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Justin Bieber

Don't Blame My Hotness

For Your Hearing Loss

11/27/2012 8:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1125_bieber_gettyYou can't blame Justin Bieber if his fans scream so damn loud you go deaf, and you definitely can't sue him over it either ... at least according to legal docs filed by Justin's lawyers. 

TMZ broke the story ... a mom named Stacey Betts slapped Bieber with a $9.23 million lawsuit ... claiming her hearing was severely damaged at a 2010 concert when the Biebs "enticed the crowd" into a screaming frenzy.

Now Justin's firing back, claiming Betts' lawsuit is missing a few things -- like facts.

According to the documents, there's no way JB could have known "pointing to a crowd" would cause a so-called "sound blast" -- and Betts' suit also fails to allege Bieber has any duty to stop fans from making noise.

Bieber wants the case dismissed ... due to lack of facts.


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use it now you have it because 10 years from now you gonna look old and torn, people like you and rhianna, the press isnt gonna give you a time of day because you guys gonna look old and out of date, so enjoy it now and be a brat as always

662 days ago

Joan K    

The necklace and earrings, a perfect touch Justine.

662 days ago


"His Hotness" Really? I think that all of teh screams were coming from the other Lesbians in the audience.

662 days ago


I can't stand the little twerp, but I agree with him on this one. If you can get away with suing for nonsense like this, what's next? Suing Charmin because their toilet paper isn't soft enough? The woman needs to get a clue. I hope the lawsuit is dismissed. Either way, he's still a little twerp!

662 days ago


All these nutty ass lawsuits. Everybody is trying to come up with bull**** to get money.

662 days ago


You poor, jealous working-class can knock Beibs all you want (and NO, I'm NOT a fan of his). And that's what it is on YOUR part... jealousy. He has a life, you do not (clearly). This is such a vexatious claim on part of this gold-digging bitch, Biebs people should counter-sue for such and bury her financially. These BS claims jam up the court system. Gold-diggers should either be punished legally and/or bumped off and buried in the Nevada desert.

662 days ago


@tiffc, most intelligent comment on this subject. This lawsuit is wayyyy off base.

662 days ago


He is screaming to come out of the closet

662 days ago


What a dumb a$$! Did she honestly think that going to a JB concert was not going to be that loud? I bet her daughter is so embarassed by this stupid lawsuit.

Just think what would have happened to her hearing if she had taken her daughter to a Rammstein concert. LOL

662 days ago


Is this guy is gay ?? I always thought he is a gay in training

662 days ago


Omg sericley who would want to sew justin bebior for haveing awesome fanes screaming over his awesome music

661 days ago


What the lady is trying to say is that Bieber's voice was so bad it damaged her ears. A fair point.

661 days ago


What the lady is trying to say is that Bieber's voice was so bad it damaged her ears. A fair point.

661 days ago

Uptown Eebony Browne 😘

661 days ago


The problem is people like this broad is abusing the legal system for bull****. How about saving room for legitimate causes like wrongful termination for being a dedicated employee for over five years. Or wrongful deaths for loved ones taken away by a drunken driver who knowingly decided to drive drunk.

661 days ago
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