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Gabriel Aubry's Face

Bruised & Beaten


11/24/2012 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry's Face Bruised and Beat Up
It's pretty clear who got the worst of the brutal Thanksgiving Day fight outside Halle Berry's house -- Gabriel Aubry is a swollen, bruised mess after Halle's fiance Olivier Martinez rocked him in the face.

Gabriel was photographed Friday in L.A., a day after his violent showdown with Olivier put him in the hospital with a broken rib and serious face contusions -- including one NASTY swollen shiner.

Olivier clearly got the better of the fight, but still screwed up his hand and his neck.

TMZ broke the story ... Gabriel was arrested for battery after allegedly attacking Olivier at Halle's house.

After Gabriel allegedly pushed and struck Olivier in the shoulder, Halle's fiance cold-cocked her baby daddy in the face. There are conflicting accounts as to whether Gabriel was rendered unconscious.

As we reported, a judge issued an emergency protective order against Gabriel, requiring him to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier, and Nahla.


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He fell right into Halle's trap. No doubt she instigated the whole thing.

607 days ago

Celebrity Tampon    

As a father of 3, I feel for Gabby. I'd want to see my kid too. Although I'm confident I could easily handle a Frenchman. That's the real tragedy here.

607 days ago


Not that it is anyones business , what is going on here, It must be awful to have this played out in front of the world. Clearly Halle has way more cash than Gabriel, (what does he do?) I do not think his modelling career is going to last much longer.I just have to wonder how he is going to support his child. I guess Halle will be supplementing his income.

607 days ago


If they wanna fight over baby mama, the trash asses should have took it to Jerry Springer.

607 days ago

bitch please    

Keep it up Hallie. One day a judge is going to see how vile you really are, and like Temeka Raymond (however it's spelled) you will lose custody.

607 days ago


I hate violence of any kind especially when there are children involved. Gabriel Aubry you were stupid to get involved in this. HOWEVER, as a woman and a mother, something is very wrong here. Halle Berry is an immature, selfish woman who would rather get things her way than to allow her daughter to have a loving relationship with her father. I think she truly believes we can't see through her (and Olivier's) juvenile manipulations. She is always the victim especially when it suits her purposes. To date, our court system has seen through her. Let's hope it continues to do so.

607 days ago


Your editors still haven't figured out that "cold-c0cked" means "knocked out"? Quit trying to sound like the big boys and do some research for a change...

607 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

You got knocked the fvck out!
Phishie from Philly

607 days ago


The Leach picked a fight with a 47 yr old and got his a** handed to him.

607 days ago


And you think Gabriel has anger issues? Martinez is the threat. Next time it'll be Halle Berry's face you'll see like this.

607 days ago


I guess he's no tough guy after all. Can't beat a 47 yr old. To all the racist haters Gab is a Leach. Halle supported this Loser while dating him. I'll bet if he were black the comments wouldn't be the same. Halle is the villian and she did more for this Loser 's career than he did for himself. He was never a top model. She tried to give him more exposure. Atleast he still has his child support money to pay his bills. Halle still has movies lined up and many supporters. Gabe has uuuh child support checks. What A Man.

607 days ago


I guess you shouldn't take a swing at an ex-boxer unless you want your ass beat, right? You can feel bad for the model all you want but if he took the first swing, he should have thought about who he was swinging at. People can run their mouths all they want, but if you decide to get physical, that's on you. Oops.

607 days ago


What i take out of this is, Halle is with yet another violent man. And the only good one she ever had is paying for being the father of her child. She didnt break the cycle after all, shes passing it on to her daughter. So sad.

607 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

Boys will be boys. A lot of women have men in "***** fights". Gabriel, focus on your baby. Sometimes things happen. Self defense is natural.

Just because you don't get the girl doesn't mean you are less of a man or not the better guy or worse guy. Get a better girl who loves you for you and not just for your looks or sex.

Love and emotions are very complicated things.

There is no reason to feel ashamed. Oliver was a stand up guy, you guys had a squabble and things move on.

It was toe to toe, man to man. You guys let it be and focus on that little girl.

Halle- you are not always a victim.

607 days ago


I'm Team Gabriel Aubrey!

607 days ago
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