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Angus Jones

I Choose God Over 'Men'

11/26/2012 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Angus T. Jones is bashing "Two and a Half Men" in a testimonial for his church -- and even though the 19-year-old is raking in $350,000 per episode ... it sounds like he's about to walk! WHY?? We have details on his new spiritual advisor.

Plus, Halle Berry's fiance Olivier Martinez beat the crap out of her ex Gabriel Aubry -- and even though Gabriel got arrested ... is Halle really the one who's pushing buttons?

Also, Lindsay Lohan's movie "Liz & Dick" got ripped to shreds -- but is Lindsay's acting getting a bad rap because she's Lindsay? That's actually makes sense ... to some deluded people in our newsroom.

(0:00) Angus T. Jones urges people NOT to watch "Two and a Half Men" after becoming a devout Christian ... and calls his $350k-an-episode job "filth." We have the shocking video that could get him sacked faster than Charlie Sheen.
(10:00) Lindsay Lohan's movie "Liz & Dick" premieres to a barrage of horrible reviews ... but some people in the newsroom think the harsh criticism in unfair.
(16:30) Halle Berry's fiance Olivier Martinez beats the crap out of Gabriel Aubry -- and we have all the latest details ... because we broke all of the stories.
(20:00) Mike thinks Halle is the catalyst behind the whole ass-kicking situation.
(25:00) The question of the day -- Lil Wayne, Diddy, and Kanye West all party together ... so who's the top dog? Harvey's all over the Hip-Hop beat today.
(29:10) Ariel Winter's sister ... is totally loaded. We'll tell you how she quietly accrued millions ... thanks to Pepsi.
(32:00) A former chef of a very swanky L.A. restaurant files an incredible lawsuit -- alleging some disgusting things regularly occurred in the kitchen.
(35:31) We know how Jessica Simpson already dropped a ton of weight.
(38:10) Chris Brown and Rihanna ... totally doing it and don't care if everyone knows.
(49:40) The floor is yours!

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PLEASE PLEASE show a pic of Justin Bieber's outfit he wore while accepting his Diamond Jubilee Medal from Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Friday Nov. 23rd.

It's SHOCKING! Very disrespectful. It was and still is all over the Canadian news Some American sites are starting to show it today.. He sure is acting ****y these days!

Justin tweeted a pic of himself and tweeted, “I met the Prime Minister in overalls lol, I hope you hate my style.”

I sent this into the tip line 2 days ago and as usual, got no reply.

662 days ago


Mike was right that personal chefs and trainers make weight loss easier...but they aren't necessary for weight loss.

662 days ago


Max looks high

662 days ago



662 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

breaking news from fat mike... butter sicks on sale at costco!

662 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Why is this Toronto guy in a toilet.

662 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Where are they getting these callers. They always sound like they are drunk and eating the phone.

662 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    


662 days ago


Kid gets rich from the show, and says this? He should donate millions to that cult-ish church then. Jesus looked down upon hypocrisy.

662 days ago


I really like your show, in fact so much that I tape it everyday for entertainment and you guys are funny.I say that to let you know My comment is not biased because of beliefs. I can truly understand where Angus is coming from. He is a young man and he said his life was on a downward spiral. I've also watched 2 & a 1/2 men because I love comedy and it was truly funny. I really think this kid who played a grass smoking idiot for the last 3 years, It was in the scrip so he started living the part Not so hard to believe.Harvey he did not go to this guy (a minister of the Word of God) as ssubstitute for rehab, but as a counselor on his new found faith in God. Oh, loud mouth guy with stragley beard, Seven Day Adventist is not an extreme church. All churches have their theology, like Catholics, Mormons, Baptist, C.O.G.I.C Jewish, etc.etc. A persons faith is their faith not yours if you have one. New believers who find it really invigorating and free usually make quick changes in their former behavior. It doesnt mean they're crazy. In reality most stuff on TV is not morally acceptable in God's eye, but it serves its viewer and makes money. Leave the kid alone.An the idoit who said give the money away to charity is typical of that viewership. He earned that money and now is willing to give up the ability tomake it because it's not about the money but he is following what he (not U) believes is wrong, I could go on, but let God judge him not any or you or me.Oh he did not satan was running the show but it has views that the bible refers to as satanic behavior.

662 days ago


Seems to me, "Jake", if you really want to get right with your maker all you have to do is quit. It's easy -- you wake up one morning and you don't go in -- you wouldn't be the first and you won't be the last. Because if, as you believe, "there's no messing around with eternity" a network lawsuit is exactly the last thing you need to be worrying about. Seriously bro, how do you think St. Peter will react to you telling him "I knew it was filth and I was damning a nation to hell but I was under contract"? Anecdotal evidence (well, evidence isn't really the right word, but OK) would suggest he'd toss your filthy self to the fiery pit quicker than you could say Madeline Murray O'Hair (whom, by the way, your as likely to meet as St. Peter. Don't understand? Watch the the last 2 minutes of "The Sopranos" for a far more accurate depiction of what "eternity" is really all about). And, oh yeah, the millions you've made? That's not gonna help your cause with Petey either. How about doing some good in THIS world and donating it all to your church's orphanage or some equally worthy worldly cause?

662 days ago


The kid is being brainwashed just like that other nutjob Kirk Cameron......religous phenatics !

661 days ago


I like how Mike had to look at his materials to get the Pepsico. story right, but Harvey jumped right in with all the Rubenstein details. It's as if Harvey has categorically and chronologically memorized everything about every rich jewish person. like,ever.

661 days ago


Harvey - Losing respect for you here. How do we know that Gabriel has a temper? Because Halle or one of her employees said so. You should not repeat those smears like they are truths.

661 days ago


This kid has been brianwarshed by a relgious fantic.
He needs to get into a more mainstream church.
Its honorable that he is takeing stand agaisnt
FILTH on TV however its so over the top
that is misss the mark.
He just looking crazy enstead of
his message getting across its lost
eacuse the toher stuf fhe saying is
Kinda crazy.
His spritual leader doesnt realy know the Bible or place the correct enphies that reliogon is about haveing personl realtionship with Christ.
The kids needs to get his head checked he has been on the set so much of his life he has lost touch with reality.
He thinks he has been enlightend and mybe he has just by the wrong people.
His charter is that big a part of the show any more
so they should just let him exit gracefuly.
They porbaly are afraid to out right fire him cuz they could get sued for blocking someone from
practing thier relgion.
He shoud lleave the show for mental health reasons.

661 days ago
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