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Angus T. Jones

Embracing Homophobic, Anti-Obama, Doomsday Theorist

11/27/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay-Z is a freemason with a Satanic agenda ... in fact, he's executing a plan concocted by Lucifer himself, at least according to the man who is serving as a spiritual guide to "Two and a Half Men" star Angus T. Jones.

The man behind the theory is Christopher Hudson -- who is featured with Jones in the "testimonial" video where Angus trashes "Men" as "filth" that goes against his newfound religious ideology.

In the video, Jones says he discovered Hudson through his ForeRunner Chronicles video series -- in which Hudson spouts off about a variety of topics ... including:

-- Why he believes Jay-Z is a Freemason with ties to the devil
-- How Obama's pro-gay agenda has similarities to Hitler
-- How the NYC gas crisis can lead to cannibalism

In fact, Hudson warned his followers that the gas crisis can turn into a food crisis, forcing women to begin cannibalizing their own children -- "Your baby might start looking like a chicken wing."

So does Jones believe everything Hudson is preaching? It sure seems that way ... because during the "testimony" video, Angus praised Hudson, saying, "I love watching ForeRunner Chronicles ... all the information is so great."

He continued, "Your videos have no doubt been a blessing to me."

We spoke with Hudson who tells us he and Angus have become close over the past year and share similar beliefs. We also reached out to Angus -- but we haven't heard back.


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get real    

Oh My! This is the age that Paranoias can start showing. Poor Angus and his Irrational Suspicion. Box Boy at Albertons 5 years from now!

633 days ago

BB not bb    

What he menat about the baby looking like a chicken wing was that there are plagues and curses coming on the earth. If there is no gas for the truckers to bring food into the cities, people are going to want to eat something. I saw people looking very crazy outside the grocery store when it was still closed for days, like they were ready to attck someone for a bag of tortilla chips. It was very unpleasant. Your neighbors could end up being your worst enemies. Look what happened during Hurricain Katrina.

There are many disnenfranchised and disgruntled outsider types in cities to begin with. When they see that thee is no way to provide for their needs they mayb turn to crimes. Then there are people who are such greedy pigs that nothing can stop them from getting what they want. They are the most terrifying.

Charlies was harrassed for his beliefs on 9/11 being an inside job. Now Angus is being taken to task. Well that is some good, all the publicity for their views from being on this sleazy sit com.

This black man is very intelligent. People should listen up.

633 days ago

get real    

Really Angus! This is Your Demise in Hollywood. Angus. Do You Know what Minimum Wage Is? The Crazy sitting next to you Does. Remember when You were A Chubby teen? The Food you liked? That cost Money Kid. Go Work somewhere 2 Hours to clear enough Money to Eat and In and Out Burger Value Meal.

633 days ago

K Price    

what an idiot. he will never work for warner bros. again. I hope he saved his money.

633 days ago


I like how you slip "Anti-Obama" into that headline as if being against Obama is a bad thing.

633 days ago

Ali in Ohio    

sounds like a cult!

633 days ago


On the other hand... The kid DID grow up with Charlie Sheen, so he may ACTUALLY be nuts... Or scenario two, he's using the "I'm NUTS" routine to get himself fired.

633 days ago


Hey Angus do everybody a favor and killyourself. Give your money to charity and put a bullet on your head...

633 days ago


Maybe Jones is embracing the reality of being an unemployed, former child star...early. Y
u know, before his career actually needed to tank. Also, where did he learn to snort up and vomit forth his religious views, the First Church of Craque Crocaine?

633 days ago


Wow it's a shame how much people hate the President and we all know the real reason but you guys please remember his mother was white and his white grandmother raised him I don't see him doing any more harm then what Bush did while in office just face it people Blacks, Asians, Spanish people are going to be here and all over so you guys might as well get on a boat and go to a remote island somewhere but there might be a tribe already living there like it was when we came to America. P.S. a lot of White people had to vote for Obama also in order for him to be back in office for another 4 yrs. I will pray for you guys this is very sad!

633 days ago


How the NYC gas crisis can lead to cannibalism ?? can i stay wtf what does the gas crisis have to do with eating people can someone please tell me

633 days ago


Hudson is a nut case! Just hope that Angus figures that out sooner than later and turns to the only truth the Word of God

633 days ago


I didn't realize until now that he is a recovering drug addict??? Wondering if he credits this "organization" for getting clean? If so I can see how these groups can poison a young mind. Especially ones with giant paychecks. Very sad.

633 days ago


F'ing lunatics!

633 days ago


Welcome to the cult, the end-game of gullible and brainwashable ignoramuses.

633 days ago
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