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Jon Bon Jovi's Daughter


She Isn't Behind Bars

11/25/2012 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1125_Stephanie-Bon-Jovi_splashStephanie Rose Bongiovi spent her Thanksgiving weekend in the Hamptons with papa Jon ... and not in a jail cell following her arrest earlier this month. 

As TMZ first reported, the 19-year-old was arrested after allegedly overdosing on heroin in a college dorm on November 14 ... but the D.A. dropped all charges

Hopefully the only thing she overdosed on this weekend ... was carbs.


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Y is she not in rehab? I dont get it she OD @ college on Heroin and gets the charges dropped but she home enjoying Thanksgiving. Get her help quick!!!

658 days ago


What a loser, just like her talentless Dad

658 days ago


Why can't you people respectful. Stephanie is in rehab. The reason why the charges were dropped two reasons, the Good Samaritan act which was passed last year look it up. Also she had less then 8 ounces of heroin. It has nothing last name, stupid people do some research before you comment...

657 days ago


Daddy's money saved her ass -- ridiculous!

657 days ago


I only wish her the very best.

624 days ago


Dear Mr Bon Jovi, reality check, as I know from my past dealings w/ my daughter who is an addict, she has been drug free for 14 months from Heroin (and only God to thank for her staying off drugs) does not matter if your daughter: SNORTS, INHALES, DRINKS, OR INJECTS and/or SYNTHETIC, REAL, OR LACED DRUGS, she is an addict who needs help. I am so tired of lame brained people saying, well, they did not shoot up. No better than snorting or inhaling, is it??? Addiction is an addiction. My daughter went to 4-rehabs in-pat and 3-out-patient in 2 years time still to go back, even ofter ODing 3 times I know of. Does rehab help, yes and no. hardest thing to do when they continue in drugs, is cut ties with them until they make that choice to get and stay clean, tough love. I had to do this to mine. I even left her in jail for 90 days and never once called her, just sent in a minister from a church to give her a bible to read. Btw. my daugher rolled a car 4x, came out with a scratch, and that was her life-changer from drugs. Week later, SHE arranged out-patient rehab and SHE went, not by court order, her own CHOICE

“She was by no means sticking needles in her arms. But there’s a lot of synthetic stuff in the world and a lot of temptation and access and pressures that just a generation ago you and I didn’t know about.”

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483 days ago
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