at nothing for her vagina!

659 days ago
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