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Olivier Martinez

Brace Yourself

11/27/2012 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry
's fiance Olivier Martinez is on the mend after his brutal fight with Gabriel Aubry on Thanksgiving -- dropping by an L.A. hospital today ... and getting his injured punching hand wrapped in a brace.

As we first reported, Olivier got the better of Gabriel during the fight -- suffering relatively minor injuries in comparison to Gabriel's brutalized face.

An emergency protective order has already been issued against Gabriel -- requiring him to stay 100 yards away from Halle, Olivier, and Nahla -- but Gabriel's rushing to court today to get it lifted. 



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Well he had to have "proof" of some injury after the hamburger he made out of Gabriel's face. I am really thinking that Gabriel's story holds more water than theirs.

695 days ago


An observation: in the initial photos of Martinez's right hand, he has two primary swollen knuckles, some possible swelling of his hand, but his fingers look fine. He is not wearing a ring.

In today's photos, three fingers of his right hand are braced, as is his palm. But at some point, Martinez managed to slip a pinky ring on his finger. If his hand and fingers are as mangled and swollen as he and others would like us to believe that he had to wait more than five days to be treated, when did he manage to put a ring on his damaged finger?

The devil is in the details. And in Halle Berry.

695 days ago


This entire situation is such a joke!!! Give me a break, please!!! This weirdo was fine to go the liquor store at 7AM Friday morning, after he beat Gabriel to a pulp on Thursday. I hope and pray the judge removes Nahla from the Halle/Olivier toxic relationship. I feel so sad for this little girl.

695 days ago


I blame Halle for all of this. She is the mother and should have been the one to get the child when they arrived. No man is going to hand over his daughter to the man the mother is sleeping with. Let alone a man who clearly has stuck his nose in a situation where it absolutely does not belong. Halle knew this would happen and I am sure is thrilled that she can now use this to tear her daughter away from her father. The father she will always need. Shame on you Halle.

695 days ago


This guy looks like a total prick in every photo we see and both him and Halle in pictures together look guilty as hell...after this incident. She's been looking like she did something wrong and knows it and knows everybody else knows it.
Shame on you Halle! You suck and are only hurting her father and your own child's view of her father whom Im sure she loves very much. Shame on you!
Speaking from personal experience after dealing with the same type of situation in L.A. with the mother and step father of my child, i truly feel fro Gabriel. All this guy wants to do is spend time with his child without being constantly harrassed by the psychos. The real;ity of the situation is that the child would actually be better off with the target parent (Gabrielle) because this sort of behavior is abusive to the child and EVIL is another word that comes to mind.
It becomes a situation where there are two adults against one and they will plot and plan and instigate every chance they can to try and discredit Gabrielle and demean him. All this guy wants to do is see his child and be with his child.

695 days ago


Olivier went for Gabe's face on purpose, he is very jealous of Gabe.. I think Ollie is the one who is violent , and hurting his hand pounding that hard on someone proves it...I hope the judge throws the book at Ollie , he is not Nahla's father , and so therefore should have no say in the matter...I really hope Gabe gets custody of his little girl..Halle needs to grow up, she is the cause of all this.

695 days ago


Halle and Olivier set him up for custody purposes. They are sore losers and disgust me. I hope Gabriel gets this lifted and sees his daughter. What a pair of jerks, Halle and Olivier deserve each other.

695 days ago


TMZ whats going on I cant get the Like or Hate to work , its been like that for a month now.

695 days ago


It was certainly no "fight". A complete ambush and assault is more like it. People aren't morons.

695 days ago


for the record, it's known that kylie minogue broke it off with olivier bc of his violent and abusive behavior.

695 days ago


NO normal human being would be OK with the injuries this guy inflicted on GA. Was always lead to believe HB was a victim of her men. Now her unreasonableness and aggression have finally made themselves so apparent. What a way to clarify the past wrong accusations of GA, going completely opposite her objectives.

695 days ago


Look at that piece of **** smirking.

695 days ago



695 days ago


Olivier Martinez is a d**khead

695 days ago


For starts Halle new foool shouldnt have been any where near Gab i belive him when he said he was hit from behind clearly this dude as in Gab got beat on pretty bad and he should been in the hospital right now instead of them taking him to jail Halle new chump should be locked up but they beat him to the phone and because of all the bad pub he has gotten he got the short end of the stick

695 days ago
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