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Gabriel, Halle, Olivier

They May Have


11/29/2012 2:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There are strong signs ... Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have called a truce in their Thanksgiving Day war ... TMZ has learned.

The big, big guns just showed up in family court ... Blair Berk, who reps Halle, and Shawn Holley, who reps Gabriel. Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Berk, Holley and other lawyers spent hours yesterday trying to resolve the differences that led to the explosion of anger in Halle's driveway. 

Berk and Holley straddle both areas of the law -- criminal and family -- and them showing up together is a sign they may have reached a peace accord. We're told Halle and Olivier will not be present in court, so it's highly unlikely either side is asking for an extension of a restraining order since the key witnesses are not there to testify. Gabriel just showed up wearing sunglasses.

It would appear the lawyers will talk to the judge about the terms of a settlement.

Stay tuned.


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This b i t c h is crazier than a sh!t house rat!!!

632 days ago


Settlement! You've got to be kidding, Aubrey wants' more money? JC!

632 days ago


Nahla should be with her daddy, and let Halle get visits. I don't know about Gabriel's relationship history, but Halle and Olivier just don't look very good right now, and that can't be good for Nahla.

Atleast if Nahla lives with her daddy, then maby Halle won't have to worry about the pap's so much, cause they follow her and her actor fiance, more than Gabriel. This child and her daddy together aren't really media magnates.

632 days ago


Halles been married 2 or more times. Shes had several public relationships and theres always some public drama going on with her. Its her! She's the common denominator. I think shes a beautiful woman but shes not the best actress. I think her beauty sometimes make people wanna look at her as flawless personality wise. I did love her in Dorothy Dandridge Story and she really should have gotten an academy award for that not for her character on Monster's Ball. She humiliated herself for her Academy Award. Black woman who verbally and physicaly abused her son and begs a racist guy to sleep with her.

632 days ago


They may have settled things, but the public won't get over this one so quickly. French boyfriend does not understand American culture. We hate injustice, even more than disgusting violence.

632 days ago


I think President Obama said it and lives it. A child needs their father.

632 days ago


An agreement to peace WOULD be best for the child, but unfortunately, her mother is a narcissistic pig who will use her daughter OVER AND OVER to tick off x.
Halle doesn't give a rat's ahole about her child. She needs to go back to the ghetto and die in a gutter there.
I hope her big nose boyfriend busts her other eardrum

632 days ago


Sounds like Halle's PR Team and her manager, realize her popularity is about a zero right now with the general public, bc of the way she's treating her daughters father and are calling a PUBLIC truce. She may think something totally different in private, but until she addresses and publicly gets along with Gabe and allows him time with his daughter, her stock will continue to plummet. I called this days ago. It's also possible that Halle is playing nice, bc Gabe's lawyer, Shaun Holly, may have good reason to question why and exactly when, were ALL the camera positions changed while in the best there was always at least one pointing at the driveway, according to Aubry and past s.footage, when the fight accured. That could have led to possible tampering with evidence, shown premeditated intent to inflict bodily damage on Aubry (if cameras were changed immediately beforehand to hide the aggressor, Olivier), slandering/liable Gabe's name and reputation in the media with false stories, deportation or chargers filed against Olivier for battery with a deadly weapon (trained boxer so his body is legally a deadly weapon), or even loss of physical custody of Nahla if Gabe's lawyer were successful at proving all the above were true. I still think Gabe and his lawyers should be cautious of Halle's about face intent, as It appears that she is just trying to clear up her reputation and most likely (given her past intentions

632 days ago


This is all to save Halle's she needs to dump Olivier. Something tells me...Gabriel cant write a tell all...where is Randy of many unauthorized bios...when u need him....Kitty Kelly too.

632 days ago


Soon Oliver will be in the news as abusive. He's a loser anyways

632 days ago


It's beig reported that Halle Berry was not supposed to have Nahla on thanksgiving at all as it was Gabriel's custodial time! Halle asked Gabe i she could have Nahla that thanksgiving morning! Gabriel Acting in Good faith allowed Halle to have Nahla during his custodial time and that's why he dropped her off that morning!

632 days ago


Bye #@!* take your butt to France

632 days ago


of COURSE they will settle it, I garentee the kid was there and witnessed it.... CPS should have been called AGAIN. they aren't thinking about this little girl, JERKS

632 days ago


This chick is doin what she does best. Bad press is better than no press said a wise PR friend. Anyway she has a very interesting past. Lets see oh yeah hubby is a sex addict. Halle is too. Must of forgotten about all those swinger party's and swinger clubs she's been too. Now gabe. Poor guys just in her way. And as sad as it may be she's gonna try everything to get him to back off. She's just that kind of person.

632 days ago


Folks, if you do not condone Halle Berry's actions, please send requests to Revlon and Versace to remove her as their spokesperson.



If the law will not touch her or Olivier, perhaps, losing lucrative endorsements would!!

632 days ago
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