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Halle, Gabriel, Olivier

Peace at Last

Settlement Announced

11/29/2012 3:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Gabriel Aubry
and Halle Berry have reached a truce in their war over that Thanksgiving Day blowout between Gabriel and Olivier Martinez -- and their lawyers announced the peace accord with the simplest possible statement.

Halle's attorney Blair Berk just walked into the hallway outside court, and held up a piece of paper with this handwritten message: "The parties have reached an amicable agreement. There will be no further statements regarding this matter."

The statement came from Berk and Shawn Holley, Gabriel's attorney.

As TMZ first reported ... both sides were working hard to hammer out an agreement, and went into court today to present their terms to the judge.

Halle and Olivier were not in court today, but Gabriel did show up ... sporting shades to hide his gruesome bruises from the fight.


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Halle obviously knew Aubry was going to win this case, that is the only reason I can see for her to agree to a secret settlement. Olivier had no right to stick his nose in this. This custody issue is between Halle & Aubry! Only these two are the parents, not Olivier. That's just the way these things are. Halle choose Aubry and she chose to have a child by him and she choose to leave him, now she has to continue to deal with the consequences. The power is in her hands, she can make the visitations hard or easy it is in her hands!

661 days ago


I think it is insulting that the parties involved and the lawyers are treating this totally as a legal matter, and we're supposed to accept that everything is ok now, the brilliant lawyers resolved it all. What crap. This is an extreme domestic violence case. This is a case where Child Protective Services needs to resolve it. Where three adults need to get into some counseling, to find a way to raise this child in a safer, less hostile environment.

661 days ago


that bigot bytch and french *** deserve each other.

661 days ago

Mr. Obummer    

Let the man be in his daughter life.

661 days ago


This is just one of many legal battles coming up. All today was about is the restraining order. It expired. It doesn't look like Halle tried to put an extension on it. I would think that Gabriel's physical abuse and the fight would be handled separately. Might be wrong.

661 days ago

Mr. Obummer    

Somebody needs to tell Oliver Martinez to stay the****outof Gabriel's daughter life.

661 days ago


I believe Aubrey will let this sick relationship between Oliver and Halle destruct in it's own time.
He may be wiser than we know
Might just have professional involved and advising him.
He needs to avoid the triangle.
Let those two face each other without using him as a projection object.
He has kept them together
As an object of hate.
How long will Oliver stick around when his hopes of Halle bank rolling his retirement in France has disappeared ?
Aubrey agrees to the present situation
Other agencies are in the mix and Oliver will not pass the test
All in good time.

661 days ago



And it just doesn't just stop in the US! I am in Mexico where they would love to treat her and her smelly french frog to some "Mexican-Style 'justice" since he thinks he's so tough! C'MON DOWN, OLLIE!!!!!!

661 days ago


ALL of them need to get it together for the sake of the child! I do put a lot of the blame on Halle, some woman can be so evil!

661 days ago


I wonder if Gabriel was going to sue Olivier for lost wages or something to that effect for messing up his model face. He has stitches under his eye and you know that will leave scaring. I know that Photoshop does great things with photos, but still -- that might have been part of it, too.

661 days ago


I honestly can see that Halle Berry is a horrible, horrible woman. Who tries to just move across the Earth and take their child away from their father to be with the latest in a string of men they are f&cking? She has been with just about half the planet she is such a hosebag. It's obvious looking at Gabriel's wounds that he was attacked and ambushed. I will never, ever go and watch that idiot Berry again. I hope f&cking that martinez is worth it b*tch because at some point, he will dump you, like everyone else, because you are bona fide crazy! And on that day, I pray that at least your innocent child is old enough to go and live with her father. Halle, you are a sick, disgusting excuse for a human being. What the eff happened to you as a child? Did your dad make you hide the sausage?

661 days ago


Interesting Chris Brown got criminal charges but OM is not touched or deported. Must be one of the big reasons they are willing to settle.

661 days ago


On another website it is being reported that Nahla was supposed to spent Thanksgiving with Gabriel but Halle asked for her to celebrate at her house and Gabriel said ok. This makes the set up scheme seem all the more real.

661 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Awww i missed Shawn :(

661 days ago


Halle only asked Gabriel to let her have Nahla on Thanksgiving to get his -ss beat by Oliver. Gabriel happily obliged her because he knew it meant so much to her. Again, Gabriel sue in civil court and take them to the ringer. They jeopardized your career by messing up your handsome face. You might have to retire early.

661 days ago
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