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Mitt Romney

I Eat Boston Market ...

Just Like a Regular Person

12/2/2012 5:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

11202_romney_boston_market_gettyYou're mega-millionaire and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and it's Thanksgiving ... so what do you do for your fancy-schmancy feast? Order a turkey from a fast food chain, duh.

Romney spent Turkey Day with the fam in San Diego, but rather than waste time cooking ... his son Josh hit up a Boston Market for the bird and all the fixings, according to The Washington Post.

Why Boston Market -- besides the fact that it's delicious? The Post says it was too difficult for the famous fam to cook a big feast with a lot of little kids (Mitt's grandkids) running around.

See, America ... HE IS just like us. Plus hundreds of millions of dollars.


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So thatttsss where the pardoned turkey went!

691 days ago


Oh yeah and ALL emergency unemployment ended today for the first time since 2008. Last day will be four days after Xmas. How's that for freebies. And yes I have a job but like they say this is a consumer confidence based society and ppl aren't buying the dream so much. Ppl are so wrong if they only knew how much in conjunction the 'issues' they complain ab are for these men. There are much bigger things that if we knew would destroy us. Stop wasting your time spewing hate better yourself it's all you can do. Save your money and prepare for the worst regardless IMO.

691 days ago

Mr Veg    

Fiscal cliff, what me worry.

691 days ago


Why are we still worrying about him? He lost, and I doubt he will run again. Who cares where he ate Thanksgiving dinner. I'm thankful I got to spend mine with my family and then my husbands.

691 days ago


Boston Market was a big pyramid scam I guess we know what would of became of America. If you want real rotisserie Chicken then check out Juan Pollo dot com in business 29 years serving the best tasting chicken. Not even McDonalds could save Boston dried up crap. Oh but they had great customer service ha ha. Albert Okura wrote the book on Rotisserie Chicken Albertthechickenman dot com

691 days ago


Boston Market is disgusting. And what a lame excuse for not cooking your own dinner. They were probably too depressed to cook after losing the election. I heard he had a website already made for his inauguration and had his plans in place to move into the WH. He even believed when he woke up on election day he was going to win.

Like I said, they are all suffering from depression and not in the mood to cook. They had all the grandkids last year-what makes this year any different?

691 days ago

BB not bb    

They way you do Thanksgiving is to start on the Sunday before and start prepping the side dishes and whatever else you are serving. The last minute you add the liquid to the stuffing and bake it with the protein and make the salad. Everything else you can kind of make ahead. If you do a little every day, it isn't so much all at once.

I don't see why someone can't just buy a bag of frozen organic corn and add a little fat, salt and pepper and whatever else like a cream to it, instead of buying the chemical concoction version at Boston Market. How do you need someone else to make corn for you when you are just heating it up anyway? If you had it plain from the bag it would be better than what they serve from that restaurant.

People eat fake meals instead of real meals by eating at fast food restaurants. Now they are going to have fake home cooked dinners instead of real specially made dinners for celebrations. It is very sad. They would have been better off just getting Chinese take-out instead of that.

I found out that Lowe's in partnership with Boston Market donated free turkey dinners at some of the Lowe's outlets to the victims of Hurricain Sandy. It cost a million dolloars for all of the food, and a pie company donated pies. I think these people were either homeless in shelters which served food or with friends and family who could cook real food. Maybe this was all a big marketing campaign.

I would rather eat crackers and water than their Thanksgiving dinner.

691 days ago


It's too hard to cook with kids running around? That's a joke, right? Good Lord...

690 days ago


I WONDER if Mrs. Romney has ever prepared and served a Thanksgiving turkey, including pies and all, as the rest of us mothers, wives, grandmas, aunts, and anyone else chipping in to express "thanks" for our Blessings as we chatter happily around the dining table with our beloved children forming beautiful memories? We did! Hope the Romney's did too!!!

690 days ago


OOPS! I omitted "dinner" after the word,"turkey." Sorry! Thanks!!!

690 days ago


Obama is a rich millionaire too...but somehow he is considered "normal" ? sorry not! I would Take Romney over Obama ANY day!

690 days ago



689 days ago
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