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Lindsay Lohan

Guzzling Two Liters

Of Vodka Per Day

11/30/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's drinking problem has returned with a vengeance -- sources close to the actress tell TMZ, she's been boozing heavily for months now ... as much as TWO LITERS of vodka a day.

According to sources,  Lindsay's become so stressed by her dire financial situation and the impending probation violation -- stemming from her PCH crash this summer -- that she's turned to alcohol for relief.

We're told Lindsay -- who's struggled with substance abuse in the past and even has a DUI conviction under her belt -- would often begin drinking first thing in the morning, and continue drinking throughout the day.

As for the Thursday morning NYC nightclub brawl ... we're told Lindsay was drinking all day and showed up at the Bieber concert already hammered. She continued to drink throughout the night, and got extremely sloppy. 

According to sources, Lindsay's friends have given up trying to help her because when she's drunk ... she tends to get violent -- which makes sense in light of her arrest for assault.

We reached out to Lindsay's camp for comment -- so far, no word back.


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space monkey    

Is anyone else thinking that Harvey is helping his good friend Shaun Holly in building her case for the judge to stop Lindsay from going to jail (where she really belongs) and to be sent to rehab instead....

692 days ago

how to beat a dui    

==== can help with free info on how to beat unfair DUI charges.

692 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Oh yeah, this story comes directly from Camp Lohan, and is nothing more than an attempt to set up a rehab stint in order to get out of jail.

God, these Lohans are so easy to read. I just hope her next judge isn't nearly as gullible as her last one.

692 days ago


it's passed funny. it's passed sad, now it's scary. locking her up might save her life

692 days ago

Star Whacker    

The photo sites what a mess she is. Two liters of vodka a day and coke to top it off, no surprise here. Wonder of she shares with her mother.

692 days ago

Jim in Cali    

2 Liters? That's a lot of booze. How come these stories weren't out weeks ago? Hmmm.

692 days ago

BB not bb    

Well she looks really wasted in that picture. Drinking won't solve your problems or ease your pain, it only makes it worse. Maybe she is just following the example of her father, who she resents now for still being annoying even after he stopped drinking.

Drinking may seem like the social thing to do to get over your problems, but in the end, it just buries them so deep that you have no idea where to find them. Then they just are left out of control to hold you back or knock you off track.

I think she has money to pay her little tax bill. They let you do it on installments if you don't have it all. Charlie even gave her a huge down payment on it. She needs to calm down and take it easy and stop trying to run from her life.

People say alot of negative things about her but she still has alot going for her if she would just settle down and try to pick up the pieces. I didn't see her movie but so what if people don't like it? Maybe she is better suited to playing emotionally volatile young women. I thought she was good in Mean Girls and in Georgie Rules. Those are the only two movies I have seen her in.

She took what seemed like corny themes or scripts and somehow made them interesting and real. I think she doesn't know exactly who she is so she is just trying to party away responsiblity for herself.

When life gets hard, the worst thing you can do is to turn to drrnking. That is almost a guarrantee that it will never get better from taht point.

692 days ago


Consider how much 2 liters of vodka is, or picture it anyhow. It's the size of a family size bottle of Coke as an example. That is crazy bad on your body.

692 days ago


She honestly earned jail
as she went 2 rehab 5 times + it didn't take.
Time to try something else.
Deserves prison now...
Didn't steal it..
Earned it herself by her actions.

692 days ago


At times I can be a hard critic of Lilo, but there also comes a time when people should just leave others alone and let them sort their problems out in private. Its been about 4 days that Christ browns twitter account went down and TMZ has not mentioned a word about it. Is it becasue TMZ is afrain to pick on someone their own size?

692 days ago


Oh I see they (her people) are setting the stage for her to get into rehab like real quick. The only problem is, which one will take her considering she's damaged the good name of so many others?

692 days ago


She's trying to sentence herself. She knows she is going to jail. There is no avoiding it even with Holley with as her attorney. This going to rehab and hoping the courts will agree to it reminds me of college football teams that cheat then self impose sanctions on themselves hoping the NCAA will buy it and let them off the hook.

692 days ago


I wouldn't be at all surprised if one of these days she ends up DEAD. I think that's where this is all headed.

692 days ago


Like a little child having a tantrum.
You call a time out + put them into their crib.
Jail is her crib.
A good long time too!
Time for her to reflect.
She did a miserable job outside running amuck.
Be told what 2 do + how to behave.

692 days ago


amy winehouse

692 days ago
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