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Lindsay Lohan Accuser


11/30/2012 1:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

3:20 PM PT -- It's on bitches ... Gloria tells TMZ, she is now OFFICIALLY representing Tiffany Mitchell.

You knew it was just a matter of time ... but Lindsay Lohan's accuser has already hooked up with Gloria Allred -- who smells a lawsuit?!??

It's unclear if Tiffany Mitchell has officially hired Allred as her attorney ... but the two were spotted together on the streets of New York City moments ago ... sporting a pair of million dollar smiles.

We broke the story ... Mitchell claims Lohan slugged her in the face at Avenue nightclub Wednesday night.

Stay tuned ... a news conference is probably on the way ...


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Grandma Cracker    

Oh my, What is going on with these comments?

602 days ago


The good news is, IF Blohan does get into BF (she won't), she knows which wall to scale and where the nearest 'water'ing hole is . . .

602 days ago


I've missed Gloria. Good to see she didn't fade away. What has it been, 10 minutes since her last presser?

602 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Madisyn for that interview that never happened i think.

602 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

She was in Palm Beach for Plum Miami

602 days ago


So has it been confirmed yet that the SLAG is going to rehab?

602 days ago


when is gloria allred going to die already. She is such s***.

602 days ago


No a person gets punched -- and wants a big pay day because she's a celebrity. This has nothing to do about woman and husbands which is a totally different issue. If this was just some other chick in the club nobody nwould be suing anybody.. it happens all the time. This is not the first night club brawl.. duh -- if this was just a random person.. gloria allred wold not be anywhere near it. Admit it, you KNOW it's true. This is a simple assult case. Assault is defined as involuntary touching. She wants a big payday for it;. She wouldn't even care if it was a random person.

602 days ago


I can't believe that I'm sticking up for Nicole but I think she's correct. All the CONVICTIONS were for non-violent misdemeanors. Now, this looks like it may change...

602 days ago


I'm so glad the victim has hired Gloria A. It's about time Lohan's slut attorney went up against someone fiercely invested in winning. Allred will slice & dice the lying bitch.

602 days ago


Gloria who?

602 days ago

Judge Roy Bean    

I sentence these two sk ank s (well three counting Gloria) to go out back of the the Jersey Lilly Saloon and b - slap each other till there's a winner. Then all leave Vinegaroon for good!

602 days ago


how in the hell does anyone twist this story and find Lielo innocent?
she is a drunk trouble maker who is jealous of everyone..
I hope she gets what she deserves this time..
No one should have to deal that that CNT..
even gavin is better off now

602 days ago


That gypsy must have been severely injured? Oh, sorry, that was a racial slur. Our legal system is a joke.

602 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

On another topic - - - I have a feeling that Gavin has washed his hands of the Cracken. He bails her out once more and she repays him by throwing his sorry azz out of the car and into a sea of paparazzi and reporters. Poor sucker is forced to do a walk of shame with his coat over his head.
Personally, I feel he never should have covered his head with his coat - let's face it, everyone knows what he looks like and he did his part as a friend. Lohan is the one who treated him like a sack of shyte.
Personally? I'm really looking forward to his giant coffee table photo essay "The Cracken in Decline". Imagine all the pics he has of Lohan - I wouldn't be surprised if he had a couple candids of LoBlo wasting that old womans trailer for shytes and giggles. No doubt he could get immunity for kicking Lohans azz into jail for the crime.
If your reading this Gavin, that slut is no friend of yours. She's just used and abused your over and over. Time for a little payback.

602 days ago
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