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Halle Berry

Security Cams MISSED Brawl

... Thanks to Old Stalker

11/27/2012 5:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There is no video surveillance footage of the violent Thanksgiving Day showdown between Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry's fiance Olivier Martinez -- and it's all because of Halle's old stalker.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, when detectives visited Halle's home last year to investigate a scary stalker situation, they advised her to re-position her home security cameras to face the fences surrounding the property ... in order to catch a possible intruder.

Halle obliged ... and the cameras have remained facing the fences ever since ... and could not have captured the front door area of the home where the fight between Halle's past and present men took place.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, detectives have reviewed the available footage -- shot at the time of last week's brawl -- and confirmed the fight went down outside of the cameras' field of vision.

As for Gabriel's claim that Halle could have erased the video -- we're told cops DO NOT believe the security footage was altered in way ... it just plain missed the shot.


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If sense were common everyone would have it.    

halle berry's a sneaky, vindictive bitch. Got your number.

693 days ago

Truth is    

Of course not, why would they hv on camera the cruelnact she's instigated?!?

693 days ago


My my, how convenient......

693 days ago

jenny ruby    

i thought the stalker was away.
i dont even know who people are
see i cant evenmake sense of this

693 days ago


I guess Halle has been planning this confrontation since last year. Ooh she's

693 days ago


Bunch of crap. I guess Halle's millions could not afford multiple cameras or at least professional security folks who would have remedied that scenario in seconds. How convenient.

693 days ago


They should check the security angles from a month ago to see if in fact the cameras were faced the direction the police said. I think Berry turned the cameras away shortly before the confrontation and not since last year.

693 days ago


So--Halle and Olivier would have known the cameras weren't on them where they were--how convenient. And Gabriel, who wouldn't know that, was very much wanting the surveillance tapes to be viewed by the police. That says a lot. And if Halle had a stalker and was really afraid, she would have added more cameras and made sure they were pointing to all areas. Until now, I tried to stay somewhat neutral. I now believe Halle and Olivier knew what they were doing, and knew there were no cameras on them when Olivier attacked. Sick.

693 days ago


OLivier kinda looks like a psycho S.O.B. Poor Nahla

693 days ago

Wicked Witch    

How convenient. Anyone in the security department would have given her the advice to have "camera(s) pointed towards the fence AND her front door and drive way. Ask any security officer and he will tell you that pointing all your cameras in one direction is stupid and would NOT be advised but to have the cameras facing the property at ALL angles. I knew when they didn't want to hand over the tape or talk about it at first something like this would conveniently come up.

693 days ago


You would have to be an idiot to think this wasn't a set up. That poor child has a psycho for a mother and a violent psycho for a future step father.
Halle is a sorry excuse for a mother.

693 days ago


Of Course they were......Never doubted it for a she even double checked that camera twice before he got their to make sure they were pointing away from the driveway and door.....Nasty piece of work....

693 days ago


How covenient(SARCASM)... Halle Berry is such an awful person, I shudder to think the permanant damage she is doing to her young daughter. A judge isn't stupid and if the right one is hearing this case in front of him/her they will see through Halle Berry's deceit will do her in as karma is a B****...

693 days ago

Easily Bored    

I don't think Halle or Gabriel are angels in this custody situation. Gabriel, dude, you need 20k a month to take care of your F-ing daughter? Really? Wtf??? But Halle and Olivier take the cake... I find it VERY hard to believe that Gabriel... fresh from winning the legal battle to keep his daughter in the US... was the aggressor here. That makes no sense. Halle and her man were probably furious they spent so much money (((3 mil))) on attorney fees and legal BS and LOST. Theyre the ones with the motive for violence. Think about it. Why would Gabriel attack Olivier after he won??? It makes no sense WHATSOEVER. Those two are just F-ing evil to put a child in this situation. It's funny to me celebs have so much money but are bigger PILES OF TRASH then the poorest residents at your local mobile home park. Just sayin...

693 days ago


why would anyone believe Halle orchestrated a fight, almost in front of her young child...where either of these guys couldve been more seriously hurt? It just doesnt make sense. What doesnt make sense however is fact that Olivier presented himself during a child handover which has absolutely nothing to him. Gabby mustve reacted and dealt first blow after being provoked, otherwise Gabby wouldve had Oliver arrested- not the other way around. Dont forget there were adult witneses to the its not like one could easily make this up. staff!!. What is strange though is that someone as wealthy as Hally- worth over 70 million $ wouldnt have security cameras at her doorway- just doest make sense.

693 days ago
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