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Lindsay Lohan

I'm No 'Gypsy' Puncher

12/2/2012 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1130_lindsay_tiffany_splashLindsay Lohan is adamant ... she did NOT punch that fortune teller at a NYC nightclub this week -- but she did call her the g-word ... because the fortune teller's buddies tried to steal Lindsay's purse.

Lindsay's telling friends ... Tiffany Mitchell approached her inside the club Avenue early Thursday morning to do a reading, but Lindsay turned her down -- then noticed Tiffany's friends crowding around her purse at a nearby table.

When Lindsay returned to her table, the people in Lindsay's group informed her that Tiffany's friends had swiped the purse -- a super expensive black leather Celine -- so Lindsay angrily confronted the fortune teller.

Lindsay has admitted calling Tiffany a "gypsy" but says she did not know the word is considered a slur.

As for hitting Tiffany -- Lindsay's totally denying that ... and feels she's the victim of yet another setup.


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here we go again....shes innocent inher barinless eyes....drunken whore

694 days ago


I think this is the 4th time someone "stole" a purse with $10,000 in it from her. Someone "stole" $10,000 out of her purse when she was in Hawaii. On another occasion, her mother stole $10,000 out of her purse. I believe she punched someone else in a bar because, "they tried to steal my purse and it had $10,000 in it." And now this time. Security cameras should show the truth. A convicted thief shouldn't be so quick to accuse someone of theft.

694 days ago


the psychic, should have seen it comming, and maybe just walked into lindasy fist

694 days ago



694 days ago


Lindsey is surrounded by enablers. She needs help desperately. Whether she punched that women or not she shouldn't be in clubs until 4 am. Lindsey gets in trouble every time she is out. However, no one can help unless she want help. She has to hit rock bottom but then it may be too late. I pray ahe comes to her senses and realizes this isn't working for her. As a mother of two adult children, I am sad for her. Her mom needs a reality check and needs to wake up, straighten herself out so she can help her daughter. I'm not a fan of her dad's but at least he admits she has a problem and is trying to do something about it. I pray Lindsey finds herself and gets well. Marie

694 days ago



"... the people in Lindsay's group informed her that Tiffany's friends had swiped the purse...

If that is true, why didn't Lindsay report the theft? The article does not say she got her purse back.

If you (Lindsay or her 'friend') are going to lie, at least have it make sense!

694 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

Hey Ginger what makes you so sure that some of us don t know Lindsay? Do you know her? Why are YOU do adamantly defending someone you don t even know.

694 days ago


You all are right. I don't need to be on here. I'm higher on the food chain than the dregs that surf here. See ya ! :)

694 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Ginger, I don't post on any other message board, so everything I post is relevant to Lohan. I've been following this train wreck's public spectacles for years now, and I can assure you that Lohan deserves no defense from any law-abiding citizen. Has she got substance abuse problems? Yes, very much so. However, she's also a compulsive liar, a convicted thief, a narcissistic user, a contemptuous entitled grifter, and a downright nasty person. She's got herself entangled into so many illegal acts that she deserves nothing more than a long long stint in jail. Once she serves that time, and actually makes a pure effort to change her life and her attitude towards others, I'll be the first to cheer her on her road to recovery.

Don't forget, it was not I or anyone else on this board that got her ass into the trouble she's in. It was completely on her, and any change in the public perception of her has to start with her.

694 days ago


she already signed her rights let the VOP begin...32 days for the VOP..6 months for the 3 crimes in cali..6 more months in Rykers....
got to love it

694 days ago


Please just die already

694 days ago


Oh my... taught by her loving mother.

694 days ago

Where Are All The Real Celebrities    

Bye bye Ginger and watch out for those sticky rodent traps. They re awful hard to break free from.

694 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

One more thing:

If you want to know why some of us seem mean-spirited and nasty on this board, it's only partially due to Lohan herself. The rest comes from delusional lunatic fans of Lohan that populate this board, defending every action of hers, and claiming that everyone is out to get her. Particularly when she proves most of us right so often through her actions and her lies.

No matter how much proof is stacked against her, there will still be a handful of idiots that come on here and smear her victims, all in the name of defending a convicted criminal.

694 days ago

some guy    

Sandusky was also adamant in claiming he never raped those boys.

694 days ago
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