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Gabriel Aubry

Halle is NOT

My Ex-Wife

11/28/2012 11:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry is NOT Gabriel Aubry's ex-wife, despite multiple references made in legal docs filed by Gabriel's attorneys ... TMZ has learned.

Gabriel's lawyers filed a petition for a restraining order against Olivier Martinez. In the docs, there are multiple references to Halle as Gabriel's "ex-wife."

Sources involved in Gabriel's case tell TMZ ... it was simply an error -- Gabriel and Halle were never married.

One other loose end on the fight front. We reported earlier today it is highly unlikely Gabriel will be prosecuted for battery. Aside from law enforcement's view that it was "mutual combat" between Gabriel and Olivier, another thing in Gabriel's favor is that the moment police arrived, Gabriel repeatedly asked cops to check the video. The upshot -- he had nothing to hide and wanted them to see how the fight started.

As we first reported, the cameras don't show the fight, because they were repositioned to shoot the perimeter of the property to better spot intruders.


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Miss Lily Skye    

you know what I just thought of? That ugly, sneaky french dude could have made aubry go blind, caused brain injuries, or something else more serious. But that's not even the worse part. Aubrys whole CAREER is about how he looks!! and the ugly dude knows this. he could have ruined his whole career! aubry should sue him for everything he can, and then take that sorry excuse of a mother back to court and try to get full custody. what kind of a "mother" puts her daughter through this kind of trauma just because of her own personal issues? She has subjected her to fighting and poor nahla has to live with the man that almost killed her father. I'm sorry, i don't care if she personally hates aubry to death, he is still the father of your daughter, and for her to allow the monster that attacked her daughters father to continue to be around her daughter, that is beyond bad parenting. She just wants to use that poor girl to hurt gabe, she don't actually care about her. any mother that cares about their child would not put them through what halle has put her through. end of story

662 days ago

Miss Lily Skye    

Oh and on a second note, it's obvious who is feeding tmz their stories. A little one sided dont ya think, harvey? It's beyond OBVIOUS to everyone with half a brain who is at fault here, but it seems you want to make Aubry out to be the bad guy. even in this post you half assed admitted it wasn't all aubry, but you still had to throw some blame. seems the cops aren't the only ones run by celebrity

662 days ago


Why is the banning all about? There is people talking violence and craziness and I get an ip ban?

662 days ago


I can't wait for the day Halle and Olivier split - watch how she will turn on him and publicly accuse him of all kinds of vile things, exactly like she has done with all of her exes.

662 days ago


G. Aubrey needs to check surveillance cameras of nearby neighbors. It's his only hope in proving that O. Martinez, was the aggressor in this fight! Obviously, O. Martinez, went outside on the day that Nahla was being dropped off by her father, doesn't that prove that O. Martinez, went looking for a fight? What kind of mother tries to rip a child away from her own father just so she could go shack up in France with her new boyfriend. These celebrities with millions think they can use their money to pay everyone off and get their way! She's a little bratt who wants to follow her s*** bag boyfriend and drag her poor daughter to live in France just to follow his nasty ass! I feel sorry for G. Aubrey, he doesn't stand a chance against this wicked chic! I bet she had the security cameras destroyed!!! Real classy chic!

662 days ago


What do you mean?
I have never read anything that was bad.
TMZ threatened to Ban you?

662 days ago


So, the Court will be asked to believe that the security cameras were on everything except the main entrance? Like, budget security installed by Dumb and Dummer? Too funny! These are typically bright people, I don't think Judges take well to being treated like fools.

662 days ago


Yeah and TMZ, I come from a family of LEO's
And this "mutual Combat" stuff is BS.
You have no right publishing gossip from some agency leaking something like that.
The fact that Aubry has way too many brusis and cuts and that Broken/fractured rib , nothing on his hands.
Olivier Broke the COURT ORDERED custody switch and knows there is no camera( he lived with Halle last year when stalker stuff went down)
And Olivier is Boxer. Olivier has NOTHING, I repeat. NOTHING on his body, face, he has not released any pictuers of bruises on his body like you'd think there would be a big bruise on his shoulder where he said Aubry hit him.
so LA cops need to Arrest Olivier for Attacking Aubry.
I will not accept any other answer.
The DA better order Cops to arrest him.

This all adds up to an arrest.
End of story.

if BOTH had bruises and cuts you can say "Mutual combat" but NOT in this case.

662 days ago


By keeping the Nanny away, Gabriel was obligated to physically "Drop Off" Nahla which put him on private property which Berry/Martinez took advatage of hence the easy restraining order and arrest, concrete paper trail to be used in court. Halle's feline skills over both men are impressive, which is evident in her very astute rise to fame. Hell Hath No Fury For A Woman Scorned, especially a Women with Money and Power. Good Luck Gabriel your really goibng to need it.

662 days ago


No one thinks they are the one that started a fight.

662 days ago


I don't know how any world-famous person with a stalker (Halle) wouldn't have color digital cameras on all entryways and the roof.

662 days ago


Oliver should be charged with assult. put his smug butt in jail. bet the other guys will like his tiny frame and ugly face

662 days ago


Horse **** about the cameras not being positioned by the entrance... I'm glad that it's finally being reported by TMZ that( what all of us smart people have known) perhaps this wasn't didn't go down how Halle and Olivier concocted?

662 days ago


I hope Gabe takes them both to the cleaners in a civil suit.

662 days ago


Halle should have met her baby daddy as they drove up and avoided this incident, she was the instigator and should be ashamed of herself. Her new beau should have kept his nose out of it. I have lost all respect for her and will never watch another one of that conniving hags movies.

662 days ago
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