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Jon Bon Jovi's Daughter


She Isn't Behind Bars

11/25/2012 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1125_Stephanie-Bon-Jovi_splashStephanie Rose Bongiovi spent her Thanksgiving weekend in the Hamptons with papa Jon ... and not in a jail cell following her arrest earlier this month. 

As TMZ first reported, the 19-year-old was arrested after allegedly overdosing on heroin in a college dorm on November 14 ... but the D.A. dropped all charges

Hopefully the only thing she overdosed on this weekend ... was carbs.


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Queen Karma    

John Bonjovi seems to have been a good father, His wife and only wife seems to have been a good behind the scenes wife and mother.
I agree with everyone this girl the best world of everything, heaven on Earth and spolied by it all.

She ios free. She did not loose her life but came close to dying. Dancing with Mr. Brownstone is rough. Ugly. If she were busted for pot, ehh, bad, but one thing.

If she were anyone else, she would be in njail now or out with a high bond.
She was not arrested, NY first offense laws and if someone is od'ing, no arrest, but STILL she should be in Betty Ford or some rehab for at least a year. He is spoiling her. Living on a prayer is what she is doing for Thanskgiving innthe Hamptons with her family,
Her brain, body got a taste of herion and will want more or cocaine or something.
very sad.

697 days ago

ex lax    

let the whore die

697 days ago

ex lax    

wanted dead or deader

697 days ago


I wish these celebrities would leave this end of the Island. You don't help us, The only thing you do is clog up our roads, make it impossible to go to the grocery stores, and have attitudes a mile long! Like you are all doing us a favor. Your not! You are the rudest people o the planet! GO HOME!!!!!

697 days ago


Heroin? Are you serious? That's a freaking disgusting a$$ drug, leaving those terrible tracks on your arms. I thought the rich went for cocaine.

697 days ago


People wonder why she would do such a dumb thing, when she's got it so good. I'll tell you why, cause she can get away with it. Throw her ass in jail, and make her someone's bitch for a few weeks. I bet she'll come out being a hell of a lot more grateful for all she has.

697 days ago


How do you skip pot and make the Huge leap to heroin as a teen....Scary.

697 days ago


So let me get this straight. You can get all types of fines and even put in jail for having WEED but if you overdose on Heroin it's okay because you're protected by the law? Am I missing something? How freaking ass backwards is that. Since when is it okay to overdose on anything but continue to outlaw a simple smoke such as weed? Now i'm not a smoker or drug user whatsoever but even I can see this is crazy.

697 days ago


All legal crap aside. I really hope she gets the help she needs and it's not just overlooked. The sad reality is she's an adult and nobody can force her to do anything.

697 days ago

Jay W.     

Cute girl. Hope she pulls her head out of her ass before something worse happens.

697 days ago


Someone looks like they are going through withdrawls. Glad it ain"t me!

697 days ago


Picked her up at a trucker 3 months ago. Got half and half for 75.00. It was 30 for head only, and 50 for straight bareback. Did her from behind while listening to bed of roses

697 days ago


P. S., her poon smelled like cat **** with a hint of lemon

697 days ago


P. S. S. She swallowed my salty stew and licked me clean, balls and all. No charge

697 days ago


"Tying on that dinosaur tonight...used to be so I got that needle..." -sublime

697 days ago
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