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Travis Barker

Four-Letter Feelings

About the Po-Po

11/27/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1125_travis_barker_videoYou'd have to be CRAZY to go on camera and unload on the LAPD ... talking about how much you HATE them. Well, just call Travis Barker crazy.

As TMZ first reported, Barker was pulled over by the LAPD last month -- for the second time in a year -- and he believes it was because of his tatted-up appearance. 

When we asked Barker about the situation last night in Beverly Hills, he told our photog, "I f**king hate the police," and then continued to rail on law enforcement.

Someone better stay under the speed limit for the near future.


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Hopefully no one steals one of his sweet rides! Or no one breaks into one of his homes with his family inside. You trash them but you are very lucky that they don't hold you being stupid against you when you need them. I get it, the lapd has some major issues but to say you hate all cops? **** off Travis barker! Him lumping all cops together is the same ignorance he claims caused him to be pulled over. You Travis barker are a ****ing hypocryt and I truly do hope you never need to call the police for help because the truly good cops will show up and help you with out any questions. At which time you will be forced to realize you're own ignorance! How can you say you hate all cops when you are claiming the cop pulled you over because he thinks people with tattoos are drug running punks? You are ****ing ignorant as hell! Kind of disappointed, thought you were better then that!

659 days ago


Ignorant trash.

659 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

I like to see Travis playing at a concert without the police. I like to see what Travis would do if 6 guys were robbing his house with him and his kids there. Who you going to call! The ghostbusters? If you dress the part as a punk thug then you will be treated that way. Do cops take advantage of their power? Absolutely! But don't give them reason. Put it this way. 85% of the people who look like Travis are in prison or live in a very depressed area. So again, if you dress the part you better be ready to be judged by appearance. That was FVCKEN RUDE to trash the cops because you are famous and think you deserve a pass. I want the cops in my district to pull people that look like him over. Most people would.
Phishie from Philly

659 days ago


I'm glad I watched that video. Now I know what a retard the Travis Barker is!

659 days ago


It's sad that you guys are blaming the way he looks as an excuse I'm a 31 year old black man and get Profiled by cops a lot because of my color and the car I drive. I have never been to jail in my life or doing anything illegal. Once I was walking to my job wearing a polo khakis and loafers shoes and this lady got very nervous as if I was going to rob her. I don't like the police to much myself but I wouldn't say I hate them all because there are some cops who are cool out there. So it could matter that he has tattoos and looks like a "thug" I see more thugs and gangsters wearing business suits. Never Judge A Book By Its Cover!

659 days ago

Mom of Five    

I'm sure the "Po-Po" will be the first people he calls when someone goes ape **** on his little skinny ass. Of course he will have to be sober enough to dial their number.

659 days ago


Awwww ... I bet they don't like you either, huh?????

659 days ago


Does he hate those first responders that were most likely cops and firefighters that saved his Azz from that plane crash here in SC???? I actually used to think this guy was pretty decent...

659 days ago


Wahhhhhh, I got pulled over, wahhhhhhh, it's not fair because I'm famous, wahhhhhhhh. Big effing deal you big cry baby!! Ever stop to think maybe you were driving like an a$$hole? Crying that you got pulled over because of your appearance is just as bad as playing the race card. You are not special just because you're famous!!

659 days ago


Travis Barker is a dick.

659 days ago


He is a useless has been or maybe even a never was. Travis, next time you need help or your life is in danger call the Post Office for help

659 days ago


i dont get it

659 days ago


He is telling the absolute truth. If you have lived in L.A then you know exactly what he is referring to.

659 days ago


How old is this guy? A little too old for the whole "fu*k the police"/punk rock mentality... that's for sure. Give it a rest Barker, most people don't know who you are. The few that do could care less.. he's a badass until he gets pulled over, then he turns into a whiny princess

659 days ago


Heard of DUI and DWB, but never DWT. DWT = Driving While Tatted.

659 days ago
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