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Katt Williams Goes SUH-LAPP!!

Before His Arrest

12/3/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Comedian Katt Williams is on a tear with police! Arrested after a bar fight, and slapping the holy hell out of a Target employee ... it's the latest in a string of bizarre incidents! Is Katt losing his mind -- or just falsely accused ... multiple times?

Plus, 86-year-old Hugh Hefner and 26-year-old Crystal Harris engaged ... again ... after she dumped him the first time. Is Hef stupid -- or king pimp for taking back the ex-Playmate?

Also, Lenny Kravitz is playing Marvin Gaye in a new movie ... but the Motown legend's son, Marvin Gaye III, joined us to rip the project -- and to explain why he's trying to shut it down!

(0:00) Katt Williams is giving Lindsay Lohan a run for her money in the arrest department -- we the crazy details on his latest arrest ... plus video of him slapping the crap out of a Target employee.
(5:45) Kate Middleton is pregnant! Which is great news ... unless you're Prince Harry. Because her fetus just jumped ahead of him in the waiting for the throne line.
(10:00) Lindsay Lohan is in big trouble -- but this time, it's with the IRS. Mike explains why jail would help her out in the long-run.
(14:00) Is Taylor Swift banging Harry Styles now? The guys in the newsroom finally give her props for the quality -- and quantity -- of Hollywood man she keeps landing.
(18:00) Marvin Gaye's son calls into the show to rip a movie that's in the works about his father's life ... and to explain why he wants Lenny Kravitz to have no part in it.
(24:00) Nick Lachey was kicked out of a San Diego Chargers game -- and was extremely proud of it.
(28:10) Charles takes serious issue with Adam Levine for calling "Honey Boo Boo" "the decay of Western Civilization."
(32:00) Hollywood is now home to the most upscale Walgreen's on Earth.
(34:00) Is Hugh Hefner stupid for trying to marry Crystal Harris again after she dumped him five days before their last wedding?
(37:45) Steve Nash is in a crazy custody fight with his ex.
(38:40) The floor is yours!

No Avatar


Late again, DAMN!

686 days ago


Geesh, one of the big baboons who pose as a journalist. Hmm, where's Harvey??? Kissing Mama K's butt???

686 days ago


I like honey HATE Kim K

686 days ago


Fat Mike, you "make judgement" on people all the time so you and Slade should just STFU.

686 days ago


Why am I looking up a skyper's nostrils?

686 days ago


Is that chick actually leaning up against a rack of DVDs?

686 days ago


If your stupid enough in this day and age to watch the reality shows and dumb yourself down, all the more power to you. Just don't expect this to be a conversational piece at dinner or during drinks at the bar.

686 days ago


ya know what's insulting... Listening to you uneducated, shaky-voiced r-tards who skype in or call... we don't care what you 'think'. Not one bit... nobody does. Read the website, shut your mouth, and jump off a bridge.

686 days ago

Flying Blind    

i'm on the edge of my seat

686 days ago


After seeing Alana from Honey Booboo make the interview rounds I felt differently about her...she was a spoiled out of control brat and by having the camera on her 24/7 that is just going to spiral even more out of control.

686 days ago


Please, Crystal shot herself in the foot the first time around when she told TMZ cameras that their engagement and wedding nups were all for PUBLICITY. Now, we are too believe that since Crystal faded into OBSCURITY that she ran back to Hef because she loves him? Sorry, I loved my Grandfather's too, just NOT THAT WAY, ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

686 days ago


Max eats at wallgreen

686 days ago


TMZ sure is staying away from KimTrash today.
Could it be the big herpes infection on her mouth. Or maybe dressing like a h0 in the middle east.

686 days ago

Flying Blind    

they would go crazy in a wal-mart

686 days ago


Hef and Crystal are back together because Hef couldn't find another 20 year old that could do enough coke and booze to actually let him touch her.

686 days ago
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