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Kelsey Grammer

We Put Baby in Car Seat

BEFORE We Left the Airport

11/28/2012 3:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kelsey Grammer claims he and his wife DID secure their baby in a car seat before they left LAX yesterday.

Grammer's rep tells TMZ ... at some point, before the family left the airport grounds, Kelsey loaded up a car seat and strapped baby Faith inside before they hit L.A. city streets.

Since the footage we posted earlier appears to show Kayte and the baby inside the vehicle WITHOUT a car seat, the rep may be insinuating that the car circled around the airport and picked up Kelsey, who eventually retrieved a car seat.   It does appear ... after Kayte and the baby drove off, Kelsey went down to baggage claim and picked up the luggage that was checked.

As we previously reported, it's against CA car seat law to have a 4-month-old child inside of a moving vehicle without a car seat ... so even if the car JUST circled the airport, they still broke the law.

So, we gotta ask ...


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is this why these *******s at TMZ baby seat police want drones....

get off people's backs Howard....what an *******.
I thought FOX was bad...

658 days ago


i would say that if the Paps weren't there annoying them at every turn and making their lives a living hell, they might have followed the letter of the law. They instread took measures to keep their kid away from the photographers and people who would seek to violate their private lives, and broke the law.

I would say the only mea culpa here should be from the photographers who are like leeches.

658 days ago


they broke the law..and she used to be an airline attendent??....I have even had my kid strapped into a carseat on a plane for safety !!!!
she is dumb enough to fir perfectly with him ..I hate Kelsey

658 days ago


How does Kelsey Grammar even have the balls to have that lame excuse publicized by his publicist! CAMILLE GO TO COURT AND GET FULL CUSTODY! Let's look at Kelsey's recent parenting skills: 1. ok to take a newborn to the Playboy mansion for an all night rager with porn stars. 2. ok to drive infant around LAX without car seat. HMMMM....who do you think the judge will side with?

657 days ago


OMG why don't they just hire help. They look ridiculous hauling this poor baby to the playboy mansion and around without a cars eat. Clearly Camille had all the brains.

657 days ago


My question is what kind if mother is Kayte?

657 days ago


if this was a non famous person the child would be in foster care until the parents completed child care classes and went before a judge to prove they are fit parents...they seem to care whats in their best interest not whats in the best interest of the child...which makes them HORRIBLE dangerous parents

657 days ago


Kelsey and Camille stories need to go away now--they are yesterday's news.

657 days ago


SO MANY HATERS! Sum of Y'all need help...

657 days ago


Yeah, after seeing the video of KG, his Wife with the Baby and the car I was just thinking huh, I just hope that the GUITAR case is Securely fastened down. Wondering if anywhere she was thinking, I have a baby in one hand, a hot cup of Joe in the other. Is it possible for this Case to to come down and smash my baby on the head? Is it possible to it to knock the contents of my cup onto my baby...

657 days ago


Did anyone else notice that the wife isn't even wearing her own seat belt? How does she expect holding the baby to secure it, when she isn't even secured, if something happened.

657 days ago


Yeah sure! Because you are such a responsible parent? LOL

657 days ago

mostly anonymous    

The laws need to change. Let parents be responsible for their children's safety.

657 days ago


how judgmental can you get. I suppose you are all perfect parents. Once upon a time, not that long ago, you were not required to use car seats. I've seen plenty parents drive around with momma holding baby in the back seat while baby daddy drove. Mind your own darn business, get a life and stop being such haters on everyone

657 days ago

Kayle Mack    

TMZ is really telling ppl how to raise their kids, STFU. you weed smoking, drinking, gamblers. LOL HYPOCRITES....

657 days ago
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