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Gabriel, Halle, Olivier

They May Have


11/29/2012 2:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There are strong signs ... Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have called a truce in their Thanksgiving Day war ... TMZ has learned.

The big, big guns just showed up in family court ... Blair Berk, who reps Halle, and Shawn Holley, who reps Gabriel. Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Berk, Holley and other lawyers spent hours yesterday trying to resolve the differences that led to the explosion of anger in Halle's driveway. 

Berk and Holley straddle both areas of the law -- criminal and family -- and them showing up together is a sign they may have reached a peace accord. We're told Halle and Olivier will not be present in court, so it's highly unlikely either side is asking for an extension of a restraining order since the key witnesses are not there to testify. Gabriel just showed up wearing sunglasses.

It would appear the lawyers will talk to the judge about the terms of a settlement.

Stay tuned.


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I have a feeling that Aubry might have some sway on his side.. either from footage or the refusal to turn it over.. other witnesses (or the lack there of) and with him being attacked outside the home vs inside I think Martinez might have been looking like the aggressor. I just can't see Halle settling or compromising one millimeter if things really went down like she said and it was all Aubry's doing. The only thing that would make that nasty woman settle would be to save her own hide.

662 days ago

For Sooth?    

It would be a travesty if Martinez got away with the savage beating. His use of force and the way he some how became the hand off go-between is beyond the pale.

So what other trauma will Halle visit on her daughter? She is trying to excise her father from her life, she is selling her home, she may as well administer a swift coup de gras by killing her puppy and have done with the drama and turmoil.

By all appearances Aubry is fighting like hell to stay relevant in his daughter's life. The court system is severely sqewed if Martinez is allowed to be prevalent in Nahla's life given the brutal way he beat Gabe and appeared so smug about the damage he caused another human human being. If a court system can't see THAT danger then they deserve to spend all eternity in a battered women's shelter.

662 days ago


Nahla looks so much like her dad that it's impossible for Halle to jinx her into believing another man fathered her if she ever tried to! Why do I have the feeling that Halle wants to settle and when things are have cooled off after some time she breaks up with Olivier! She might not want the public to think that she broke up with him because of the custody war!

662 days ago


I don't know how Gabe can fight to eliminate Olivier from Nahla's life through the court system if he is going to settle with them. Olivier cannot be around that child! I think he is an alcoholic and has anger issues too!

662 days ago


Of Course, Gabriel has every right to be there for his daughter no matter what in regards to what happened a week ago. I know he has no choice but in order to keep a relationship with Nahla for their sake rather than going to court back & forth that isn't healthy for Nahla as well. Halle should have leave gabriel alone and let him spend a quality time with his daughter .... I'm sure Gabriel and his lawyers want best interests for Nahla in order to have a normal life without MUCH DRAMA & VIOLENCE. Halle is about DRAMA that what she does for a living. Gabriel does not. Team Gabriel

662 days ago


If Halle is settling it's because she is losing big time in every area/aspect otherwise, she would still going after Gabriel.
I think the set up backfired badly on them (Boxer+Halle)

662 days ago


Shawn Holley has her hands filled when LiLo returns

661 days ago


I think that GABRIEL should get FULL custody after all this ! How can he feel his daughter is SAFE after that Olivier beat him so so bad. That temper could be turned on the little girl someday. Get her away from him and the mother.
Give GABRIEL full custody please ! ! !

661 days ago


Ohhh, another PAY OUT Halle! There isn't one single thing you can do to ever regain my respect for you. I will always loathe you!

661 days ago


Kudos to Shawn Holley, she's gonna have quite the week lol

661 days ago


Halle and her choice in men, she's really made a mess of this one. She should have told Olivier to either stay in the house while she and Gabriel made the exchange, or tell him to go for a 5 to 10 min drive. At least this might have prevented the scuffle!

661 days ago


Forever Team Gabriel!

661 days ago


Halle seems like a bad mom. She so rushed into this next relationship and doesn't seem to put her kid first.
She makes the men more imporrtant than the children. And isn't she the one who hit and run and fled someone a couple years ago. Don't think she's a very nice person. No wonder her first husband cheated on her.

661 days ago


It would be best to let custody arrangements go back to the way they were before the brawl. If Halle decides to file for an extension, then it's just going to mean more hassle and stress for her. Since Gabriel is obviously a good and caring Dad, it would be in the best interests of everyone, especially Nahla and very kind and big of Halle.

661 days ago


When will this narcissistic heifer learn? For years she has trotted out the abuse card whenever a relationship ends. She thought it would work again this time, and thought she could get rid of Gabriel, but she underestimated his love for his daughter. She certainly isn't willing to work toward any type of resolution for her daughter's sake. This is entirely about Psycho Berry finally realizing her image is severely damaged, and scrambling to recover. She'll act up again in a few months. But Nahla shouldn't be around Martinez - he's shown his true abusive colors.

661 days ago
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