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Jada Pinkett Smith

Stomachs the Holiday

11/26/2012 10:00 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

1126_jada_smith_FameWhile the rest of America pigged out over the holiday weekend, 41-year-old mother of two Jada Pinkett Smith flashed her rock hard bikini body in Hawaii.

And for that we're thankful.



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What is the point of being with a black chick if she is going to be flat and have a skinny ass?

666 days ago


I flagged the guy who said she looks like an she's has Aids.Both Will and Jada have never done anything to anyone one they are great parents role models and great people

666 days ago


I don't think Will and his family care what I few white people that are made at there success cares.Will mad 35million making one film this year his daughter has a hit record out his sons first movie made 500million and his wife has a band that plays Ozzie feast

666 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

She looks good although she's a rug muncher who produced two of the most annoying children ever to inhabit the planet.

666 days ago


Sooo many haters. Why are you so bothered that she looks good? White chicks than resent that she looks better than they do. Black chicks that wish they could look like her. White men who are feeling powerless and yesteryear. Black men who are all out intimidated. I doubt there are many Asians on this thread. Too funny.

665 days ago


Wow....Moo-chelle Odumba would be proud of her being a fitness idiot and all.

665 days ago


Why do Black women have so many plastic surgeries? If you are so proud of being black why do you want to look white. Jada, Beyonce Halle Berry Eve and so many more

665 days ago


Who knew Will liked "teen boy" type chests.....

665 days ago

Jade women age extremely well! White women... not so much. She looks amazing!

665 days ago


i rather nail a good looking tranny instead...

665 days ago


If a pasty, flat-assed, anorexic, pre-teen looking white chick was featured, you peds would be slobbering all over yourselves. Not everyone thinks that's attractive. This woman is HOT! She doesn't need to spray-paint that skin color on her or 'tan' like many of you do to look just like her. Stay jealous lol

665 days ago

g is the name    

" there'll be some holleration, hateration.... We don't need no HATERS(baby we don't need no!) "

665 days ago


How do people not get tired of hating on everything? She's 41 and 5 feet tall. She has never been thick at all. Why would she b now? She has always been small. Maybe if half you haters would actually use your gym memberships you pay for, you might feel better about yourselves and less inclined to hate on people that actually take care of themselves. Your at fault if you age bad and have a sloppy body! Stop tanning so ****in much, smoking cigarettes and eating burrito bowls from chipotle and just might feel better about yourselves... Idiots!

665 days ago


In the words of Eddie Griffin when I die I don't want 2 leave ah nice lookin corps. Thts why I drank,smoke, cause my soul is well taken care of exercise is gud yeah but if u don't its not the end of the world. Because I've seen the most in shape people drop and die, and I've seen crack heads benge 4 three months and still maintain. So at the end of the day live ur life how u want **** wht snybody else say. Enjoy ur life born alone die alone!!

665 days ago


Dang she is rocking it!

665 days ago
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