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Gabriel Aubry


with Daughter Nahla

11/30/2012 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Gabriel Aubry spent some long-awaited quality time with his daughter Nahla today ... for the first time since he and his baby mama Halle Berry called a truce.

As we previously reported, Halle agreed to drop the restraining order that prevented Gabriel from having any contact with his 4-year-old daughter.

Gabriel was still sporting shades during the meeting ... covering up the shiner he received at the hands of Halle's fiance Olivier Martinez during a Thanksgiving Day brawl at Halle's place.

But none of that seemed to matter to Gabriel today ... when he and Nahla were holding hands and smiling like they didn't have a care in the world.


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That picture is so cute!!!!!!! Halle is all about image and drama. Aubry is all about his daughter. He has much better values and I wish his daughter would be raised by him alone. Halle is always going to be chasing after the next a-hole. That's how she is. She doesn't want to be alone and she just keeps chasing losers. Aubry was an anomaly in Halle's life and is a good person in my opinion and wants his daughter to have a good life. I am so happy they are reunited. He's the best! I am soooo happy for them!!!

661 days ago


What? That's just delusional on your part and others too for that matter.

What is it about white people who think whatever they do to black people doesn't matter and if they even think Black or Hispanic people might be right and they are wrong about a situation they will do their best to tear the Black or Hispanic person(s) to pieces?

Aubry has rarely been "decent" as you put it to Halle, why do you think they are not together anymore? Aubry has used Halle as much, or even more, than she's used him, but she is not violent and regarding Aubry's fight with Martinez that was all Aubry's fault, yet he's still your hero because he's white.

Halle needs to stay away from Aubry, he is nothing but trouble and let others interact with him, if necessary, on her behalf.

661 days ago


God forbid the child should take after her father who is a rage filled, financial leech to the child's mother. Halle is hard working and independent, that is what Nahla should be trained to be like, instead of someone damaged and opportunistic like her father.

However, Aubry does appear to love his daughter, even though he uses her to extract money from Halle and interfere in her life.

661 days ago

Honee's Girl    

Why is a race even a factor? Your race does not make you, this is so sad. Reading all of these ignorant comments really pisses me off.. People can be so Narrow minded and ignorant that they cant see straight. Gabriel should have never come to her house and disrespected her household, so he was put in his place by the man of the house as he should have been. He wasn't thinking about his daughter when he initiated the fight in front of her home with he lays her head. Who's being the bad parent, aahh that would be Gabriel. FIY dont ever go to someone's house to start a fight with someone that you can't beat. He got what he deserved just said that alone.

661 days ago

Honee's Girl    

Until you have walked in Halle shoes you really shouldn't judge her. You haven't got a clue what she's been through with that man. There is a reason for everythin. There is also two sides to every story try being open minded and listening to both before making such harsh criticism

661 days ago


Honey Bee - Halle had asked if Gabriel would let daughter come back early so she could have her for Thanksgiving. Her boyfriend has nothing to do with the child legally and should not have been involved in handover. I think Halle realised boyfriend had gone to far. Does the child see any of her relatives such as grandparents , aunts or uncles as I think she needs some non crazy adults in her life.

661 days ago


It doesnt appear that Gabriel love his daughter.thats according to you because you dont like him other people differed with your own opinion.thats Halle own doing why he was paid a child support.she complained that Gabriel is earning less money and cant afford the luxury that Nahla is used to.the judge ordered her tp pay a child support.her tactic of denying Gabriel of joint custody backfired on her .hahahaha karma is a bitch

661 days ago


they want Gariel to lost custody with Nahla Olivier should let Gabriel beat him up probably they already i in france right now instead they made him look like a martyr saint.

661 days ago

Honee's Girl    

Gabriel is being paid child support because he's a gold digger. No real man she want child support from a woman to support his daddy time with his daughter. That's his responsibility. Why should she foot the bill for him taking her to the movies in out for ice cream. Hell is he putting food in her refrigerator and paying her damn light bill while Nahla is with Halle? HELL NO! And please tell me what the hell does Halle asking Gabriel to bring Nahla home early have anything to do with him assaulting Oliver, or anything else for that matter. As for Oliver greeting Gabriel when he brought Nahla home

661 days ago

Honee's Girl    

continued.... so what are liver greeted Gabriel at the door when he brought Nahla home, he's going to be her stepfather. He probably thought that Gabriel could be a man about it. If Gabriel I want her back he wouldn't care so much about it. He needs to move on because she has. My ex and my new husband get along great there's never been the issue. I guess that's because I like a real men.

661 days ago

Honee's Girl    

I meant to say so what Oliver greeted Gabriel when he brought Nahla home. Gabriel should have been a man about it, said goodbye to his daughter and went on his merry way.

661 days ago


I truly wonder what made Halle come to her senses and call a truce?!?!?! I hope she doesn't have any ulteria motive behind this

661 days ago


As a father I would hurt anyone trying to get in my way to keep me from seeing my kid

661 days ago


Gabriel Aubrey is perfection! Not only is he the most handsome man on this earth, but he is clearly a respectable person and amazing dad, he will go to the ends of the earth for his little girl. I dont believe a word of Hallie's story and its clear she arranged the Thanksgiving beat down. To be honest, Aubery and Hallie looked like a very mismatched odd couple. Im not sure what he saw in her, she really wasnt in his league, at least looks wise. But Nahla is gorgous and looks like her dad. I really think that Hallie has sealed the fate of her and Oliver's relatnship eneding, because one day Nahla is going to ask ger mom, how could you have stayed with a man who did that to my dad, he could have killed him....repeatedly hitting another person's head on the concrete can cause seve brain injuires and death. Im appalled thhat Dr. phil would be on team Halle, I have lost respect for Dr. Phil, who I always did respect. The evidence speaks for itself, how can anyone dispute the obvious? Team Gabriel all the way.

661 days ago


How could Hallucinator Berry deny her child the father she adores,

661 days ago
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