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Prince William

Leaves Hospital

... I Need Some Air

12/3/2012 12:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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1203_prince_william_infSoon-to-be dad Prince William just took a big breather today in London, finally exiting the hospital where his preggo wife Kate Middleton is being treated for severe morning sickness.

William left the King Edward VII hospital moments ago with his royal entourage. The guy's been there since Kate was admitted earlier today.

As we reported, the Royal Palace made the big announcement this morning -- Kate is in the "very early stages" of pregnancy.

It's like a real-life fairy tale! Only with a lot of vomiting.


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congratulations to them but why do people in america care its not like they are our prince and dutchess or whatever

690 days ago


Hope the press and media will let them be and let them have a stress free pregnancy and enjoy becoming parents for the first time. Dont want the same mistakes happening again like they did with Diana. Please give them peace.

690 days ago


I had hyperemesis gravidarum with my first pregnancy and it was miserable. I was in and out of the hospital for dehydration for several months. The good news is that there is an old wive's tale that claims that if you get morning sickness you are less to miscarry. Let's hope that's true.

690 days ago


If you think you need air now, William, just wait for the mood swings.

690 days ago


Ah, that means its a girl. Lovely!

690 days ago


I believe he's done a little work on his hairline. Good for him!

690 days ago


Hope they have a girl and give her a name that pays homage to Diana. Victoria Spencer???? That would really make Charles' cheeks pucker!! lol

690 days ago


My sister had hyperemesis gravidarum with both of her pregnancies and it was horrible. It is so bad that you can get sick just opening your eyes from sleep. She was in the hospital about four times until she was about four months pregnant. Princess or not, I feel bad for anyone who has to suffer with that. It doesn't make the pregnancy very exciting when it's happening.

690 days ago


Congrats to them, Bloody fantastic news, hope all is well with Kate and bubs.I sympathise with any woman who has to go through what she is currently experiencing.

690 days ago


Let me get this straight.....the princess felt a bit queasy so she was airlifted to a hospital to see an OBGYN?

690 days ago


I just got over my severe morning sickness 1 month ago. Had to go to the hospital every 4 days to get a fluid refill. So glad to be past that stage. It is such a horrible miserable state not being able to eat and drink! Wishing them the best!

690 days ago


Are you kidding me? I was vommiting for 9 months at home and work. I guess when your royal you get hospitalized and don't have to work lol

690 days ago


To help sum up the photo above. Most women are looking at this pic and saying 'awww' he's exhausted cause she's been in the hospital or I bet he's ecstatic! Every guy knows that face. It's really saying, "****! Only been together a year and she's pregnant? I should have worn a condom...."

690 days ago


What.. really!?! Hospital for morning sickness?? I had to endure severe all day sickness for 23 weeks, not once did i step foot in the hospital until labor. Only gained 18 lbs. That's how us tough women do it.

690 days ago


The level of severity she is displaying is often a clue that the woman is carrying more than one child. Wonder if there is more than one crumpet in the royal oven?????

690 days ago
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