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Angus T. Jones

Silent Standoff

On 'Men'

11/27/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angus T. Jones is in showbiz limbo, because he hasn't quit "Two and a Half Men" and show execs haven't fired him after he trashed the show ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with "Men" tell TMZ ... all of the execs on the show and at Warner Bros. have seen Angus' video, in which he calls the sitcom "filth" and asks the audience to boycott. 

We've learned Angus -- who rakes in $300,000 an episode -- has not contacted any of the show honchos to express his intentions, nor have any of his reps done the same. Although Angus says in the video he doesn't want to be on the show anymore, that message has not been conveyed to show execs.

On the other side, we've learned Chuck Lorre, the brains behind the show, has not played his hand ... even to Warner Bros. executives. 

Today could be telling, because there's a scheduled rehearsal this AM. It's unclear if Angus is supposed to be there, but if he's a no-show his absence could be the first step toward the door.


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ohboy is a retard    

he looks like austin powers

660 days ago


The guy I feel bad for is Jon Cryer (Alan) having to answer the same questions again.

660 days ago


This is one of the reasons why religion sucks;
religion not only mentally destroys people minds and creates wars but as you can see from angus, he's an idiot. Where else is he going to find a job that will pay him the same?
Oh yeah!, he can become a minister and rake in millions. religion may suck but that's were unfortunately, the money is.

660 days ago


Angus is young and highly influential. He needs to realize that publicly bashing and calling for a boycott of the show that has been his bread and butter for years is not very Christian of him.

Perhaps he hasn’t considered what would happen if people did boycott? For instance, taking away jobs from everyone else who works on the show.

It's an adult comedy. I'm sure parents don’t let their kids watch it. If he really feels this way, he should have waited until his contract was done and he was no longer employed there. Otherwise, he is setting himself up for a law-suit. Hopefully someone will talk some sense into him.

660 days ago

get real    

America. Can You see Yourself working at Say. Sams Club? Costco? Macys? Toys r Us? After Your Shift, You go Outside with a Sign! Attract National News. I Hate This Store..... The Store Is Trash........... Do Not Shop Here! Then... The Next Day, You go back in the store, Work Your Shift as if Nothing happened? Nope, I dont think so!

660 days ago


Finally the truth - that show SUCKS!

660 days ago


Hopefully Angus has saved enough money for the rest of his life as I doubt he will ever be employed in Showbiz again. Rule 1 don't bite the hand that feeds. This guy is feeding his ego whilst no doubt emptying his bank accounts for the cause. Kill him off in the show and sack him,

660 days ago


I believe that the show Two and a half men, has gotten worse since Charlie Sheen was fired off the show for his rantings.. I agree with Angus how the show has become more filth. They have the actor Ashton Kutcher on their replacing Charlie's character- and almost every show- his character comes out on the sound stage of the production- without his clothes on- parading around naked...- and I do agree with Angus, how that is against Christian values-.

I also think that if he= Angus T. Jones is so miserable with working for the producers- then he should just quit!
And be done with the show- so he doesn't have to wrestle with his values anymore about working for the sitcom..

660 days ago


If the show is so terrible, perhaps he should donate ALL the money he has made from it to charity. Something tells me he won't, as he is being influenced by some religious wacko who wants to separate him from his money, which he will.
Angus, you ungrateful little piglet, you'll never work in this town again.

660 days ago

Saints fan    

When he's broke and has to get a real job he's going to wish he had kept his big mouth shut. Typical Hollywood loser, make millions off the public then spit on the people who put you there.

660 days ago


Loonies seem to thrive on this show. WOW. So he's willing to compromise everything he believes in just to keep getting money? Nice. Im suuuure there is no way he could break the eeeevil contract if he wanted to. CRAZY. I like a bit of filth, so I'll keep watching.

660 days ago


Ungrateful POS

660 days ago

Gator pride    

To bad this young man is so hateful. $345,000 per episode and he's worried about religious consequences of the show. He's ruining his career in the name of religion, not in the name of God. Sorry, Angus, but you have screwed up. Why don't you give back all the money you've made on the show. After all your running around with filthy money in your pocket. What a hypocrit.

660 days ago


What a hypocrite - so his contract isn't preventing him from quitting, but he doesn't want to be on the show yet still stays. Idiot

660 days ago


WHAT A TOTAL FOOL. When he is playing the show's character, he is obviously just playing himself ... a complete idiot.
If he is SOOO offended by the very show he has been associated with for years and he feels he must trash the show that loads up his bank account ...
HE SHOULD STOP BEING A HYPOCRITE - AND QUIT. NOW, YOU IDIOT BOY WHOSE IMMATURE BRAIN SHOULD BE EXAMINED FOR SERIOUS MALFUNCTIONS - and ZIP his mouth shut until he walks the walk and put his money where his mouth is ...and quits.

660 days ago
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