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Kanye West


In Kim K Divorce

11/28/2012 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West has officially been dragged into the longest, most ridiculous divorce case ever -- Kris Humphries made Kim's rapper/bf sit for a deposition ... TMZ has learned.

Kim's lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, is in court right now, essentially asking the judge to make Kris either s**t or get off the pot. As Wasser put it, "She [Kim] is now handcuffed to Mr. Humphries."

Wasser mentioned Kris and his lawyers are now raising issues over the prenup he signed, which we know gives him squat. 

Wasser also expressed frustration that Kris is dragging his feet -- he hasn't even deposed Kim yet.  Wasser calls the whole thing a "fishing expedition."

The judge said he'll set a trial date February 15. Hey, it's the day after Valentine's Day. Sweet.

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No Avatar


I hope this drags on & on & on & on, Marriage isn't the joke she made it into!

660 days ago


I like it!

660 days ago

Michael Forever    

Keep draggin, Chris! I can't stand that bitch anyway!!!!!!

660 days ago


Kris is a jerk!!! he's a girl

660 days ago


Kris Dumbphries....he wants Kardashian money. He'll get zero. Prenup trumps. What legal tripe.

660 days ago

Celeb Gossip Maven    

It isn't Kris that is dragging his feet on the depositions...he and his team were depo'ed a long time ago. Kim, her family and Kanye are the ones that have been running. They are the ones with all of the lies to hide.
Good for him! I hope he drags it out slowly, and I hope he gets his annulment. Expose that whore and her grifter family for the wastes that they are.

660 days ago


Why would Kris Dumbphries want an annulment last year? It would have legally cancelled the pre nuptial agreement that was giving Dumbphries exactly zero Kardashian dollars in the event of a divorce. An annulment also would have allowed him to talk to the media and get a book deal when this story was still hot. Move on Big Dumbphries....Kim and her legal team would never bite on that stupid, stupid deal. What a dumbo...Dumbphries!!!!

660 days ago


For on kris had everything he was supose to along time ago so he is not the one dagging their feet it her she using this for attention an more money for her show cause their.show.had been cancel an now.it.is.bac on she just mad that his girlfriend is preganant an she didn t get her self so.she need to just gst this over with a leave him a lone I hate stuc up ho s the u **** to get by in life, lime a sex tap

660 days ago


Kris is dumb and stupid. He was dumb and stupid before he married Kim and he is dumb and stupid now . Your not gonna get any money because of the prenup. Your done stupid.

660 days ago


I hope the judge lets Kris make Kimmy's life as miserable as she made his....she was already see West when she was married to Kris. Piece of garbarge the two of them.

660 days ago

Kim K's bunghole likes purple crayon says    

Is it jus me or does she like her men to look like what they shove in her pooper that comes out...jus sayin....as any decent white man trust......we're good on seein u with ur monkeys.....I wonder if she does the fake oh kanye like she did oh ray j.....jus off urself already...I think we will be ok without seein you or ur nasty photoshopped blubber...go milk you some purple urple....skank

660 days ago


Hey Keyser and James Kardashian we know its you....another example of how you folks believe we are idiots. Look in the mirror for that. Although Kim is almost irrelevant now, as is the rest of her clan, she refuses to face reality. Let's move on TMZ, for true we do not care. But thank God that pendulum is swinging back the other way and it is headed right for your heinie Kim.

660 days ago


Kris is acting like a little b****. The world watched them fall apart on national t.v. so y is he dragging it out. This marriage was doomed from the start and he needs to kick rocks and keep it moving. He's mad cuz Kanye dropped a verse about him, not Kim's fault. Ye is really going to have something to rap about now.

660 days ago


What does Kanye have to do with this??? Anything for a story...

660 days ago


Only in Hollywood do divorce proceedings take longer than the marriage lasted!

660 days ago
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