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Elmo Accuser #3 Sues

He Plied Me with Booze

11/27/2012 6:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Kevin Clash -- the former voice of Elmo -- used alcohol as a precursor to oral sex with an underage boy ... this according to a new lawsuit that has just been filed by a THIRD accuser.

According to the lawsuit, filed in federal court in Manhattan and obtained by TMZ, the alleged victim met Clash on a gay phone chat line when he was 16 and Clash was approximately 40.

The accuser -- now 28 -- says he was in NYC pursuing modeling opportunities when Clash invited him to his swanky NYC apartment, which was strewn with Elmo dolls and photos of Elmo with famous people, including Beyonce and Tyra Banks

During the encounter, the accuser -- who refers to himself as John Doe -- claims Clash plied him with alcohol and "groomed him," and then engaged in sexual contact that included "oral sex and digital penetration of John's anus."

The accuser says Clash stayed in touch with him after the sexual encounter, although no further sexual contact occurred until he became an adult.

The accuser is suing for unspecified damages.

As you know, Clash resigned from Sesame Street hours after the second accuser filed suit.


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Ive never been to NYC but when i was 9 y.o., my elmo puppet tried to seduce me. Where do I go to file my suit?

673 days ago


Ron Ron juice?

673 days ago


Ok now I see how it goes anybody can say they were molested by this now when they were teenagers. When I 15 I knew rite from wrong and knew rite from wrong and I knew then it was wrong for men 2 mess with men like I know now. So these guys who keep accusing this man of tht **** when they were 15 and 16 years old is bull****. Now all of them want 2 wait til they get in there 20's tht he done them wrong stop it. They liked it then and still want it now. SO STOP YA'LL BULL****!

673 days ago


Was this a gay TEEN chat site? Because if not, then they certified that they were at least 18 years old when they joined. Now, after they lied and got on the chat line, did they reveal to Kevin before any sexual contact that they were not at least 18? Finally, can they prove Kevin knew they were underage? I don't know about chat sites, but sites tend to cater to certain types, so if Kevin was visiting sites known to have barely legal boys, then he was clearly interested in meeting males who'd just turned 18 or he knew that most of the men on the sites were really underage boys and that's what he really wanted. In all cases, it does not look good for a man Kevin's age to be on sites looking for males who are still teenageers, even if they were 18 or 19.

673 days ago


So, you can be sixteen, engage in homosexual sex with a random stranger that you met on a gay sex hotline and then come back and sue find out who he is? Most of these boys probably lied about their age. How is no one suspicious at the fact their coming out the woods after the first guy got paid? Further more, the age of consent is sixteen in most states. Why is this an issue? It's poor nothing people trying to make a quick buck off somebody. He so called took advantage of them, but they wanted it and said nothing after the fact. Now, everybodys a victim.

673 days ago


He's a puppeteer. Hes used to sticking his digits up asses. Whats the big deal. This dude shuda known when he saw all the elmo pics. Get ur sh*t together if ur gonna be a victim

673 days ago


More money grabbing kids in this world who fondled Elmo.

673 days ago


Bull****.... This guy and the last cross dresser are trying to get rich quick.... Why judge now. Let's comment after the mess clears before accusers 5, 6,7,8,9 come out for money and we find this dude angling from a beam in his house. He's a puppeteer.... Did everyone think he was going to be perfect? Did you watch the do***entary being Elmo?? Leave the poor ****ing guy alone! No I wouldn't let him watch my kids... But I'd let my kids watch Elmo..... Maybe even some Per-wee's playhouse (gasp!)... Who cares really? Until its proven... I think it's all just a bit of truth with a ton of lies.... What we do for money....

673 days ago



673 days ago


Docu-mentary.... Wtf??

673 days ago


Gees Louise come one come all. At first I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. But, with him resigning his position and all these accusers his credibility is looking bleek. He's slowly turning into the Tiger Woods of Sesame St. Yikes!

673 days ago


its bs that kevins getting the blame for this if they were underage they shouldnt b on the websites and phone lines like that if they lied there age to have sex its there fault not kevins he prob look at the age on the profile and thought they were the right age surly if he knew how old they were he woudnt of done it

673 days ago


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673 days ago


Guess what John Doe, 16 is the age of consent in NY... so you have no case. Prove the alcohol was in your system all these years later. Should have gone to the cops, stop looking for a damn payday today.

673 days ago


I'm so tired of people talking about blaming the victim! I mean half of y'all need to get some common sense! These chat lines, clearly say you have to be 18 to be apart of them. So using common sense, someone on them surfing for sex, friends etc. is to assume who they are talking to is of age! Now them telling him their age after the fact is his word against theirs. However, how THEY MET, he would of assumed he was talking to adults. He didn't find these boys on a teen line or chat room! Then to call foul over a decade later after it comes out he has dated a teen in the past is clearly about the $$$ any fool can see that! They wasn't calling foul when they had his d in their mouth and vice-versa, so save the victim crap, Kevin is the real victim and any FOOL can see that!!!!

673 days ago
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