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Rihanna & Chris Brown

The Wrong One

Goes Topless

11/25/2012 4:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1125_bed_twitterThey're like Justin and Selena ... but with protective orders. Chris Brown and Rihanna were on again ... off again ... and now apparently on again.

RiRi just tweeted this pic Saturday night of CB kickin' it half-naked in bed -- bare-chested with his drawers out -- then posted it for her 26 million Twitter followers.

It's the latest in their never-ending relationship saga ... as TMZ previously reported the two have been spending more and more time together in public, including Thanksgiving -- where they partied it up at the same German nightclub.

So we ask ...


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Why can't we see either of his hands in the picture? Well, first of all they were bloody and second, Rihanna didn't want us to see what kind of brass knuckles he uses to beat the **** out of her. I don't care how old anyone is, once fists start flying, I'd stay far far away from that person.

667 days ago


Everybody worrying about them they r adult they can do Wat ever they want if nobody would have found out about them fighting u still would be like they make a nice couple everybody fight they both did damage u only see 1 side

667 days ago

BB not bb    

Rihanna has her head in the clouds. She thinks he is so special and he could just as soon go with Kerrueche and probably still is behind Rihanna's back. She thinks she is all down and cool with him, but he isn't with her. She is just going to get dragged down if she keeps chasing him.

The sex is probably what is keeping her hooked. I don't think he is a changed person inside or even capable of change. She is playing with fire and sleeping with a demon.

He doesn't show any class around her ever. He has zero respect for her. She in turn has no respect for herself by allowing this to continue. She loves someone who doesn't respect her, making her less and less every time.

667 days ago


They are both still young.

667 days ago


I flat out don't care anymore. She had my sympathy the first time he beat her. Next time when she ends up in the hospital or worse I'm not going to feel the least bit sorry for her. In relationships like this when the woman is poor I can understand her fear of leaving an abusive man because she's doesn't know how to make ends meet. Rhianna is incredibly wealthy so there is no excuse other than stupidity to be back with him.

667 days ago

go home!    

Rihanna is a pig and is belittling physical abuse to all the rest of the victims in the world. I already turn the station every time she comes on the radio and will never spend a cent on her music again, She is the only woman I will laugh at when Chris Brown beats her face in once again. She is a disgrace to woman and no one should ever feel an ounce of sympathy for her again. Pathetic.

667 days ago


Aint Nobody's Business? Really?
Then maybe stop twitter things like that to share it with the whole world? Just a thought...

667 days ago


Clearly there young and in love so y'all please leave them

667 days ago


Honey boo boo is smarter than Rhianna.... Next time she is on the new crying her ass up on why CB kick her ass... Ill be laughing eating my Cheetos Puff...

667 days ago


he sleeps in the so-called ******* postition....I`ve seen that one before.

667 days ago


Sleeps like an angel.... :-)

667 days ago

Bill Leslie    

he has his hand down his pants doesn't he - stay classy you drugged tattooed woman beater.

667 days ago


So he passed out 1/2 naked with his hands on his stick!!!! What a freaking joke!

667 days ago


Who cares??? If she wants to be with him let her but when he beats the **** out of her again Rihanna dont come running to the press and public looking for sympathy again because you will not be getting any. Whether Rihanna likes it or not shes a role model if she didnt want to be one she should of thought about that before trying to become famous. Her fans are mostly young teenage girls they are the ones buying her music, endorsments, and going to her concerts and when they see her promoting her relationship with the man or should I say coward that beat her ass it doesnt send a good message at all. P.S to the people who keep saying its none of anyones business well if shes posting it on Twitter where its public it is everyones business if she wanted privacy she would of kept the pictures to herself. She can be with who she wants to be with BUT I find her behaviour very irresponsible as shes looked up to by young girls ( dont have a clue why) and as the relationship with him is so talked about after what he did to her she should of be keeping it VERY lowkey. I hope people wake up and stop supporting and buying her trashy music because shes just as bad as he is. They deserve each other.

667 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Clearly she is attracted to being beat like a slave.

667 days ago
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