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Angus T. Jones

Embracing Homophobic, Anti-Obama, Doomsday Theorist

11/27/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay-Z is a freemason with a Satanic agenda ... in fact, he's executing a plan concocted by Lucifer himself, at least according to the man who is serving as a spiritual guide to "Two and a Half Men" star Angus T. Jones.

The man behind the theory is Christopher Hudson -- who is featured with Jones in the "testimonial" video where Angus trashes "Men" as "filth" that goes against his newfound religious ideology.

In the video, Jones says he discovered Hudson through his ForeRunner Chronicles video series -- in which Hudson spouts off about a variety of topics ... including:

-- Why he believes Jay-Z is a Freemason with ties to the devil
-- How Obama's pro-gay agenda has similarities to Hitler
-- How the NYC gas crisis can lead to cannibalism

In fact, Hudson warned his followers that the gas crisis can turn into a food crisis, forcing women to begin cannibalizing their own children -- "Your baby might start looking like a chicken wing."

So does Jones believe everything Hudson is preaching? It sure seems that way ... because during the "testimony" video, Angus praised Hudson, saying, "I love watching ForeRunner Chronicles ... all the information is so great."

He continued, "Your videos have no doubt been a blessing to me."

We spoke with Hudson who tells us he and Angus have become close over the past year and share similar beliefs. We also reached out to Angus -- but we haven't heard back.


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I think we should imprison all heterosexuals... they are the ones procreating and giving birth to all those "nasty" homosexuals.

Grow up folks my best friend is gay and he is the most caring, loving and spiritual person I know. If you want to avoid gay people - stay away from church on Sunday... that's where all my gay friends are :)

658 days ago

art Vandelah    

Listen up people and you will learn something-the anus is NOT a reproductive organ.God designed it for crap to exit the body. Got it homo............................

657 days ago

art Vandelah    

Listen up people and you will learn something-the anus is NOT a reproductive organ. God designed it for crap to exit the body. Got it my homo's...................

657 days ago


Kudos to Angus for speaking up about "the Industry" is tainted. I'm not surprised that silly and senseless TMZ and the other idiots on here joke about it. I don't think Angus is crazy at all, he's just taking responsibility by doing the will of God and turning away from the filth he was promoting to the masses - as if it's not already enough in the music, videos and other tv shows on today. You guys live in a world where you think everything is a joke, black and white and microchips in your neck is just a sick fable, but little do you realize you are being conditioned to act like the same dumb-dumbs you watch on these filthy shows. Wake up people. Props to Forerunner Chronicles too..very informative brother.

657 days ago


Illuminati People. Look It Up

657 days ago


Yes, how dare anyone be against The Dear Leader, our Communist-In-Chief Obama? The Hollywood world view is super warped. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder!

657 days ago


Obviously God designed your MOUTH to exit crap from your body. I'm also sure you've never touched a woman's breast because, by your theory, it's designed only to feed a child - not to fulfill your sexual perversions??? How does it feel to have someone judge you on what you do in the privacy of your own bedroom?

657 days ago

i. lucia    

Angus, who as a minor was subject to choices made for him by parents and agents, now has full rights to speak candidly about the raw, mean-spirited show in which he was, unfortunately, cast for many years, an affront to his innocence both as a child and youth, both as a TV character observed by millions and as a real boy. This is about Angus's growing maturity and self-awareness, not about "disrespecting" the cabal of entertainment pimps who run the business. C'mon viewers, each week for many years you've guffawed at the lurid on-screen antics paraded in front of this boy -- and probably your own children too! In the US, Angus, at least in theory, has a right to : freedom of thought, expression and religion -- all being attacked now because he was well-paid, as if that's the crux of the issue! Angus Jones tried to end his contract. Every authority figure in his life bullied him into staying longer. Don't let them derail you, Angus: once you leave this pathetic excuse for family entertainment,RUN, don't walk. You have a brilliant -- perhaps modest-paying career ahead of you doing anything you want: U Proff, Pastor, Author, Commentator or Youth Leader. Angus, you could be a Michael Moore who will investigate the tawdry activities of America's media empires. Consult with Corey Feldman. He has mass-quantities of dirt on these guys. BTW the SDA church happens to be a respected, long-standing, US-based Protestant Christian denomination. They are leaders in world missions doing relief work, and have a network of excellent schools throughout N America. They distribute fine resource materials on the benefits of vegetarianism, and have built at least one medical school in the US - a well-respected one at Loma Linda. They prefer to worship on the real Sabbath (Saturday) in solidarity with the teaching of the Hebrew scriptures. I have know many SDA's. They are stable people with strong values. In the projects, where I worked for 20 years, their good work continues to impact lives of youths and adults alike.
freedom of thought and religion. It seems

653 days ago


Hail Satan

634 days ago
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