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Gabriel Aubry

Rushes to Court

I Want My Daughter Back!

11/27/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry is rushing to family court today ... asking a judge to lift the order prohibiting him from seeing his daughter in the wake of the Thanksgiving day beatdown ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... after Gabriel was arrested for battery ... a judge issued an emergency protective order blocking Gabriel from coming within 100 yards of Halle Berry, Nahla and Olivier Martinez.

We're told Gabriel's lawyers will argue Olivier instigated the fight, beating the model to a pulp in Halle's motor court and even repeatedly slamming his head on the concrete.

We're told Halle's lawyers will be in court this morning to oppose Gabriel's motion ... and Halle may show. 

Gabriel obtained a restraining order Monday against Olivier.



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I really used to be a fan of you,r HB. I really was until you started showing your unattractive side.

658 days ago


OK, am I the only one who sees a set up here. Halle can not take her daughter to France. She is pissed. Gabriel brings home Nalla after a day with her father. New boy friend tells Gabriel to move on. Instigating a fight so Halle can go to court and say he is a bad father. She is very spoiled when she can not get what she wants. I am on Gabriel's side.

658 days ago


I just read in the New York Daily News that there is NO TAPE of this altercation because the cameras has been "repositioned". I bet a lot of people were anticipating something like this! This article is pretty interesting. It has a lot more info that I have not seen anywhere else.

658 days ago


Holy Shyte Gabriel, I think the attack photos speak for themselves. Stay strong, man, I really think the truth will prevail in this case and those two evil people will get what they deserve. Nobody in their right mind could compare the injuries and say that Olivier was the "victim" here and I think there MUST some sort of evidence to prove it - perhaps survailance footage from neighboring houses, or from the school showing Olivier acting menacingly earlier.

658 days ago


There's no way that Gabriel should have been beatened so badly. I'm convinced Halle provoked this fight. Halle is violent and crazy! I hope Gabriel wins custody!

658 days ago


TMZ please help Gabriel- it was a set up! Help get the truth out there. GABRIEL WAS SET UP!!! Halle needs mental help. TMZ do the right thing, for the sake of Nahla. IT WAS A SET UP!

658 days ago


Stay strong Gabriel. Public opinion is on your side. Don't give up on being a father to your little girl. She needs you more than ever to protect her from France's Wilmer Valderrama (Olivier) and her bat-crazy mother. Having one stable parent will make all the difference in the world.

658 days ago


Evil Bitch!..Team Aubry ♥

658 days ago

Justine Caine    

I made a comment b4, that Gabriel should really consider carrying a gun for his protection, and I stand by it. Bcuz, at this point, Gab is a mere inconvenience for spoiled Halle. She feels she's found happiness with her frog, and doesn't want to include GA in the equation. But guess what? the courts don't always give in to spoiled bitches like her. Therefore, I fear for Gabriel's life. An unbalanced woman and a hothead for a BF could really, really consider doing away with him for good! My thoughts are that HB is a sociopath based on her running away from accidents,and also a narcissist & is shocked that things did not go her way. She's so used to power & $ she can't fathom this! I don't usually condone violence, but I will make an exception for this ****. I look forward to the day I read & preferably see a pic of damaged caused by OM turning his fists on her. I hope she's beaten to death, though. In the meantime, I do not intend of EVER patronizing ANYTHING this bitch endorses!

658 days ago


They have to let him see his daughter...Halle can't shut him out like that.

658 days ago


I hope the judge can see this for what it is, a set up! The camera just happened to be re positioned, lol what a bunch of bull****!

658 days ago

Justine Caine    

And you know what else? I wish that I, and every other little girl out there had a father who cared this much! You are a rare breed, Mr. Aubry. Carry on with pride and the knowledge that the public is on your side! I wonder what your beautiful daughter will think of her mother when she grows older and witnesses these pictures. Shame on you classless hood-rat!! Money doesn't buy class it's pretty clear. You can take the girl out of the 'hood.....

658 days ago


Sorry Halle, once you have a baby with white trash, you're stuck with him. Just because you can't finish the fight YOU started doesn't make you the victim Gabe. Lol! Next time just drop your daughter off and get your punk azz back in the car!

658 days ago


Halle Berry is too much drama.

658 days ago


Good luck, buddy. You have a history of abuse allegations and a bunch of witnesses willing to testify that you threw the first punch and continued to try to fight until you were knocked unconscious.
Looks like Halle may get to go to France after all.

658 days ago
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