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Kelsey Grammer

My Show Got Axed

I Can't Afford All These Homes

11/27/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know why Kelsey Grammer wants to move out of the Bev Hills (adjacent) home he just bought and move into the one he bought with Camille Grammer -- he's short on cash.

TMZ broke the story ... Camille is fighting mad that Kelsey wants to move into their 10,000 square foot mansion that they've been trying in vain to sell.

In court docs, obtained by TMZ, Kelsey says his show, "Boss," got cancelled so he doesn't want to carry 2 homes in the same area, both of which have big mortgages.  Kelsey says he can rent out his recently-purchased home for $30k a month, so he wants to do that and move into the 10,000 square foot estate he bought with Camille.

Camille is pissed because she's paying half the mortgage and other expenses -- and thinks it will be harder to sell if Kelsey, Kayte and their kid move in.  BTW, the total carrying cost for the estate is $48,130 a month.

Kelsey counters in his declaration .... Camille lives in their Malibu home and he bears half the costs (total $15,000 a month), so it's only fair that he can move into their Bev Hills home.

The judge rejected Camille's request to bar Kelsey from the home but set a hearing for next month.

By the way, in the docs, Camille reveals that she gets $41,000 a month in spousal and child support.



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Really.. some ppl dont even make that much in a year..suck ut up"!!

696 days ago


So he JUST bought a new home and now is complaining he can't afford both mortgages? Sounds suspicious to me. He has become such a jackass. I'm glad his show was cancelled--but I didn't know he had a new show. I'd say his star power is kaput, gone.

696 days ago


I don't know exactly what it is about this guy I can't stand but perhaps it's due to the lack of morals he showcased when he cheated on Camille. He comes off smug and manipulative so I'm definitely not in support of Mr. Grammer.

696 days ago


it's his money. anyone tell you how to spend yours? where's all hers from Housewives? she is culpable too you know. I just hate that all this plays out in front of his kids whether they fight in front of them is irrelavant. All this crap is public access. As the product of a hateful divorc with property issues it just ain't pretty no matter ehat the hell they do. We will NEVER know the truth anyway. They all display poor judgement and bad behavior. Shame on all of them. Pull up your adult diapers and knock off the drama! Save it for the stage. Apparently you all need the $$$$

696 days ago


Cheated on his wife? This woman has a porn history, she used to sell her body to men in porn movies, she also did plenty of playboy coverage - this is a woman of ethics and morale?
Clearly not. Also, her new boyfriend, Dimitri, his ex claims he ignore his son. So she is dating a guy who doesnt care about his son at all, just to be with her?
What morales does she have?
ANd I Love how I read she says she have sex sometimes 3x a day with her new boyfriend, im sure her kids love to hear about that. My mom who used to be a pornstar is now open about her current sexlife - greatjob Camille Donatacci, former pornstar :) And also, all the bull**** about Camille was a smart buisness woman... clearly not, all the money Kelsey has is apparently from houses he invested in. That takes brains? To buy expensive houses and then sell them in divorce? Women these days... I make roughly, in my countries money, 170.000$ a year, and this bitch is getting 40k a month? **** her. And this is why we men never gonna get married, im luckily in my 20s' and won't fall for that ****. no matter how much my gf begs.

696 days ago


Kelsey is no saint and neither is Camille. Thwy BOTH have made poor choices. These two were marriesin 1996..he was married twice before marrying her. They DID NOT a prenup. I suppose its Karma on both ends..

696 days ago

jenny ruby    

i dont know if this is G or an mj double??

G is welcome to stay in the house if he needs to.
right now thought i dont think or i cant tell if
this G stuff is a game.

if its a mj double then i dont know why they would need to move and rent out?? i odnt get it.

696 days ago

Mela Guinn    

The Whoa's of the RICH AND FAMOUS! It is very very very hard to find ANY compassion for this situation!

696 days ago


Kelsey? Oh dear, what a shame, never mind. You are a douche and that Virgin Fly bimbo deserves to end up in the council flat with you, if she is lucky enough to get one.

696 days ago


First of all, the show isn't what it used to be (is terrible after Charlie left, my opinion). You don't know what is going on behind the scenes or in his life. The young man is obvs. rich and each one of you support subjecting a child to the so called humor that was based around all kinds of immoral values. (by watching the show). Now this young man decides to stand for what he believes in and all you do is call him stupid. Ignorance is bliss esp. when you sit behind a computer and call someone else stupid. I mean this just hypocrisy and way to tell him to sell out what he believes in for money. No wonder why America is so corrupt.

696 days ago


Wow. She gets in Child Support a month what I earned working full time for a year before tax. And neither of them are even really talented in any way shape or form. What disgusting people.

696 days ago


If Kelsey and Kayte want to move into that house, they better be prepared to buy Camille out for her half of the house.

696 days ago


His show Boss stunk.... He isn't dealing with a full deck....

696 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Kelsey's cray-cray=ALWAYS entertaining!

696 days ago

Connecticut Sam    

Kelsey is a good actor and a good person.

696 days ago
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