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Olivier Martinez

Brace Yourself

11/27/2012 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry
's fiance Olivier Martinez is on the mend after his brutal fight with Gabriel Aubry on Thanksgiving -- dropping by an L.A. hospital today ... and getting his injured punching hand wrapped in a brace.

As we first reported, Olivier got the better of Gabriel during the fight -- suffering relatively minor injuries in comparison to Gabriel's brutalized face.

An emergency protective order has already been issued against Gabriel -- requiring him to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier, and Nahla -- but Gabriel's rushing to court today to get it lifted. 



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Halle Berry is a aging movie star who wanted a child and basically used this guy for stud service once she had the kid, he was no longer of any use to her. Her career is in the toilet, what was the last movie she made that was actually good? And her public drama and letting the world see what a crazy bitch she is, is not going to help her career. Amazingly this woman has issues with every single man she has ever been with. After awhile it becomes obvious it is not the men that are the problem but this woman. Olivier seems a good match for her as he is obviously a huge douche bag himself

698 days ago


What a looser!

698 days ago


I'm mad that ugly face hurt his hand!

698 days ago


Radar online is reporting that GA will ask the judge to prohibit Martinez from having any contact with Nahla + a judge has ruled that Gabriel Aubry will be allowed to resume visitation with Nahla, with unspecified precautions in place to protect her safety.
Good for Gabriel. Martinez shouldn't be near a child with that grade of anger and violence.
And Olivier going to the hospital to get his hand wrapped special for court this afternoon. Give me a break.

698 days ago


Someone should be hired to slap the crap outa DUMBASS HALLE BERRY and beat the crap outa her BIGGER DUMBASS boyfriend. Go Gabriel! Get FULL CUSTODY from that BITCH.

698 days ago


Sounds like Halle told Aubrey to bring Nahla to her house for thanksgiving and had her boytoy beat-up on him and then ran to the police to report on Aubrey harassing her. Halle sure gives the impression of being one screwed up person, I wish the daughter did not have to be around this mental case of a woman.

698 days ago


i think this was a set up all along, they are upset cuz they were denied to move to Paris. Second of all if the hand was that bad off then they would have wrapped it on Thanksgiving day when they went to the hospital. It is just a show because Gabe has brutal pics and lil ollliver has small cut on his hand along with swollen. the person i feel the most is going to Nahla,. that poor child doesnt have a chance at a normal life specially w/a mother that still thinks she has game if she had any at all to begin with.

698 days ago


It took him how many days to get treatment??? This "treatment" is for show, for sure.

698 days ago


boxer boy going to get his hand "wrapped" for court...hahaha...your a worse actor then your s*** disgusting girlfriend....i hope they charge him with attempted murder and deport his arse, take your jealous GF with you, and leave the kid behind to be raised by her father...really sad she's so jealous of her daughter and ex-BFbeing white......

698 days ago


Martinez is a puke. The next time it will be Halle's face instead of Gabriels. Why did this guy not get arrested for bashing in Aubrey's face? Gabriel makes his living off his looks and he should sue this azzhole Martinez for lost wages.

Wow....he beat up a male model....that makes you so effin' macho you POS!

698 days ago


Gabriel Aubry has a net worth of about 4 million dollars. He just modeled in a ton of fashion shows for the Fall collections. He previously owned a Cuban restaurant and is the spokesmodel for Hugo Boss, Macys and several others. Before Halle petitioned the court to relocate Nahla to France, there was no child support order in place. It is said that Aubry sued for child support because he knew he would go bankrupt trying to fight the 50 million dollar net worth powerhouse known as Halle Berry. Berry once made the heavily criticized comment that Aubry is a loser and a bum because he only makes seven hundred thousand dollars a year! She clearly forgot the 2 dollar beauty pageants she used to compete in in country bumpkin Ohio with her old Michael Jackson nose and brillo pad afro! smdh.....

698 days ago

However, it's just sad, feel sorry for him....

698 days ago


OK, the fact that this idiot Olivier is in public 6 days after he beat the hell out of Aubry on the day Aubry is
trying to get a Protective order against him for Nahla
is not good for Olivier, doesnt he think this way??? his lawyers are pretty stupid.
His hand is so bad after 6 days to be wrapped and splinted because he beat Aubry so bad he needs it to be wrapped and splinted 6 days later.
Judges will not feel sorry for him, they will be angry at him.
I highly doubt anyone is going to believe the,
" I was so scared of my life that I needed to protect myself from Aubry that I beat him to a pulp!"

698 days ago


Macho macho man
Halle sure knows how to pick them!

698 days ago


Big Man, beating another man to a pulp in front of his child and then having the balls to make a citizen's arrest while the guy is s*** bag! Halle Berry has no credibility, notice all her witnesses are always staff members she is paying

698 days ago
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