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Gabriel Aubry's Face

Bruised & Beaten


11/24/2012 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry's Face Bruised and Beat Up
It's pretty clear who got the worst of the brutal Thanksgiving Day fight outside Halle Berry's house -- Gabriel Aubry is a swollen, bruised mess after Halle's fiance Olivier Martinez rocked him in the face.

Gabriel was photographed Friday in L.A., a day after his violent showdown with Olivier put him in the hospital with a broken rib and serious face contusions -- including one NASTY swollen shiner.

Olivier clearly got the better of the fight, but still screwed up his hand and his neck.

TMZ broke the story ... Gabriel was arrested for battery after allegedly attacking Olivier at Halle's house.

After Gabriel allegedly pushed and struck Olivier in the shoulder, Halle's fiance cold-cocked her baby daddy in the face. There are conflicting accounts as to whether Gabriel was rendered unconscious.

As we reported, a judge issued an emergency protective order against Gabriel, requiring him to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier, and Nahla.


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I think Halle should stop - poor Gabriel justs wants to be a father to his daughter. They need to get along for her sake. Goodness you think Halle is mad becuase he left cuz he felt she was too old. I think people should stick to their own groups when dating and marrying - Very rarely does a cougar relationship or even a lion realtionship work (lion is the man marrying someone 25+ years younger). Just because Catherine Zeta Jones & Mike Douglas are still married doesnt mean a thing -

700 days ago


i understand how you are not in love with him anymore ,but you could have let him see his kid instead of ruining him on Thanksgiving. No child should stay away from their father set up a schedual or something and make everybody happy.

700 days ago


Halle Berry is a stinking ****** whore!!!

700 days ago


Tks DD for explaining this part..
It looks like Oliver has a metacarpal injury which we used to commonly refer to as a 'boxers fracture. Only by the picture and the way he is holding the hand up

It appears OM's father was a boxer and OM a bigger (taller) and heavier man than GA. GA came from a foster home so OM beat his face in with all he had. The violence i see is from OM. I was a single mother and i knew when it was a good or bad time for my now husband to answer the door when my children were being brought home by their father. I also knew when my now husband should EVER say a word to my childrens father at the door or anywhere. Mothers know. Halle knows too. But imo Halle was thinking about Halle and not her child.

Thankgiving means drinking with their maid serving the turkey, i would think with the court case re:France being so fresh OM already knew how to push buttons. Halle should have opened the door and taken her child after such a crushing angry yr of battles. There would not have been a fight.

GA just wants to love his beautiful little girl who gives himsuch delight

Halle is not happy about not getting her own way and running away with OM,..doesn't surprise me she is up to her old tricks.
HB said she had had it with black men b/c she sure made the news about how each one of her ex's beat her and mentally abused her.

HB likes control , GA didn't have money and she knew it. But he had the looks and the sex enough for her to want to have GA's on reserve.
After Scarey Berry watching that violence from OM She should worry about herself later.
HB won't be listened to by many ppl she has played the 'i was abused mentally and phyically
by every man she was with. I feel sorry forDavid Justice,her first husband she slandered his name into hel.lwhen she was younger and we all believed her.
What sickens me is Halle Berry's first day out after the fiasco she has police escorts . I think Halle B is evil when it comes to men and having her own way.
Nahla will see thru her like a book when she gets older..Halle madear you will pay for that one.

Yes i would like to see GA get a fair shake too.
The only thing is who owns the pics,what kind of bs is for sale? Halle can buy all of that......
Hope the truth comes out from somebody.

700 days ago

adult lady    

I am not surprised by the utterly ridiculous things that are being expressed for trhe truth on this site. I only wish that Halle Berry would adopt her new husband's practice of suing those who get too far in his personal business. Maybe she will. Because all of the things that are being stated as fact cannot be proven and if they picked four or five of you dedicated folks and took your houses, your property, your life savings and garnished your wages for the rest of your lives to pay for your mourths the majority of this mess would stop!

700 days ago


Halle is a tramp! Woman is evil and has mental issues! I hope the judge sees thru her set up! Funny how she runs to the court with this but does a couple hit and runs and can't find the court! lol

700 days ago


If she feels that way about Gabriel fighting in front of their daughter I wonder if she mad at her fiancee for doing to exact same thing?

