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Olivier Martinez

Brace Yourself

11/27/2012 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry
's fiance Olivier Martinez is on the mend after his brutal fight with Gabriel Aubry on Thanksgiving -- dropping by an L.A. hospital today ... and getting his injured punching hand wrapped in a brace.

As we first reported, Olivier got the better of Gabriel during the fight -- suffering relatively minor injuries in comparison to Gabriel's brutalized face.

An emergency protective order has already been issued against Gabriel -- requiring him to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier, and Nahla -- but Gabriel's rushing to court today to get it lifted. 



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Obviously, Olivier is the attacker. His hand is broken from hitting Gabriel in the face, repeatedly. How does he think showing a broken hand makes him look innocent? No one is buying the latest tactic from Halle/Olivier.

638 days ago


Yeeeees. Gabriel visitations rights have been resumed by a judge! This really says a lot! There is no way a judge would resume visitations for a father that he believed was a dangerous one especially in California! The judge saw through this and definitely might have concluded that it was a set up by Olives and Berries! Good for Gabriel! God will always have his back! This guy wins one court case after the other! You know why? Cause God doesnt like ugly.

638 days ago


Halle needs to dump Olivier and concentrate on making a life for her daughter. She has to work something out with Aubrey: he will always be Nahla's dad. Invest in tighter security and raise your daughter on the QT (quiet).

638 days ago

Just Me    

What a sissy. Hand can't be that swollen as he was able to slip a ring on his pinkie, AFTER, the hospital xray shot.

638 days ago


Sheesh this world! I don't understand some of these dumb comments blaming Halle Berry, it's obvious this unemployed model Aubry is lying. First off who would go to a residence alone, taking their only child and dropping her off with a man who supposedly just threatened his life the day before? Then Aubry shows up and with no malice on his part attempted to leave his child with someone who just told him "he would beat his $$$", then martinez whose dang near a foot shooter and 11 years older, pounced on Aubry and beat the bejesus outta him...and then forced him to agree with Martinez's claim that he was the agressor, otherwise Martinez would kill him? Really when? After the police arrived, after he didn't comply with martinez's demand or maybe right after christmas? To me, this was nothing more than an old saying my grand-pop uses "DON'T LET YOUR MOUTH WRITE A CHECK THAT YOUR BUTT CAN'T CASH"! He went looking for it and got served! Plain and simple!

638 days ago


this guy is a gaping arse....really...he looks like a douche....boxer beats up male, what an acheivment...must be so proud of yourself toughguy...and your disgusting excuse of a mother girlfiend must be bragging soo much two deserve each other..your disgusting human waste trying to take achild away from her father...

638 days ago


Are there really that many people on here that have never broken anything before?? You have to wait for swelling to go down before you get fitted for a brace or cast or it will not fit you after it does go down. Come on. Everyone believes Gabe's side of the story which was more poorly written than Twilight but don't believe that sometimes you have to wait to get a brace when you're swollen? Team Ollie, all the way. Gabe needs to swing at people who won't fight back.

638 days ago


Does that douchbag wear the same clothes every day? He must stink like a sewer.

638 days ago


I don't understand why this guy isn't in jail. I can't beat someone to a pulp and get away with it. Even if Gabriel pushed Oliver (which I don't buy) that doesn't allow someone to use excessive force. What is up with the LAPD? As for Halle Berry, how can she allow this to happen? According to Halle's camp Oliver just wanted to talk to Gabriel. Why? What does he have to do with the hand off of Nahla. He should not have been out there to begin with. LAPD, please arrest Oliver Martinez.

638 days ago


this photo of hand all taped up is really funny. he has been to the hospital twice (according to tmz) and no bandage on hand either time. several photos since fight, no bandage, now all of a sudden he has bandages on hand. the only thing he was wearing was a smug look on his face, in previous photos

638 days ago


the immobilizer is routine. after a er visit pt's are told to follow up with an ortho dr., usually 5 days later. the brace will help control the pain, and if there are fractures will help the bones heal correct ( i work in ortho)

638 days ago


Wouldn't that be considered a self inflicted injury since he punched someones face over and over. What a loser. To call himself a boxer please up.

638 days ago


On another site Gabe visitation has been reinstated today and the surveillance tape was destroyed,

638 days ago


Seriously ? ROTFLOL ! Nice home made friggen gauze and electrical tape, job there Ollie !

Funny how 5 days later he's sportin a 2 finger brace now ! LMAO ! LOL. Cant stop laughing. Electrical tape ! LOL.

Dude, please. Loserrrrrr !!!!

638 days ago


Halle Berry said in an interview that her father used to beat up her mother. And she herself had a husband- David Justice- who used to beat her up. And so the cycle continues. Only a matter of time before Martinez is violent with her:

638 days ago
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