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Lindsay Lohan


With More Crimes

11/29/2012 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

9:30 AM PST --

Lindsay Lohan
may not win an Emmy, but she will have a distinction few celebs have achieved -- she'll face a total of 4 new criminal charges on the same day on different coasts.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the Santa Monica City Attorney will charge Lindsay TODAY with 3 CRIMES in connection with her car accident last June on Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica.  After ramming her Porsche into a big rig, she lied to cops, telling them she was the passenger in the car when in fact she was the driver.

Lindsay will be charged with:

-- giving false information to a peace officer ... punishable by up to 6 months in jail.
-- obstructing or resisting a police officer in the performance of his duty ... punishable by 1 year in jail.
-- reckless driving ... punishable by 90 days in jail.

As we first reported, when Lindsay is arraigned in L.A. -- probably next week -- the judge will revoke her probation in the jewelry heist case and set a hearing to determine if she will go to jail for a long period of time.  One of the conditions of probation is that Lindsay must obey all laws.

Speaking of which ... her arrest this morning in NYC for assault (crime #4) could end up triggering a second reason to revoke her probation.

Translation -- Lindsay gets a medal of distinction, and she could be screwed.



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hollywood is so excited about this, now they will give her 5 million and the lead role in the remake of gone with the wind......

662 days ago


Dress like a princess
Fight like a whore
Smoke like a chimney
Steal from the poor

Terrorize society
Slander, blame, accuse
Lie to the authorities
Try another ruse

Guzzle 20 magnums
Gack a key of coke
Clamslam a random skank
Smoke smoke smoke


662 days ago

Dina Lohan    

This is total BS and so unjust! They are out to get my innocent Lindsay because they are jealous of her success and beauty! To all her fans, she's finally resting now and I've already made arrangement for my talented Lindsay to go to rehab. It is just hard to be so famous and talented.

662 days ago


Lindsay will go back to having male judges so she will be dressed very slutty in her designer clothing hoping that it will distract the judge and not send her to jail. Giving lindsay credit for one thing that has worked very well for her in the past.

662 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Oh, I'll bet she is friends with Milo again now.

Hope the girl that Lindsay assaulted watches her back when she returns to her home in Florida where Milo lives.

662 days ago


hey now, her ass in trouble, her ass in debt with no way to spin it...
like the old song.."who can ask for anything more"

662 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

So the Gaga video is on hold now? Too bad, that video was going to catapult her back into the Pantheon of Hollywood royalty.
Perhaps she can make her new start on one of MSNBC's Friday night lock-up marathons.

662 days ago


She also fled the scene. Same as she tried to after she ran into the truck driver. Same as she always does.......what a loser.

662 days ago


I find her guilty.......of being the hottest creature on earth. I want to boink her senseless!

662 days ago


Did anyone else hear what I heard.....As Liho is leaving the jail and gets into the car, she starts screaming at Gayvin to get out of the car.
Wonder why?

662 days ago


What a stupid woman. She isn't a young girl anymore.
The actors that are really serious about their work don't go to bars all the time. They improve their acting and read a book once in a while. She needs a long jail term to take a good look at herself and actually accept responsibility for her actions which she currently isn't doing. There have been way too many times she has been sent to jail only to get out an hour later. It's a joke to her. This time, lock her up for a good 6 months at least. NO more crap. Lindsay does not respect the laws we live by.

662 days ago


Milton Bradley, the once well-known purveyor of family-style board games and children's toys has stormed back into the market after suffering a 10-year run of bad luck. "No one was buying anything" said a MB representative.

"Every toy and game was the same. Nobody was doing anything fresh and exiting, then we struck gold. Or diamonds. Or something. Who cares? We're rich again!! LOL!!!"

The resurrecting product? Lindsay Potato Head. Much like the "Mr. Potato Head" of the 1960...'s, this gem features interchangeable accoutrements like a selection of giant lips, various facial implants, gravity-fighting titties and a multitude of scarecrow wigs. The Deluxe Celebrity model features adjustable odors, and the Premium Collector's Edition can be programmed to rasp, cough, and audibly gasp.

An optional upgraded digital “voice” module can be added to any model, and can be programmed to say “I’m a celebrity”, “Move that cone!“, and “Did you just mash me?“, or it can bet set to rapid-quack. The company tried relentlessly to engineer a "smoker's kit" option, but were shut down by every Fire Marshall from coast to coast.

These magnificent industry-saving creations are at least as much fun as the ubiquitous “Pet Rocks” of the 70’s, and can be used as understudies “on set” in the event that an actor becomes “unresponsive”. At less than one million dollars - a bargain for all - even the little people.

662 days ago

Fat Matt    

I'm looking forward to the new movie collaboration between Lindsay and Katt entitled "Speed 3: We be Clubbin'"

662 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Friends don't let friends punch people out.

662 days ago

LiLo's boy toy    

LiLo. LiLo will you never learn? You better stay on either the left coast or east coast, if you land in the Midwest and try that crap you will go to prison. No doubt about that.

662 days ago
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