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Gabriel Aubry

DROPS Restraining Order

Against Olivier Martinez

11/30/2012 5:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


It's pretty remarkable, but a week after nuclear war at Halle Berry's house which left Gabriel Aubry's face a bloody mess, they have figured out a path to peace ... and the clearest evidence is that Gabriel's lawyer just went to court and dropped his restraining order against Olivier Martinez.

It happened just a few minutes ago. Shawn Holley, Gabriel's lawyer, told the judge her client no longer needed to keep Olivier away from him.

As TMZ first reported ... the parties struck an agreement Thursday to end their mega-dispute, which revolves around 4-year-old Nahla.

The remaining issue ... Olivier made a citizen's arrest after the fight and the case is going to the L.A. City Attorney for review.  We're told it's "highly unlikely" Gabriel will be prosecuted.

If Halle can do it, maybe there's hope for Middle East peace.


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"Sell his daughter's rights"? WTH? He has been approached by mags like People to do a spread with his daughter since the break-up and consistently turns them down. I don't think he is interested
in cra p like that.

670 days ago


I'm sure it was dropped in exchange for not pressing charges or demanding that his attacker not be allowed near his daughter.. which would throw a monkey wrench in Halle's plans... so he called it off, and I'm sure Martinez has to steer clear of Aubry .. including when he comes to get or drop of his daughter.

670 days ago


So it's safe for Gab to go near rat face boy again?

670 days ago


Dang. Halle has some gansta poontang to pull that off.

Why does drama and fisticuffs seem to follow this chick...

I don't care what anyone says. Gabriel is hot. Gabriel is right. Halle's showing her...........stripes and constant need for an uproar.

Hope that gorgeous kid grows up to be sane.

670 days ago


I don't know if it's all that "remarkable". Guys get into fights, cool down and shake hands all the time. Since I'm guessing they (hopefully) both care about the child in this situation, they had a pretty good incentive to do that.

670 days ago


He makes about $700,000 per year and is worth approximately 4.5 million, so you must be talking about yourself. Gabriel looks and acts like he loves his daughter and the $240,000/year that Halle gives him is for his daughter. Many men who can make that kind of money and have his looks would walk just like she was hoping.

670 days ago

La Quebecoise    

Of course Halle was advised to settle. She was risking losing total custody...But obviously, its not as amicable as they make it sound! She already accused Gabriel of neglect with Nahla, tried to get him arrested for "pushing the nanny", tried to move to France and now almost got him killed by her no-good BF....she's just a bad person. Its pretty clear. I'm glad Gabriel is the bigger man for his daughter. The guy has been put through hell!

670 days ago


Something tells me Halle is behind this

670 days ago


Good for you Gaby, get the crazy out of your life and take care of little Nahla :) Olivier well see sooner or later what he's really dealing with in ratchet hot mess Halle.

670 days ago


Halle's money talks.

670 days ago


I still hope that Gabe's lawyers follow through with their investigation into that security footage and when and why the camera facing the driveway was changed, bc according to Gabe, even with that whole stalking situation was going down, there was still one camera facing the driveway and it mysteriously changed when the fight occurred--giving Gabe's lawyers ammunition to view, review and study exactly when the change was made. Which could, possibly, land both Halle and Olivier in hot, legal, water IF it was found that the fight was premeditated, setting up Gabe and most importantly, LYING to the police with a false account of how the fight happened and hiding (or changing) physical evidence by moving the cameras out of position (before or even, AFTER the fight occurred and destroying or tempering with evidence). This all could result into questions then of Olivier's legality of being in the states on whatever visa he may be on and it possibly being revoked for violations, Halle's right to have physical custody of her daughter if the above proves to be true, etc. With Halle's past of blackmail, lies, selling her "stories" to the media, overall deception, etc. Gabe's lawyers need to have all the above thoroughly investigated and in their pocket for future negotiations, incase she tries to renege on whatever contract her lawyers have concocted.

670 days ago


Really TMZ? We know you are Team Halle, but really--->"If Halle can do it, maybe there's hope for Middle East peace." She instigated the brawl and backfired on her and "the boxer". Thats why the "agreement".

670 days ago

mike cohen    

I don't understand why Gabriel dropped the charges. That was terrible what Olivier did to Gabriel.. esp. since he knows how to box

670 days ago


its crazy how every way this story is told, people wanna make Halle look bad. smh... is it racism, closed minded-ness, or just plain ol' stupidity that makes u people think she's such a horrible person but gabe isn't??? do any of us actullay know the ENTIRE story???? NO!!!

670 days ago


how do f*cktards know that gabriel didn't drop the charges because he knew he wrong???? smh but lmao!

670 days ago
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