Kelsey Grammer I Got Your Car Seat RIGHT HERE!!!

11/30/2012 6:30 AM PST

Kelsey Grammer
didn't need to say a word last night when we asked him about the whole "baby in the car seat" mess ... he simply held up his 4-month-old daughter ... who just happened to be in a car seat.

You'll remember ... Kelsey and wife Kayte caused quite a commotion when they pulled a Britney ... which in this case means they drove off with their baby NOT secured in a car seat.

The couple claimed the video didn't tell the whole story and the car carrying Kayte and the baby swung back to pick up Kelsey ... who had a car seat waiting.

But last night, Kelsey made sure the paparazzi knew Faith was riding in a car seat ... which he showed off right in front of Boa Steakhouse so everyone could see ... including a certain ex-wife.