Mitt Romney I Eat Boston Market ... Just Like a Regular Person

12/2/2012 5:10 AM PST

Mitt Romney -- I Eat Boston Market, Just Like a Regular Person

You're mega-millionaire and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and it's Thanksgiving ... so what do you do for your fancy-schmancy feast? Order a turkey from a fast food chain, duh.

Romney spent Turkey Day with the fam in San Diego, but rather than waste time cooking ... his son Josh hit up a Boston Market for the bird and all the fixings, according to The Washington Post.

Why Boston Market -- besides the fact that it's delicious? The Post says it was too difficult for the famous fam to cook a big feast with a lot of little kids (Mitt's grandkids) running around.

See, America ... HE IS just like us. Plus hundreds of millions of dollars.