700 days ago


Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry they both need to grow up and stop fighting for the sake of their daughter.

700 days ago


Yeah ! Where is Gloria Allred? Get in there and fight for Gabriel !!

700 days ago


I think that this whole situation stinks to high heaven. i think that not only did Martinez and Berry plan this whole incident I also think that Gabriel did not fight back because he probably knew that something like this was going to happen. Something always is happening when Halle berry is involved. I think that first off Martinez has no right whats so ever to tell Gabriel anything. what goes on between Halle and Gabriel and any conversations they have a between them but Martinez has no right what so ever to ever insert himself into anything that has to do with Nahla he is not her father or does he have any say of how she is raised. Another thing that needs to be pointed out is how is that all of a sudden Halle is out and about all smiles in front of cameras now that this incident has happened. I wonder if people are thinking that maybe this situtation has been planned from the beginning. I wonder if any of you have ever thought that maybe she not only needs to seek counseling for her issues against men as well as so she can rectify her situation so she can become a better parent and co-parent. I think it's sad that every relationship she moves on from she says he abused me he hit me after the relationships have ended but never do you hear about any of this going on while they are together. Think people something is fishy here. Gabriel I understand had to take anger management classes earlier this year in regards to how the custody situation was going down. I think any person whom knows his background will understand why he so protective of his relationship with his daughter when he grew up with his parents and didn't get adopted until he was 18. So to grow up in foster homes from 3-18 you will understand why he is so invested in making sure he has a relationship with his kid. As for Halle Berry paying him money, he has his own from what I understand he is worth close to 10 million dollars himself. The reason why she is paying him $20,000 a month in child support is not because he isn't working it is because he is the primary one that has the kid. When Nahla is with him their aren't any nannies to take the kid off his hands as it is with Halle. So before you comment know your stuff. Lastly, I wonder how long it will take for him to bring out all old phone messages, and texts she has left him, because when all know she is crazy and she has probably done it. Its amazing how she is saying all these bad things about him while he is keeping his mouth close still trying to work out the situation in a mature way with her. He could have filed for primary custody but didn't from the start he has always file joint custody. Its a shame the she can't even she past her own hatred and issues to meet him halfway.

700 days ago

k backofen    

Halle Berry came from an abusive, disfunctional family. Her father was physically abusive. She seems to be repeating the pattern of abuse in her own life, having been married to several abusive husbands. She thrives on chaos and physical confontation and provokes it. I agree that Gabriel Aubrey was set up. He probably went there to pick up his daughter for an arranged visit and was denied access to her. He probably became irate and tried to push his way into the house to get his daughter. Too bad Aubrey will probably not be able to see her now. That was a very sly, vindictive, and unfortunately, very effective maneuver on her art.

700 days ago


I love the image of two pretty boys hitting each other and yelling in French! Allons! Seriously, Aubry set himself back here after just getting the big win in court. Halle is the unfit parent. Your kid is four; don't move a fiance into the house, especially if the fiance is a brute. It's none of his business what Nahla's father is doing. He's an ass. If you're going to date after a breakup, do it slowly and carefully, and don't introduce the new guy to the kid for at least a year. He's not her stepfather and may never be. Halle likes violent guys (well, maybe not Eric Benet but look at the others) and had no good male role models when she was a kid. If her child were male instead of female, look what he'd be seeing...well, it's no better, Nahla is seeing people who can't get along or even converse. Aubry should have had an intermediary drop Nahla off. he should stay way from Olivier, and Olivier should stay way from Nahla. Date on your own time, Halle, when the kid is with her dad (which she would be, half the time). take a parenting class or two. Man up. It's about maturity not about selfishness. You created the spawn, and she comes first. And all this wasted money on attorneys and court time. Pfffft. Split the time, split the money, stay in the U.S. (more's the pity, such a benighted country!) and be a grown-up!

700 days ago


Hally likes violent guys...

700 days ago


Hope Gabriel beats her 2 the punch ( no pun intended ) & the judge puts the protection order on Oliver That wld sure put a wrench in her life .

700 days ago


I'll be praying for Gabriel. poor guy has been setup. and he is dealing with a very wicked witch and lets hope there will be justice for Gabriel.

700 days ago
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