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Halle Berry

I'm Taking NO Chances

11/24/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1124_halle_berry_x17Halle Berry is taking the Thanksgiving fracas that went down at her house VERY seriously -- she's now rolling with a security guard who is packing heat.

Halle was spotted at her West Hollywood home yesterday, accompanied by an armed security guard.

As TMZ previously reported, a judge issued an emergency protective order against Halle's baby daddy, Gabriel Aubrey, following a Thanksgiving Day brawl between him and Halle's fiance, Olivier Martinez. Aubrey is required to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier, and Nahla.


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I don't doubt she set him up. And who are these witnesses to the fight? Since this happened on her property, they would most likely be easily manipulated by crazy Halle, and their accounts would completely be in her (and Olivier's) favor.

698 days ago


Really Halle? Now you need security and no before when you said that Nahla was in danger in LA? Pure BS.

698 days ago


TWO grown men acting like idiots. She should really consider what she's getting herself into AGAIN. Olivier is no better acting the way he did. Say your peace and walk away, take the child inside and close the door. Sounds to me like she walking from one bad problem to another.

698 days ago


Wow...Halle is really playing this know she is going to try and take the kid to France again! The boyfriend should have never been involved in the child exchange! The only victim here is Nahla.

698 days ago

dresden pena    

I call bull**** on this story. Halle Berry has a bodyguard for one make Gabriel Aubry look like the bad guy again and further alienate him from her daughter. this is parental alienation at it's best. She has provoked and taunted him to the point that he probably finally lost it on the new fiance. I feel so sorry for Gabriel Aubry. He doesn't stand a chance against Halle and her high-powered attorneys.
Halle is the crazy, abusive one. She will turn that child against her own father because she is a malignant narcissist who can't see past herself to the detriment of her baby.

698 days ago


Wow, she is doing this all for show and sympathy!! How horrible this vile woman would allow her boyfriend to beat the father of her child. Who the hell does Olivier think he is? He is a selfish bastard who doesn't love Nahla. How is Halle going to explain this to her daughter? No man is going to love your daughter as much as her father does. She puts all her men through so much by damaging their reputations. Watch your back sweetie - Olivier may beat the crap out of you one day. You are a sick woman! I for one will not be watching any of your movies!

698 days ago


Drama Queen. All of this just to get her baby daddy back into court sinse one smart judge figured out her bull.

698 days ago


The only danger to Nahla is from Halle. This woman is not stable and obviously is willing to do anything to get her way. Be careful Gabriel. Halle has already lost - she has to stoop to garbage to try to make you look bad. No one is buying it. Lets hope your lawyer can stop her - somehow.

698 days ago


Why in the hell did her fiance not get any kind of protective order when he did more damage than Gabriel? This is so sad, and I think he has been set up and made out to be the villain this entire time since they split.

So sad

698 days ago


I think she went a little bit to far. She does not need a body guard. She is up set because she lost her court battle with the father of her child. He loves his daughter and will not hurt her. Halle is a jerk and has bad luck with men. If I could remember correctly she once said in a interview that she would never marry again. All I can say is you are pissed because you can not move to France or were ever you wanted to move to. You can't take a child away from her father. In latter years she will never forgive you. But I don't think that you care about it for the moment because it is all about you.

698 days ago


She needs to tell
her fiance to
keep his mouth
shut. These are
tough times for this
family.I'm so glad she
isn't allowed to move to
France - that showed the
world what a cold hearted
witch she really is.

698 days ago


Great point by other poster. Why in the world is the fiance doing the exchange??? Recipe for disaster at this stage in the game. Feelings are raw all around. I've got an idea...make them have the exchange at a public place (like a Starbucks) or the local police or sheriff's department...just like regular peeps who cannot behave when custodial exchange time comes.

698 days ago


This story bugs me sooo much!! I can't stand thus woman! I really hope Gabriel doesn't get into to much trouble.

698 days ago


Wow.. Not judging but my opinion-- NEVER in front of your child's father do you allow ANY man let alone a NEW man in your life disrespect your child's father. Sad.. If 2 people can't be mature in front of their child(ren).. Why should they be allowed to have a 3rd party at pick up or drop off.. Hello? I lost all respect for Halle- she should have told her fiancé to have some respect and put his tail between his legs. Poor Nahla cause no other man will EVER love her like her own Dad- she needs to stop trying to squash that relationship.

698 days ago


Makes you wonder if Halle set up the nanny situation too. Wasn't there an order that he had to have a nanny during his visits? So sad she took out restraining order to keep him away from his daughter. Hurts the child more than anyone else. Trying to move her a country away from her father was bad enough, now she's dragging the child into an adult situation for her own gain. Her boyfriend has no right or business to say or be involved in any of the exchange. It's not his business. If you think of the way his comment was stated to the father ("we have to "MOVE" on) makes u wonder if Gabriel assumed they were moving regardless.

698 days ago
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