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Simon Cowell

Prank 911 Call

'He's Being Held Hostage'

11/26/2012 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell
is the latest swatting victim in L.A. -- someone called 911 Sunday and reported the "X Factor" judge was duct taped in his home and being held hostage.

Sources tell TMZ ... the female caller claimed Simon was bound and gagged in the bathroom of his Beverly Hills estate.

We're told cops responded in force but found nothing. Simon was at home at the time.

It's the latest in a string of swatting incidents. Other victims include Ashton Kutcher, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.


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Az Heat    

Is Britney drunk dialing again and playing pranks! Ha.

704 days ago


Why can't the cops finds these retards yet

704 days ago


Maybe Simon was forced by his kidnappers to tell police everything was OK.

704 days ago


He was duct taped by Boy George :)

704 days ago


Justin bieber, was that you with your ingenious pranks?-lol

704 days ago


They would have believed it if the caller said come quick, Simon Cowell is being held hostage by his ego!

704 days ago

I suppose Simon Cowell won't be bothered as its more free publicity for him and his shows

704 days ago


Time for them to track ALL 9-11 calls that start with HOSTAGE and don't take it seriously (of course arrest the pranker and make it clear their ACTIONS is serious) if they don't stay on the "REQUIRED" amount.. IF there is truly hostage situation that they see happening from the comfort of their own home and they are able to call.. They are able to stay on the line and/or let the phone stay on if they can't talk.. IF they are dialing 9-11 from a cellphone----911 can UNLOCK the GPS on the phone and GO TO THAT LOCATION. Make it where pre-paid toss away phones can't dial 9-11 and 9-11 can only be dialed on contracted phones with OPEN GPS. o.O IF that is a problem for the kiddies make it where they can't have a DATA plan for their phones unless GPS is open... Nip this SHIZ in the arse and stop playing "Cops n' Dangerous-Bored-Spoiled-Kids"..

BTW Wtf is up with this bs prank? When did the possiblity of getting someone killed by cops become "FUNNY" and what the hell is twisted in their heads?

Whatever happened to ordering a really nasty smelling pizza for the prank? or Bubble-gum on the seat? Silly? Yes. Stupid? Yes- like all pranks are (except messing with 911 that's NOT funny). Dangerous? No. Jail Worthy? No.

Wow.. Those kids need to worry about school and fixing whatever is twisted in their heads to think this is funny. They need to REALLY think about what the hell they are doing, why it's funny to ONLY THEM and get some help.

704 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Cowell is an ass.hole and a goof on him would be amusing but there is nothing funny about mobilizing a SWAT team.

704 days ago


Why the FOCK do you continue to call the a PRANK??? A prank, by definition is" a trick of an amusing, playful nature" This is a vicious malicious CRIME. eventually someone will die as a result of this crap and you just continue to minimalize it. Get your heads out of your A$$.

704 days ago


Somebody needs to call 911 about Britney's lack of commentary on X-factor. Whatever she has to say she says within 3 seconds. Her presence there is virtually nonexistent. Demi has more to say and is more interesting. It should be the opposite considering how much money Mrs. 1-2-3 is making.

704 days ago


LOL!! Hold him captive?? Hell, folks trying to get AWAY from him!! He can't even get mice to visit him!!

704 days ago


Justin, was that you-lol

704 days ago


They need to prank the military and say al qaida is in the Kardashian house, maybe then it can be bombed

704 days ago


This wouldn't continue to happen, if TMZ didn't continue to cover it. Period.

704 days ago
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