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Gabriel Aubry

Rushes to Court

I Want My Daughter Back!

11/27/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry is rushing to family court today ... asking a judge to lift the order prohibiting him from seeing his daughter in the wake of the Thanksgiving day beatdown ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... after Gabriel was arrested for battery ... a judge issued an emergency protective order blocking Gabriel from coming within 100 yards of Halle Berry, Nahla and Olivier Martinez.

We're told Gabriel's lawyers will argue Olivier instigated the fight, beating the model to a pulp in Halle's motor court and even repeatedly slamming his head on the concrete.

We're told Halle's lawyers will be in court this morning to oppose Gabriel's motion ... and Halle may show. 

Gabriel obtained a restraining order Monday against Olivier.



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Such childish acts. And the only one it will harm is Nayla. Sad

696 days ago


Grow the Hell Up, Halle Berry
Using your child as a pawn is more injurious to her than anyone else .
Does it make you feel better, setting up this melee so that it unfolds right in front of her, Froggy Man beating the hell out of her father.
Ok, so your puzzy is made of gold, BIG DEAL! - you have men fighting over it, you get a big thrill out of that, don't you?
Your daughter will need therapy by the time she hits adolescence - you are screwing her up
There is a price to be paid for such foolishness - too bad Nahla will have to pay it.

696 days ago

Lynn Martz    

This woman is just unbelievable. She picked him. And now she has the audacity to now come forward to say that Gabriel isn't now good enough to be her daughter's father. Where she now wants to insert her boyfriend da jour (of the day) as her daughter's new father.
Sorry Halley, you dont have the right to make those or any changes to your little girls life or heritage. That relationship belongs to your daughter.
Why the heck do women believe that just because we give birth that this somehow gives us the power to manipulate our children parentage.
It is completely possible to continue to have a good relationship with the father of you child and still move on after a break up. Furthermore, their is no reason that your new boyfriend to get along with your ex. If only women would realize this is the real power that we women possess. The power to bring people together to create powerful family bonds. Having two men in your childs life with only add that much more love and support to your childs life.
Sincerely, Not Just Talking The Talk. I'M WALKING THE WALK.

696 days ago


Hope Gabriel gets full custody now. His entire life since Nahla's been born, has been to spend time with her.

696 days ago


I hope gabriel sues the stink out of martinez as his face is his job. He is one off the top ten models paid and probably will lose some money over this.
That ugly looking oliver and hb just thinks this is going to work.
Just heard on the news aubrey is here on a work visa and can get deported and that would be a shame if he couldnt see his daughter again. He is the best thing for that little girl right now. Cant believe halle thinks this is okay to do to her daughters father.

696 days ago


Team Gabriel here!!! Go get your daughter!

696 days ago


this story disgusts me where was his daughter while he was getting beat down by Olivier ? Halle is a nutjob and if anything should not have custody of her child . every relationship she has been in involved some kid of drama .. get that poor child out of the hands of Halle before she damages her even worse than she already is .. imagine a child knowing her father was beaten my her mothers fiance ....

696 days ago


Halle, you can GO now! No one wants you here! Take your loser gigilo boyfriend and go to France so we will never have to hear your ugly pos name again! You are nothing but trash! I will boycott everything you do from now on! NO MORE REVLON either!!!

696 days ago


EVERYONE: Please boycott everything this crazy does! NO MORE REVLON!!!

696 days ago


As I know Gabriel through a mutual friend, he does have a temper and have major anger issues. So I can attest to say that he may have provoke this fight. You should not have put your hands on anyone. If you choose to do that, then you choose to suffer the consequences. In Gabriel case, he got beat down. He deserved it. Second, they all are in fought. They need to try to work things out for Nahla sake since she is a part of all their lives. Come together and try to repair any damage that has been done.

696 days ago


This does not sound like a man that lost his temper it sounds like Berry and Her Boy Toy Concocted a plan to make Aubrey look unstable so she can go to court and win full custody and take her daughter to france, and i do not think a judge will buy hers or her witness testimony, because Either Halle should have gone outside alone to get her daughter or sent the Nanny outside to ger her daughter, but Halle Boy Toy should not have been anywhere near that situation, and i believe the Judge will side with Aubrey on this bad plan of Berry's.

696 days ago



696 days ago


why is everyone forgetting that this guy is notorious for his anger? A nanny quit behind his treatment of her.

696 days ago


I think Halle is just a b---h who just want's her way and that they should send her dippy boyfriend back to his Paris. they should let Gabriel have full custory of his daughter whom he love's dearly. He seem's to be very controlling,Beware Halle. Good luck Gabriel.

696 days ago


Halle Is totally nutso

696 days ago
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