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Halle Berry

Security Cams MISSED Brawl

... Thanks to Old Stalker

11/27/2012 5:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There is no video surveillance footage of the violent Thanksgiving Day showdown between Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry's fiance Olivier Martinez -- and it's all because of Halle's old stalker.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, when detectives visited Halle's home last year to investigate a scary stalker situation, they advised her to re-position her home security cameras to face the fences surrounding the property ... in order to catch a possible intruder.

Halle obliged ... and the cameras have remained facing the fences ever since ... and could not have captured the front door area of the home where the fight between Halle's past and present men took place.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, detectives have reviewed the available footage -- shot at the time of last week's brawl -- and confirmed the fight went down outside of the cameras' field of vision.

As for Gabriel's claim that Halle could have erased the video -- we're told cops DO NOT believe the security footage was altered in way ... it just plain missed the shot.


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dancer girl    

How convenient. I knew Halle and Olivier would come up with some lame excuse. I hope they know the majority of the public doesn't believe a word they say. Good luck with your careers. We were tired of you prior to this.

674 days ago


Go to and tell them what you think of her repping them. I did

674 days ago


Halle gonna get hers someday. Karma is a bitch. Somebody will do get her azz whacked! it's gonna be on the news someday,Watch.

674 days ago


Ms. Berry, your career is officially over.

674 days ago

Martin Harris    

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......that pretty boy punk got his racist ass handed to glad he finally got that ass whooped....Team Berry team Oliver....they shouldve killed that ***

674 days ago


Why is the R.O on Aubry when it is Martinez and Berri that were the attackers? He needs to get his child out of that home with that mentally unstable couple, Berri is a certifiable danger, she knocked down two pedestrians and got away with out charge If a judge gives custody to them and allows them to move to France something bad will happen to that child.

674 days ago


If Halle was so scared and unsafe in the United States of America why did she not add more security cameras to catch every angle of her property?

674 days ago


go to and tell them what you think of her repping them!

674 days ago


Yeah right! Drug dealers have better camera set ups with equipment purchased from targert and wal mart. Funny how a big time Oscar winner can't do better. They probably did a dry run to make sure the location of the planned attack was outta sight camera range.

674 days ago


If Law enforcement really told this to TMZ they have probably been paid off by Halle. There is no way she had no cameras facing the door and I don't see how they can be so sure the footage was not tampered with. Cops probably made that up. I read that Gabriel said in in declaration that HE WAS HANDCUFFED WHILE HE WAS BEING TREATED AND ON THE WAY TO THE HOSPITAL. HE WAS NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE A PHONE CALL! Disgusting cops! They obviously just took the word of Halle, Oliver and their friends and family and because Oliver had made a citizen's arrest when Gabriel couldn't because he was unconscious they just arrested Gabriel and probably didn't even ask for the security video. LAPD you SUCK.

674 days ago

Slim Whitman    

Ollie Berry are two deceptive creeps who will stop at nothing to STEAL Gabe's time away from his daughter. Ollie Berry deserve each other. Karma will do these pricks in!

674 days ago


This is such BS. Olivier was aware of what areas were being recorded and conveniently waged his attack in that area. The shock and anger that the judge didn't rule in their favor was probably driving them crazy. Gabriel just won the right to keep his child in the country. Why would he risk it -- especially so soon after?

I have a feeling that Gabriel was baited into this fight and Halle sanctioned the whole thing.

673 days ago


You know Olivier is mad about the money because the 3 million he was screaming about was his. He's made way more movies than Halle. But since he isn't familiar with the u.s. custody laws, Berry convinced him they'd win. Wanna bet Berry's net worth doesn't come close to 3 million dollars. Also wanna bet when he dumps her, he's gonna sue her to recoup the 3 million dollars. Just watch!!

673 days ago


Maybe it makes her feel young again to have two men fighting over her only one thing they are fighting over her daughter I see why the Dad loves his little girl but this other guy looks crazy. Crazy Berry learn how to share. Run from the boy friend this time Karma is going to get you and this one will beat you for real.

673 days ago

Spicy mag    

Ninjas laugh at her security cameras. They don't even bother putting on their ninja outfits. They simply walk straight up to her front door.

673 days ago
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