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John Travolta Sued

By Alleged Gay Lover

I Never Agreed to Keep Secrets

12/3/2012 11:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A former pilot who claims to have had a secret gay relationship with John Travolta is suing the actor ... claiming he NEVER signed a confidentiality agreement that would stop him from talking to the media ... but Travolta's camp says he's completely full of crap.

The man behind the lawsuit is Doug Gotterba -- who claims he served as Travolta's pilot from 1981 to 1987. Gotterba made headlines recently when he reportedly spoke to the National Enquirer about his "steamy affair" with the actor.

Gotterba does not go into detail about his personal relationship with Travolta in the lawsuit ... but says after the media tidal wave that ensued, he received a threatening letter from Travolta's attorney Marty Singer.

In the suit, Gotterba claims Singer threatened to sue him for violating a confidentiality agreement he signed when he stopped working for Travolta.  

Gotterba claims he DID sign a termination agreement ... but it didn't include anything about confidentiality. Therefore, Gotterba says he did nothing wrong ... and should be allowed to talk about Travolta without fear of a lawsuit. 

But Singer tells TMZ Gotterba's lawsuit is "ridiculous" ... because he DID sign a contract that contains a confidentiality agreement ... and he even included the document in his lawsuit.

Singer adds, "Mr. Gotterba obviously filed this lawsuit to get his 15 minutes of fame. We plan to get this meritless case promptly dismissed."


No Avatar


He kinda looks like spock in this picture??

605 days ago


He doesn't want the world to find out he's hung like a gerbil. He's so hideous now, who cares what he is?

605 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Any one else notice TMZ has been silent about the Kim Kadashian protests in Bahrain but are right on top of this mess. Oh bad me that's right she only gets good press from this site

605 days ago


Everybody, who is anybody, knows that Travolta is as gay as a 'three dollar bill', however, who gives a s**t anyway. Leave the guy alone FCS...

605 days ago


If John would stop lying he would never have to worry about men trying to extort money from him because of his sexual habits. Someone probably has already videotaped John so he might as well speak up now before he completely humiliates his wife.

605 days ago


This is a 30 year old story. There is a monetary reason for the accuser to wait that long to 'tell his story'. He must smell some cash in the water after the other allegations. I don't give a rat's ass if Travola is gay or not, LEt him live his life how HE wants it, not TMZ.

605 days ago


So freaking what.... Leave the humans alone. Legalize Marijuana while taxing it and same sex marriage. It's getting a little old. Grow up America. It's embarrassing.

Stop hammering on John T. Get a real job.

605 days ago


I am sorry - you would have to pay me a lot of money to claim to be gay and/or have a gay affair when I really wasn't. So, Travolta's team needs to make up their mind - either they are pissed that this guy "talked" or they are pissed that this guy "lied". Can't be both....

605 days ago


Can't believe Vinnie Barbarino turned into a ***********....What would Horshack say?

605 days ago


Secrets whats with all the confidentiality

605 days ago


I am showing my age but it has been common knowledge about John being gay all the way back to Welcome Back Kotter, Saturday Night fever days. But that is his business. I just don't like that if true he abuses his power and money with the way he treats people.

605 days ago


Most celebrities bang anything that moves. Men, women, whatever. Let me suck ur Richard, and sign this paper when were done.

605 days ago


I wonder if him and oparh still besties

605 days ago


Who cares if he's gay or not. People will do anything for a piece of paper called money

605 days ago


... this is re-dick u less!... so how can he win, or even file when both are adults, and pitchin a tizzy fit!

605 days ago
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