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Angus T. Jones

I'm Sticking

With 'Men'

11/28/2012 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angus T. Jones will NOT quit "Two and a Half Men" ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the one-half actor tell TMZ ... Angus feels terrible that he caused huge problems for the cast and crew. When he recorded the video trashing the show and calling it "filth," he had no idea the story would blow up.

As it was put to us, he says he has always felt "invisible" and no one really cared what he thought about the show or anything else. He's stunned at the reaction to the video.

Our sources say Angus will finish out the season and complete his contractual obligations on the show. It's almost certain, we're told, he will not come back after this season. Indeed, we're told he wanted to quit after last season, but his reps and family convinced him it would be "stupid" to walk out on a contract that could earn him as much as $15 mil.


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I never watch the show but if the kid doesn't think it's worthy of his time to rake in million$, then he should be kicked to the curb. The show killed off one of its prime characters before, right? Well then, they can do it again!

692 days ago

get real    

I cant believe Execs are NOT going to Fire Him!

692 days ago


I loved Ashton Kutcher in That 70's show. Comparably it was a fun clean show. I have watched him in Two and a Half Men and I don't think he is funny at all in that show. The "jokes" are so crude. One show I saw Jon Cryer was talking about bestiality and did it with his dog when he was a teenager. Another he was saying he had sex with 70yr old woman who had altimeters. Just sick
That was it for me!

692 days ago


We can look forward to seeing him crash and burn in the future, like so many spoiled child actors. Too bad, he was a cute kid.

692 days ago


The sad thing here is It can be a great show if the writers were creative enough to come up with interesting situations that weren't always sexual.

692 days ago


"...he had no idea the story would blow up." wow, so he's not only a religious extremist, he's also stupid. why is it that those two things so often go together? Extremism and stupidity, hand in hand, in every country all over the world....

692 days ago


Wow, big shmuck of the month winner here. This kid whose acting career will end soon is either stupid, overly impressionable and naive (I'm thinking *****ian letter respondee), or spoild filthy himself. $325K per show and he's gonna bite the hand that feeds him? Maybe he found out he's "off to university" next season and got pissed at the producers, who knows. Maybe it's his delayed was of supporting Charlie when he had issues leaving the show. Regardless, someone should force this tard to stand in a ****ing breadline or food bank to see how the other 65% lives these days. $325K is wasted on an immature guy who let's face it, has been living on lucky street for the last 10 years. Let him flip burgers for 2 secs and he runs home to mommy. He looks like a horses ass sitting on the couch talking with some "$$scammer" wanna be.

692 days ago


Cmon let the kid quit if he wants to. He's been doing this since he was little the poor kid needs a break and a chance to find out what normal life is

692 days ago


His parents said it was stupid to quit cause of 15 million? If I were his parents, I'd say it was stupid to join a cult.

692 days ago


Yet another spoiled Hollywood brat. If he wanted out, there would have been better ways of handling it. And for his age and the enormous amount of money they pay him to be on that show, he should be eternally grateful. Let him spend a month or two on the streets begging for food and a warm place to stay. See how fast he runs back to the show.

692 days ago


He's 19 and has been a child actor for several years. Both are perfectly good reason for is idiotic behaviour ! Not saying any of this is right but come on everybody makes mistakes while young and in his case he is very impressionable. Instead he could be out doing drugs and driving a car. This really isn't that bad considering a lot of people fall for the guise of religion. Adults can look at you and tell you god is real even though that means evolution doesn't. So I am not surprised this young man has fallen victim to it. God is a form of control and there is no way someone who existed couple thousand years ago is going to tell me how to be a good person. My mom was great I didn't need the threat of god to live positively. It's too bad about Angus I mean he could be more like Lindsey Lohan.....which is worse god or drugs? I'm not sure when it comes to a troubled person anything can be abused

692 days ago


He is selfish-if he doesn't want to be on the show anymore then fine-don't come back after your contract is up. But don't try to end the show by telling people not to watch-think of how many people that show employs-people who don't make $350k an episode...

692 days ago


ANGUS, Stick to your guns, you JUDAS Traitor. Don't preach & then turn your back on the Lord over money, after all how much money does one need, I think you have plenty.

692 days ago


A little bit too late to apologize Augus. You chose to bite the hand that feed you, so good bye and good luck.

692 days ago


As an employer myself, I can attest to the difficulty of finding good employees. Sounds like the producers of Two and a half Men are experiencing the same problem. $15 million and its "filth"? Pass some of that dirt this way, I could sure some of it.

692 days ago
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