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Steven Tyler

I'm NOT a Racist!

11/28/2012 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Steven Tyler says Nicki Minaj is dead wrong ... he's not a racist ... and has now issued an Angus T. Jones-style quasi-apology for the controversial comments he made about the new "American Idol" judge. 

Minaj had publicly unloaded on Tyler ... after the Aerosmith singer insinuated Nicki doesn't appreciate rock music and "would have sent [Bob Dylan] to the cornfield" if he had appeared on the show.

Nicki fired back on Twitter, "That’s a racist comment. You assume that I wouldn’t have liked Bob Dylan??? why? black? rapper? what? go f*** yourself and worry about yourself babe."

But yesterday, Tyler finally explained himself on the Canadian talk show, "eTalk," saying, "I apologize if it was taken wrong, Nicki ... but I am the farthest from [being a racist]."

He added, "I am the last thing on this planet as far as being a racist. I don't know where she got that out of me saying I'm not sure how she would've judged Bob Dylan."

No word if Nicki has accepted the "apology."


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Steven Tyler has been relevent in music for 40 yrs. Minaj about 5 minutes now. He doesn't owe her an apology for the following reason: Had Lawrence Welk been a AI judge he could have made the same comment and it would have been accurate. Race is not an issue in his statement. Get a clue people!!!

590 days ago


She is your typical modern day punk!

590 days ago


This comes from a black woman who wants to be a white girl...

590 days ago


ow if Steve were to say somthing like"She is a worthless coon who is riding the coat tails of her eccentric behavior just like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all the other worthless spooks with %99 attitude and %1 talent. I think shes better suited for a cotton feild than a TV host." now that would be racist... completely true but racist.

590 days ago


Nicki Minaj is nothing but a parade float with a flat tire. She will be gone soon.

590 days ago


The race card has been pulled on all types of things since 1860 and will continue for ever. Great job Nicki keep racism alive cause that's what your doing. If they ever let it go ill probably **** my pant.

590 days ago

Sweet Sade    

Never thought that was racist, nicki is just be ignorant and stupid

590 days ago


She's a crazy, no talent wannabe!!

590 days ago

in 5 years, nicki minaj will be known as the black vanilla ice. im not a racist. I say that because they both suck monkey ball. maybe they can hook up and have a reality show, "Old Monkey Balls" where they invite us into their "swank bed and breakfast in Miami Beach, Florida - famous for its kosher food."

590 days ago


If you are : white, republican, dont like rap music, didnt vote for obama, against obamacare, disagree with a black celebrity, argue with a black celebrity, say something a black celeberity doesnt like, make eye contact with a black celebrity when they didn't allow it, say you are not a fan of a black celebrity, dont like Oprah, wear your pants with the beltline ABOVE your buttcrack, then yes, you are a racist (in the eyes of a black celebrity).

590 days ago

Celeb Gossip Maven    

Steven isn't racist, NICKI IS THE RACIST!!!!!! Who does this little nobody think she is?!?!? She is a complete newbie to the industry but thinks she can go after Mariah Carey and Steven Tyler. Please! Steven should not have entertained this, no one believes he is racist.
Nicki, sit down on your massive surgically injected ass and shut up!

590 days ago


As a black person, I really wish that other black people would not say things are racist when they are obviously not. Yes, there are people out there that are racist, but by calling everything racist it makes some people not take black people seriously. I think it's great when someone speaks out when something is indeed racist, homophobic, sexist, etc. However, labeling everyone who says something that you don't like as being one of those labels is not going to change anything.

590 days ago


Nicki Minaj is a demonstration of everything that's wrong with society. She can't simply listen to the advice of those who have been there before but decides to turn it into some childish race game. Playing the race card is unnecessary, immature, and offensive. That and the fact that she can't answer anybody without cussing just shows she has no respect for anybody. Tyler was simply saying that if the judges focus on personal drama more than contestants, good contestants could go unnoticed. She needs to learn to listen rather than act like a spoiled brat.

590 days ago


I am sick and tired of racist black people playing the race card to deflect any criticism instead of addressing it in a constructive manner. You can't say anything about them without them calling you a racist to avoid dealing with the issue.

590 days ago

She's baaaack    

Truth is Bob Dylan wouldn't even make the audition. He comes from a time when talent had to get by on its own merit, and not how it could be dressed up and have a mega-manager to push them into relevancy. That doesn't exist anymore. Very few people need talent to get anywhere in celeb-hood these days. Right Kim?

590 days ago
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