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Halle Berry

Security Cams MISSED Brawl

... Thanks to Old Stalker

11/27/2012 5:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There is no video surveillance footage of the violent Thanksgiving Day showdown between Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry's fiance Olivier Martinez -- and it's all because of Halle's old stalker.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, when detectives visited Halle's home last year to investigate a scary stalker situation, they advised her to re-position her home security cameras to face the fences surrounding the property ... in order to catch a possible intruder.

Halle obliged ... and the cameras have remained facing the fences ever since ... and could not have captured the front door area of the home where the fight between Halle's past and present men took place.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, detectives have reviewed the available footage -- shot at the time of last week's brawl -- and confirmed the fight went down outside of the cameras' field of vision.

As for Gabriel's claim that Halle could have erased the video -- we're told cops DO NOT believe the security footage was altered in way ... it just plain missed the shot.


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Bottom line is Oliver has no reason to be talking or changing the rules set by the courts that outline a drop off or pick up. The judge will see that and he also will see how violent Oliver can get as he used excessive force if you believe his side of defending himself. The judge will involve a unbiased third party for future drop offs. I hope Nahla tells someone she is scared of Oliver as she should since he beat the tar off her father.

632 days ago


Team Gabriel. Real sucks to know there's no security video that would have captured the whole thing happened between Martinez and Aubry. I wish the outcome is different if they have this video, would be great for everyone to see either Martinez or Aubry who started the fight or not. Damn arrogant bitch Halle! Thanks a lot! I'm sure Gabriel is pretty disappointed about right now.

632 days ago


My heart goes out to Gabe, poor guy, I hope Truth will come to light and he gets full custody! and Halle loses custody of her daughter and ordered to get help for her issues. I hope Martinez is charged with a felony and gets deported! Good Luck Gabe! if you do not get vindicated the court system in California is a joke! well it is anyway...

632 days ago


Nonsense. Let's all quit bitching about these losers and start boycotting Halle Berry. Start writing to her sponsors. She has a new shoe line with Deichmann coming out. Complain to Revlon, Versache and Cody Inc. and tell them you will boycott their products until she is removed.

632 days ago


Surrrrreeeeeeeee ... First it videoed that Aubrey was out with Nahla nice a peaceful and then he attacks as soon as he walks in Berry home ... Righhhhttttt that makes sense ... And great timing that he goes crazy and gets a restraining order put on him so now he can't see the daughter .. Yeah good timing right after Berry loses her pleas to move .. Yeah great timing .. And when u look at both men who looks ATTACKED .. Now no camera .. Yes I believe everything these ppl say .. Who looks innocent .. Lets see what happens next

632 days ago


Hmmm.... like the ole saying what's done in the dark will always come to light....

632 days ago


When evil people premeditate a crime , they position the cameras inway to benefit their storyline. That is obviously what happened here. Halle Berry you are smelling like a dump. You nasty pig and your gigolo go to hell!

632 days ago


How convenient! TMZ is on Halle's side so they are not mentioning that of course anyone who is guilty would not be asking for the footage which Gabriel did ask for and since Gabriel didn't know the cameras were not pointing where the fight took place and Halle and Oliver did know that says a lot. Obviously those two would only set him up which they did if they knew the cameras were not facing there. It is stupid not to have cameras pointing in all directions especially when you have a stalker. She can afford it so I am not even buying that. This just proves even more that it was premeditated!

632 days ago


and who believe that was not intentional? Halle is a sick psycho..

632 days ago


Well now everyone knows how/where to break into her house...

632 days ago


It still doesn't explain why the nanny did not do the exchange and why Olivier was even out there. I hope that Gabriel does what he can to protect his daughter. I don't think Halle is thinking!

632 days ago

Miss Lily Skye    

wow, This story is such bullsh*t! NO security company told them to pont all their security cameras in ONE direction! this did NOT happen like she said. Oh, you have a stalker, so lets point ALL your cameras at the fence and leave you front door, driveway, sides of your house etc open for anybody and their mamas to walk right in! BULL!! how stupid does she think "normal" people are??!! I feel so bad for you gabe, you got mixed up with one psycho b*tch!!!

632 days ago


Sure. Yeah. Okay. So there's no cameras pointed toward her door despite that whole thing about being threatened by stalkers and paparazzi.

632 days ago


I am so convinced Halle Berry the BITCH set this this whore will do anything to get her way....its all because gabriel dated kim kardashian a woman thats much prettier and younger then Halle. Halle is one of those women who thinks shes gods gift to mankind..sorry much younger prettier girls coming along, her frenchman is an idiot...cause if hes convinced himself this woam is gold...just ask all the men that cheated on her and dumped her azz...something wrong with her not the men and oliver will be her next victim......heres hoping an accident on her next film will maim that face, then she can be as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside!

632 days ago


How convenient! I hope the judge is not stupid! The frog thinks American judge's are realy stupid. I hope he gets deported!

632 days ago
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