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Dwight Howard

Baby Mama Wants $100k

To Fight Him in Court

11/25/2012 6:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1124_Royce-Reed-and-dwight_howard_gettyDwight Howard's baby mama says her nasty custody battle with the NBA star is an unfair fight -- all because he can simply outspend her -- so she's asking a judge to make HIM cover HER legal fees.

TMZ broke the story ... Dwight and former "Basketball Wives" star Royce Reed are entangled in a bitter legal battle after Dwight filed for sole custody of their young son.

In the latest development, Royce -- who was axed from "BB Wives" this year -- filed docs in Florida asking a judge to make Dwight foot her legal bills, claiming she can't afford them.

According to the docs, Royce claims that Dwight rakes in over $1.3 million per month and should cough up the cash, otherwise, the fight's not fair. She claims he can hire an army of lawyers ... while she'll get buried in bills and eventually have to drop out.

In the docs, her lawyer says she's already racked up a $44,113.50 bill and is expected to tack on another $60k plus if she continues to fight ... for a grand total of $106,621.80.

A judge has yet to rule.


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These players never learn...who's the playa now?

663 days ago


Dwight know with his schedule he can't be a stay at home dad. On top of it, you have more children by other women. Seems Dwight picks on her. And she do have a job, she owns her dance studio. She is a college graduate. Its unfair that he allowed to bury her in debt for a personal vendetta. The little boy just turned 5, who had his birthday party, who is up sending him to school? And to relocate the child from Florida to Cali is wrong! But we see cases such as Usher where money prevailed. I think Dwight is being a jerk.

663 days ago


I don't think he should be made to pay her a dime. If they aren't going to be together, she shouldn't be able to live high on the hog off of his coattails. This is the entitlement mindset at work. Child support should be a fixed amount anyway. Why should this woman live the lap of luxury when she hasn't earned dime #1 in her life? She should suck it up with a public defender. No man should have to pay, pay, pay like that 'cause a woman decides she'd rather be a ho. She should give up custody so the child can be properly tended to.

663 days ago


Stupidity and financial dependency at its best. She did not give up her career for him. The only thing holding her back from financial success is herself. She just wants custody so she can collect a check. Before it comes up it's not a black/white thing.

663 days ago

Cali Boy    

Why do thes rich basket ball players hook up with these money grabbing skanks and go thru all the BS when they want to leave the relationship. I wonder if there was no child support involved if the skanks would care about the kids.

663 days ago


How is this guy going to manage full custody when he travels all the time?
I guess he'd rather submit his kid to strangers, and possibly harm, than allowing the Mom to have him part-time.
And people wonder why these kids are so messed up. Their parents have endless fights and the kids get raised by whatever nannies and babysitters are around at the time.

663 days ago


Dwight Howard is an ******* if u hate her so much u should've listened to your gut as u pulled it out to impregnate her. PAY UP!!

663 days ago


I'd like to grab some tweezers and pop every last greasy zit on her forehead.

663 days ago

Mr. President    

The only negros are Europeans.

663 days ago


Wow. Commentators here are really being cruel to Royce. She was who she is when he met and slept with her, without protection. Not that Royce is a bad person at all, I'm just saying. Royce appears to be a great Mom who loves her child. Why would he want sole custody??
Comments about her getting a job are ignorant. I believe she has a job. But just like most of us here and on the planet, she doesn't make any where near what he is making. There are numerous ways to stretch a court case out to no end. He could keep her in court indefinitely. With one appointed lawyer, against his high end legal army, she is bound to end up missing some legal filing. This isn't an unusual request. Plenty of litigants have the other with the financial ability pay their legal fees, yes to fight them. This is important! This man is trying to take her kid from her!! It doesn't matter anyway whether she has a job or not. She has his child and his is obligated to pay to support that child. Child support is determined by income, which he has plenty. Keep it your britches or don't sleep with women you wouldn't want in your life, wallet, or kids life. Halle trying to keep her child from her dad. Dwight trying to keep Royce from her child. Usher keeping his kids from their mom. Ugh! Screw responsibly! Dwight pay her legal fees, child support, and spend time with your kid! Or, just give your money and time to the kid and stop taking her to court. Sheesh! Kick rocks with your hatred!! You absolutely have the means to make a joint custody work without having to deal with her. Why are you trying to take her child!? Back up! FIGHT ROYCE! Get em!!! To think a BBaller would go to court for custody@#$&!?? Certainly he has a history of inappropriate behavior that isn't conducive to a healthy environment for this child. Not to mention all the traveling and team trading and moving. Get out! Is a nanny really better than the child's mom. Royce is not unfit! FIGHT! Put that fool on blast and SHUT HIM DOWN ROYCE! Creating all of this undue stress and financial burden on this girl. You better bring it Dwight! Get em up Royce!

663 days ago


Can these two come to a agreement already and focus on their kid in and out of court for years can't be good

663 days ago


Ok my thing is who cares if she was canned from BBW the show was trashy any way and she seemed above all they catty drama she is a great mother that loves her child her Instagram

663 days ago


Another gold digging whore trying to collect a check to support her lifestyle

663 days ago


I hate dwight howard. It shows how much of a s***bag he really is to separate this child from his mother and to fight her tooth and nail for what? So he doesnt have to pay her child support. He really doesn't care about the welfare of the child. He just hates paying his "mistake" anything to take care of the boy.

663 days ago


Royce Reed has a college degree, and a job. So many of the comments are misinformed - because America hates, absolutely loathes black women. Remember the bus driver punching the drunk woman incident? So many people cheered him on. now imagine if he had punched a drunk white woman like that. I have been convinced for a while that America hates black women and the comments here are just another prime example. This man has kids with other women he isn't married to. So why is royce a gold digger for making sure her son gets his just due? I had an uncle who sued this woman for custody of the kids when he found out he had to pay child support. when he lost, he never called or tried to visit the kids. it's been fifteen years and not a word. These black men who claim to want custody of their kids just want to avoid paying support.

663 days ago
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