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Boy George

I'm Getting Unfairly

Hammered By Mexicans

12/4/2012 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Boy George says a bunch of Mexicans are ganging up on him online ... trashing him for tweeting about the new Presidente ... but George says it's all a misunderstanding gigante.

The drama unfolded on Twitter early Tuesday when the former Culture Club front man announced  he would be blocking "mostly Mexicans" from contacting him on the social network ... after he was blasted with hate-mail from our neighbors down south.

So why would anyone wanna hurt George? According to the singer's rep ... George tweeted about the Mexican election earlier this week ... saying, "Mexico has a hot new president and I hope he is good for the country!"

Problem is ... the tweet was MISQUOTED by several Mexican media outlets – which translated the tweets to: "So the Mexican president is a tyrant. Well, if that's true Mexico needs good wishes."

See the problemo?

Ever since the erroneous reports got out, George says he's been bombarded with nasty tweets ... and has now resorted to "blocking anyone who annoys me by calling me 'racist' or mentioning 'presidents!”

George says it just so happens that the perps are "mostly Mexicans."

BG's rep tells TMZ ... George has nothing against the Mexican people and calls the whole thing a "ridiculous situation [blown] out of proportion about nothing."

He adds, "George has no political motivation or even knows anything about the candidates involved or their history, it was simply a good luck to the whole country."


No Avatar


Boy George getting hammered by Mexicans? Were they Rentboys???

601 days ago


He should clarify and translate properly to the Mexican media if he cares, instead of just deleting people.

601 days ago


Oh wow! Made me look and he IS very good looking lol!

601 days ago


The masses are easily manipulated into outrage. I'm glad that never happens on TMZ.

601 days ago


Yell Immigration and see how fast the lil chihuahuas run back to Mexico!

601 days ago

BB not bb    

Good for Boy George. He is about as harmless and accepting as you can get. Alot of Mexicans are very racists agianst whites in general. Then they play the race card to attack them without cause. Either way, he said nothing wrong and for them to harrass him is like cyber stalking. If Miss Mexican Kat Von D can get some white guy hit with a restraining order for tweeting her too much, then Boy should be able to block people who are calling him abusive and stupid names trying to say he is racist.

This sounds like when KIm K wished well on Isreal and the Muslims descended on her like vultures. Some groups just look for an excuse to call others racist or ignormant so they can destroy them and drive them into the ground. I am really sick of it.

White people in general need to stop taking this smack from the so-called minorities.

601 days ago


Reading only the headlines, I thought Boy George was bragging. Then reading the first sentence regarding gang banging, its confirmed!!

601 days ago


I love how people take a quote and run with it, remember the whole Beatles are more popular than Jesus thing? I love George, get off his back. If the Mexican papers or whatever can't translate that's their problem.

601 days ago


Nowadays people just love to be so angry and indignant, and feel so justified, by screaming "racist" every time you turn around. Doesn't matter if they actually right, or know what is going on, or if they are capable of reading or understanding the situation correctly. Reminds me of when I was a kid, and everyone was yelling "eeewwwww, Cooties".

601 days ago

BB not bb    

Boy George asked, "do you really want to hurt me, do you really want to make me cry", and the Mexicans shout Ole Si!!!! At least Boy is cool enough not to draw out the homophobic card back on them. I think he was basically trying to flirt with the presidentn of Mexico. If that is why they are bent, then they should say that.

601 days ago


Huh huh huh they said hammered huh huh huh

601 days ago

BB not bb    

If you get hit with a GLP style, 'your IP address has been banned" notice, just keep hitting the comment button, and eventually your post will show up. Someone else recommended doing this. Alot of people are getting this notice. GLP hates when you don't play the race card for Mexicans. They must have their malware infecting this site.

601 days ago


Mexican and Blacks jokes are all the same.... you heard Juan you heard Jamal

601 days ago


That snap makes his mouth look like some kind of glory hole, i.e., Insert. Peen. Here.

601 days ago


Forgot all about this guy(?), since the 80's. Mexican people, trust me, Boy George is no threat....none...Im sure this fruit pop just wants to "get with" your new president.

601 days ago
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